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Simms To Start, Lose On Sunday

November 20, 2009 at 09:34am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Simms is a die-hard supporter of our former president.
Chris Simms will finally start a game for the first time since the Spleen Bowl in 2006. Kyle Orton was injured during Denver’s loss to Washington last week and Simms played in relief of him, completing 3 of 13 for 13 yards and 1 pick while taking 3 sacks all for a stellar passer rating of 7.5. But apparently the Broncos have more faith in that than they do Tom Brandstater, their third string, 25-year old rookie out of Fresno, because Simms is taking first team snaps.

Josh McDaniels talks him up in this AP story.

“I have a great deal of respect for what he’s overcome now to come back to do this. And I can also see every day why he’s overcome it,” McDaniels said Thursday. “He works as hard or harder than anybody we have on our team. His attitude is phenomenal. He’s got a great work ethic. He lives in the weight room. He runs after practice when nobody’s looking — when he doesn’t think anybody’s looking.

“And those are the kinds of things that make you believe in a kid like this, that went through an injury the way he did. And now he’s brought himself back, he’s gained all the weight back, he’s strong, he’s healthy, he’s got a great attitude and approach as a backup quarterback.”

All that stuff is why I supported him for so long. And I still do, in the same way the parent of a retarded child would support their kid’s desire to go to the regular school. He’s got all the drive and desire in the world and he’s always been a very hard worker, but I’m pretty well convinced now that he is just lacking some necessary quality to be a successful NFL quarterback. I don’t know what it is. Mechanics, maybe? The ability to quickly scan and analyze a defense? He doesn’t have… something.

The rest of the story is pretty much the same stuff you’ve been reading about his injury and recovery for the last three years, so if you feel like revisiting that for the hundredth time, enjoy. I’ll wish him good luck against the Chargers on Sunday, but it’s probably not going to help. San Diego is on a hot streak and finally clicking while Denver has lost three in a row, and none of them with much dignity. And now with Simms under center, I’m not sure how many points someone would have to give me to take the Broncos, but it’s a lot.

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TheBrainStem (November 21, 2009 at 11:08am:

I figured out why Chris Simms sucks so bad. He is supposed to be right handed.

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