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REAR ENTRIES: The Commercial Made For This Feature

October 08, 2009 at 11:22am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

CADILLAC FEATURE BACK: Greg Olson (whose name I am now spelling correctly) admitted that Clifton Smith was the team’s two-minute back because of his pass-catching and blocking ability.

“Clifton has been our guy because he’s a threat as a wide receiver and often times in those situations, a back gets out and gets involved in that. He’s been our guy going back to last year.”

But after Smith’s fumble and the simultaneous groans of hundreds of thousands of Buccaneer fans worldwide, Olson is deciding that maybe Cadillac Williams is pretty good after all.

“We went into the season kind of with the mentality of let’s work Cadillac in. Maybe we can rotate him with the other backs. But as good as he’s looked here early on in the season, I think it’s time we become more committed to Cadillac Williams as a full-time guy.”

I think that’s wonderful, but as a commenter pointed out yesterday, maybe there was another reason why Cadillac was only a part-time guy. Like, say, because his knees are made out of those Styrofoam balls that kids use to make models of the solar system? Giving Williams the carries that Smith was fumbling is a great idea. But Derrick Ward is certainly capable of racking up some good yards and Olson shouldn’t be shy about using him to spell Williams often.

INJURY AND ROSTER STUFF: Torrie Cox, Earnest Graham and Kyle Moore all missed practice yesterday. Jeff Faine is already ruled out for Sunday. The Bucs signed Maurice Evans again to provide some DE depth while Moore heals. Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook both returned to full practice participation yesterday. The Eagles’ injury report is now clear except for one backup guard who hasn’t played yet this year and couldn’t possibly matter less.

IN THE CAN: I got nothing else, but thought I needed a third entry here. If you haven’t seen this video yet, congratulations, you have a life outside of the internet. It’s pretty amusing and basically shares the same target audience with this web site. The joke gets old after about 45 seconds, which is fortunate because that’s how long the commercial is.

2 Comments to “REAR ENTRIES: The Commercial Made For This Feature”

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (October 08, 2009 at 12:10pm:

After the video quits playing there’s a thumbnail to another video just called “Panties” with the Russian chick. My GOD she is hot. I love Russian chicks.

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (October 08, 2009 at 12:11pm:

Also, I was one of the commenters that said that Caddy and Ward need to share carries to preserve Caddy. Besides, it’s not as if Ward ISN’T explosive. We just haven’t seen it very much in a Bucs uni yet.

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