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One Trade-Up Scenario Includes Josh Johnson

February 20, 2010 at 11:58am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Johnson is worth more to the Bucs as trade bait than a backup now anyway.
Hey, this is news. According to Chris Steuber of (how old is that kid, 15?), the Bucs and Rams have already had exploratory talks about a draft day trade. The potential deal would take place if the Rams can’t land one of the Eagles’ quarterbacks, most likely Michael Vick.

If this report is true, and the Rams are unable to workout a deal with the Eagles prior to the draft for Vick, I’ve been told by two sources that the Rams are prepared to turn to option B, and the alternative involves a potential blockbuster trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let us keep in mind that Steuber’s two “sources” are probably with the Rams and that this is the season of deception in the NFL when it comes to trade stories. This information may be nothing more than a ruse to get Philadelphia to play ball. Now, Mr. Steuber, I am going to be a bad blogger and cut-and-paste a whole bunch of your story because it’s easier than re-writing it. Consider that a compliment on your concise writing skills.

In addition to finding a franchise quarterback, the Rams are interested in trading out of the top spot in this year’s draft, moving down a few spots and acquiring additional draft picks and players. I’ve been told that the Rams and Buccaneers have had exploratory discussions on a deal, which would involve the team’s first round selections (No. 1 and 3), possibly one of the Buccaneers second round picks (they have two picks in the second round: No. 35 and 42) or their third round pick (No. 67). Again, these discussions have been exploratory, as the Rams continue to investigate all of their options, but the deal involving the Rams and Bucs first round picks and Tampa Bay’s third round pick, not one of their second-round picks, is where it gets interesting.

A source close to the situation in St. Louis told me that if a deal with the Eagles can’t be consummated prior to the draft, they may take the Bucs third round pick over one of their second round picks, because they’re “very high” on third-year quarterback Josh Johnson, who they would insist being in a potential trade with Tampa Bay. Rams officials compare Johnson favorably to Vick athletically, but they feel that he has a greater upside as a passer.

Okay, did you get all that? For the Bucs, the trade up to the #1 slot would either cost them a second-rounder OR a third-rounder plus Johnson.

The Bucs motivation for such a deal is due to their infatuation with Suh. They feel that Suh’s presence in the trenches is exactly what they need and that he would give them the legitimate playmaker they’ve lacked on the defensive line since the departure of Warren Sapp.

The Bucs have an “infatuation” with Suh? I’m not sure if this is a guess or if he has legitimate sources in every clubhouse or if people are just feeding him a load of shit. Have the guys in the Bucs’ front office hung Suh posters in their offices? Why would the Bucs tip their hand to anyone?

The same sources told me that if the Bucs don’t trade up, and Suh and McCoy, who are ranked No. 1 and 2 respectively on Tampa Bay’s draft chart, are off the board at No. 3, that the Bucs surprisingly favor South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul over Tennessee’s Eric Berry.

Fuck. That. Noise. No, no, no, no. Pierre-Paul does not deserve to be drafted in the top ten, let alone at #3. If those are my only two choices, then package the third-rounder with Johnson and take Suh at #1. Second-rounders are so valuable; I wouldn’t want to see the Bucs give one of their’s up just so they can hold onto Johnson. Granted, the Bucs haven’t been all that good at using their second-round picks lately, but that’s the fault of the scouting department, not because the picks aren’t useful. In the second-round, you can often get first-round talent at a much lower price. With so many holes in the team and such a crappy free agency market, they could use that pick for a wide receiver, a speed running back, or (*sobs*) a safety. Third-rounders should also be contributors right away and starters within a year, but it’s not too high a price to pay to move to the #1 spot. Johnson is almost inconsequential because of Josh Freeman‘s presence, so losing him isn’t a big deal. I’ve heard the Bucs like Rudy Carpenter quite a bit, and allowing Johnson to leave would seem to bear that out.

Again, I am in favor of standing pat and seeing who falls to the Bucs. If McCoy is available, make the choice between him and Berry. Or if they can move down and acquire more picks, that’s great, too. But if Berry is absolutely not in the cards and they’ve made up their mind about it, then making the trade up and taking their “coveted” Suh for the cost of a third-rounder and Josh Johnson makes the most sense if the Rams are willing to make that deal. Pierre-Paul should not even be in the discussion unless they trade down ten slots or something. I wonder how many of these types of stories are going to come out in the next two months.

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Louie (February 20, 2010 at 03:03pm:

Why would the Bucs help the Rams draft one of the DT’s they desperately need??? The Rams desperately need a QB. If they can’t get one through trade, they are probably going to have to draft Bradford. In that case, either Suh or McCoy would fall to the Bucs.


BaldBuc4055 (February 20, 2010 at 04:04pm:

Jason Pierre-Paul at Number 3? Ummmmmmmm…..NO. He’d be a great value at the 13th pick, but third overall would be way too high.


Meatmaster (February 20, 2010 at 06:36pm:

This is probably just a smokescreen. JPP is in no way worth a top 5 pick. He just came on this year. And Josh Johnson plus a 3rd rounder does not equal a top 2nd round pick. Fuck all this shit. The Bucs are in the perfect spot to get a top tier player or trade down to one of the many teams wanting a QB.


MIA_Dolphins (February 21, 2010 at 02:17pm:

The Bucs would have to be idiots to even consider taking JPP that high. I agree with Meatmaster, it’s a smokescreen. I’m a USF honk so I might be biased in saying JPP is the best pass rusher in this draft, but he is more of a 3-4 OLB than a 4-3 DE, and would be a huge mistake if drafted by the Bucs, or any 4-3 defense. I think BaldBuc has it right…good value at 13, but 3rd overall is too high (Even though my Dolphins at #12 better take Rolando McClain or Dan Williams, or I’ll be pissed).

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