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Don’t Sleep On This Jarvis Moss Rumor

May 05, 2009 at 12:55pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

My brain basically exploded during this game.
There’s been a rumor going on since the draft that the Bucs were going to try to swing a trade for Jarvis Moss. The Broncos were said to be ready to trade him for a seventh round pick on the second day of the draft but there were no takers. Considering Moss was the #17 overall pick just two years ago (and Denver traded up to get him), that’s a hell of a statement. Say, didn’t the Bucs trade up to take the #17 overall pick this year? What a coinkidink!

Jim Bates worked with Moss in his rookie season when he got one sack in six games played before breaking his leg and landing on injured reserve. Of course, that was the year the Broncos’ defense tanked and dropped from the top ten in 2006 to #28 in 2007. It wasn’t all Moss’s fault, right? On the other hand, he is a Gator, so it probably was.

But for a seventh round pick, they could have a 24-year old first round defensive end whose salary is only $660,000 for 2009. I’m sure the pick would be conditional, meaning that if Moss performed well, the value of the pick would increase, but then they wouldn’t mind spending it if he was doing well.

It kind of sounds like a no brainer to me. If Raheem‘s energy and Bates’s experience in a new environment just two hours from where he was a college All-American could rejuvenate his career, it would make up for not taking a defensive player first in this year’s draft. Hell, they just signed seven guys who are going to be working at Wal-Mart come October. Certainly they can roll the dice on someone with this kind of potential.

I now have to go take a shower after lobbying for a Florida player.

2 Comments to “Don’t Sleep On This Jarvis Moss Rumor”

Wordy Sanchez

wordy_sanchez (May 05, 2009 at 04:31pm:

Any real fire behind this smoke, or is it still speculation?


campyone (May 11, 2009 at 11:16am:

Moss would be a great choice, I hope something comes of this. Any word on whether the Bucs will go after maybe one or two of the 11 (and counting) UT players that have left Tennessee since Lame came on board? : – )

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