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The Best Bucs Team Ever? Go Ahead, Guess.

June 29, 2010 at 09:52am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

It's so nice here in Historyland. Do I really have to come back to 2010?
Sorry, but since there is a lack of news and facts, we have to start delving into what other people think. And most other people are fucking morons, so their thoughts are bound to be just fascinating. For example:

Pat Yasinskas did a review of every NFC South team’s history to come up with their best ever team. He did loads of research, carefully considered all the positives and negatives of every season, and came to the controversial conclusion that the only year each team went to the Super Bowl was, in fact, their best team. If I had an emoticon that represented the dramatic chipmunk, it would go here. That means that it was 1998 for the Falcons, 2003 for the Panthers, 2009 for the Saints, and the best Bucs team ever was the 2002 squad.

Notable players: LB Derrick Brooks, DT Warren Sapp, S John Lynch, CB Ronde Barber, QB Brad Johnson, WR Keyshawn Johnson, FB Mike Alstott.

I guess Pat can’t list the whole team, but Simeon Rice should get some kind of mention here. He had 15.5 sacks and should have been the MVP of the Super Bowl. Brian Kelly also deserves acknowledgment for his 8 interceptions in 2002, which led the league. I would list them ahead of Barber or Keyshawn, both of whom were instrumental, but the other guys had better seasons.

With Brad Johnson at quarterback and Brooks, Lynch, Sapp and Barber all in their prime on defense, the Bucs were pretty much dominant as they went 12-4 and became the first NFC South champions.

Keep in mind that Pat was the guy who was saying just two weeks ago that the Bucs won in 2002 despite Brad Johnson being the starting quarterback. Now he was one of the reasons for dominance. I’m glad he got it right this time, but it’s obvious he just takes whichever position supports his argument at the time.

Most impressive win: A 26-14 victory in Week 3 in which the Bucs intercepted St. Louis quarterback Kurt Warner four times.

Yeah, that was a good one, but by then beating the Rams had become old hat. Beating Michael Vick and the Falcons in Tampa was pretty sweet. Vick couldn’t rush for shit and the defense was relentless. The Vikings game was the offensive breakthrough game. The Bucs scored 38 points and everything was clicking. The shutout against the Ravens deserves some consideration — 25 points with no offensive touchdowns. That’s a hell of a feat. Ooh, and the San Francisco game in the divisional round was total domination. That’s where Brad Johnson had to be taken off for a while because he was bleeding from his face, and as he was going to the locker room he pumped his fist and the crowd went fucking bananas. I’d have to move that Rams game down a couple notches.

Gruden came in and did what Dungy couldn’t — he won a Super Bowl. Still relying heavily on a defense built by Dungy and coordinator Monte Kiffin, Gruden was able to infuse a little bit of offense into the Buccaneers.

I have to give Pat credit here for saying the above in such a way as to give everyone proper credit and not fanning the flames of the “Gruden won with Dungy’s players” debate, which will never die. At least if Raheem Morris starts piling up a few wins and gaining a reputation, no one will ever be able to say he won with anyone else’s players. That’s the advantage of firing everyone and signing a bunch of toddlers. Hopefully in a few years, Pat will have to revise this list.

2 Comments to “The Best Bucs Team Ever? Go Ahead, Guess.”

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (June 29, 2010 at 11:32am:

I remember when Brad Johnson got hurt in that game against the Niners, he intentionally went to the ground (he was hit in the face; he could have immediately walked to the sideline) so as to give time for the backup QB to warm up. Johnson wasn’t amazingly talented, but he was a smart QB.

Speaking of amazingly talented, I think the backup was Rob Johnson. I know he and Shaun King switched back and forth as the second string all year, so I don’t remember who came in during the Niners game. Rob Johnson had a cannon for an arm, and was very mobile. It’s too bad he had a $.05 head. He could never, EVER throw the ball away. He took so many stupid sacks. It never got through to his hard head that that’s why his NFL career disappeared like a fart in the wind.

I remember a preseason game where Rob Johnson took a sack that knocked the Bucs out of field goal range. When he got to the sideline Gruden grabbed his jersey and absolutely reamed him out, Jim Leavitt-style. Still didn’t penetrate his thick skull.

But I digress.

Mark S

Mark S (June 29, 2010 at 12:28pm:

What really burns is that Yasaskis gets paid big bucks to write that drivel.

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