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Straight From The Hovan’s Mouth

May 19, 2009 at 09:19am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Yeah, this is the guy you want to spread lies about.
I received a letter from Jaimi Hovan yesterday, basically confirming what I had thought about the Deadspin story concerning Chris and that picture of him with those barwhores. Here’s part of it.

chris took that picture with those girls when we stepped out of our private party area to get a water and beer! anyhow… we are happily married, kids are great, the article quote still stand and thanks again for calling the asshole who wrote that lie out! chris and jaimi

The other part of the letter was all about how sexy everyone here is, but especially me. Oh, stop, Jaimi! You’re embarrassing me!

So there you go. Rumor squashed. You know what would be funny? Next time the Hovans go to a bar, Jaimi should get her picture taken with three random dudes and anonymously submit it to Deadspin. Come on, wouldn’t it be fun to mess with them a little? Make it happen, Hovans!

4 Comments to “Straight From The Hovan’s Mouth”

Matt Price

Matt Price (May 19, 2009 at 04:05pm:

That’s really cool that she sent you the letter. Good work on busting up this rumor Scott! *applause*

Fizzy Womak

Fizzy Womak (May 19, 2009 at 04:39pm:

Way to go man.


Scott (May 19, 2009 at 05:09pm:

Deadspin linked back to it.

And what do they mean “Is it real?” Yeah, this is he story I’m going to fake it on.

Wordy Sanchez

wordy_sanchez (May 19, 2009 at 06:12pm:

Isn’t there some way to shit in this guy’s cereal? I mean your line about not caring about fucking w/ someone’s life just to see your name in interweb ink stuck with me. Its worthy of an ass whipping in my book.

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