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Relax, I’m Not Going To Kill Myself

February 24, 2010 at 09:42am by Scott   •  No Comments »

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I received no fewer than five emails concerning Mike Mayock‘s statement that the Bucs should draft Jason Pierre-Paul if the two defensive tackles are off the board at #3. Which, if you’ll remember, is exactly the opposite opinion of an entry I posted slyly titled, “I’m Telling You, Do Not Draft Pierre-Paul At #3″. It’s probably even still on the screen if you scroll down a bit.

“They had trouble getting to the quarterback last year so would they take a look at Jason Pierre-Paul that early? I think he warrants it from a talent perspective and I like his motor.”

All the emails contained some version of “don’t go on a murderous rampage” or “don’t kill yourself”. I promise you, I will not kill myself. The other stuff, we’ll just take one day at a time. But look, sometimes you just get a feeling about a guy, and my feeling about Pierre-Paul is that he will fizzle out in the NFL. He likes his motor? Let’s see how well that motor is running when Pierre-Paul is slamming into NFL-caliber left tackles in August.

Mayock does think that Pierre-Paul’s lack of experience is a factor, though, and said that WR Dez Bryant (Oklahoma State) is also a possibility for the Bucs.

“He’s my third rated player in the country,” Mayock said of Bryant, “and you’ve got a young quarterback there you’re trying to develop and the best thing you can do for him is get him an Andre Johnson-type wide receiver.”

We already covered this in the aforementioned entry, and I said I wouldn’t mind them drafting Bryant #3 even though I think it’s technically a slight reach. Here’s the highlight reel:

Good hands, good ball-tracking skills, willing to fight for the ball. He’s not particularly fast, but he’s strong enough to not need a whole bunch of separation. And on top of all that, if the Bucs are willing to let Antonio Bryant walk, they will be in desperate need of a receiver with Dez’s skills. So he’d be all right with me, but to rate him as the #3 player at any position in the draft? If that’s his highlight reel up there, do you see enough to make that assertion?

Lord, this is going to get old by the end of April.

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