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Roster Breakdown: Offensive Line And Tight Ends

August 09, 2010 at 02:19pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Uncle Fester will beat your ass.
Donald Penn: Lock. Showed up after his holdout in shape and playing well.

Keydrick Vincent: I’m listing him among the starters because I think he wins the starting left guard job. He’s too big and too powerful to ignore. Now they have this just mass of beef on the left side to grate the road and create some running lanes that weren’t there before.

Jeff Faine: Lock. Faine has taken a few practices off, but that’s not all that unusual. I seem to remember him doing the same in previous camps. When he has practiced, he seems to do well against Roy Miller. Brian Price has gotten past him a couple times.

Davin Joseph: Lock. Looks great. Has mostly handled the rookies, but they got their licks in once or twice. Joseph gets downfield in a hurry which is going to be huge with all these screens they’re running.

Jeremy Trueblood: Lock. With all the time Truelbood and Joseph have spent together, they’re pretty much a single unit now, able to adjust their assignments instantly. Trueblood has gotten pushed back on a few bull rushes, but if he gets a chance to anchor, he’ near impossible to move. His best camp yet.

Jeremy Zuttah: Lock. Even though I think Vincent will start, Zuttah is too versatile and has too much experience to cut loose. He can play any interior position. He hasn’t had a good camp so far, but he’s not going anywhere.

Jonathan Compas: 50/50. Compas started out camp really shitty, but he has picked it up over the last couple practices. He got blasted by Price and Dre Moore on more than one occasion. Was practicing at guard to give Zuttah some more competition, but that experiment seemed to fizzle out with Vincent’s signing. Most likely competing against Marc Dile for the ninth spot.

Donovan Raiola: Meat. He’s gotten some extra playing time with Faine sitting out, but is a camp body. There are enough options at center without him.

Marc Dile: 50/50. Somehow keeps hanging on. He is practicing with the second and third teams and still gets beaten his share of times against backup defensive linemen. I think Compas has a better chance of hanging on, but if the team decides to keep ten linemen (not likely), he may be #10.

Demar Dotson: Probably. His upside is too big to ignore. He seems to have found a groove on the right side and will most likely backup Trueblood. He holds his own against starting defensive linemen, although he can get played by guys with experience. Good lateral movement.

Xavier Fulton: 50/50. Has been hot and cold, but I haven’t heard anything special about him except that the coaches want him to do well. Maybe it’s because they have a draft pick invested in him or maybe it’s because depth at true tackle isn’t so great. If Penn went down, they’d probably feel better about Fulton on the left than Dotson.

Derek Hardman: Meat. Not much to say here.

James Lee: Probably not. Lee has a small chance because of his previous time with the team, but his false starts and poor play in the 1-on-1 drills doesn’t bode well.

Kellen Winslow: Lock. May be the best overall player on the team. Takes some practices off to rest his knee, but when he’s on, he’s spectacular.

Jerramy Stevens: Almost lock. Stevens takes Winslow’s place as the starter when Winslow is resting, and he has made some great catches. His blocking has improved and Josh Freeman seems to favor throwing to him. He has probably lost a step or two in speed. The only reason he would get cut is if numbers dictated that the team keep a more pure blocker, but I doubt it.

John Gilmore: 50/50. I have heard nothing about Gilmore except that he hasn’t practiced much. He’s on his ninth season now and will be 31 by week three, a mortal sin under this regime. He’s a good blocker and a better than average pass receiver, but there are younger options and I’m leaning toward leaving him off the roster prediction.

Ryan Purvis: 50/50. This will be the guy who takes over for Gilmore if that choice has to be made. He’s getting a lot of reps for a tight end this far down the chart. Much better pass receiver than a year ago and is pretty quick for a 260-pounder. Decent blocker. If that part of his game improves, his chances of sticking go way up. If the team decides to keep four tight ends, he’s almost a lock.

Jeron Mastrud: Probably not. He’s much better than during the OTAs, but he’s still obviously raw. His relationship with Freeman may get him a practice squad spot, but there’s no room for him on the roster unless another tight end contracts the plague or something.

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Matt Price

Matt Price (August 09, 2010 at 05:02pm:

Thanks Scott. Excellent breakdown. What’s strange is that I seem to believe that we have a strong line. Then I look at what you wrote and I find myself thinking, why did I think we had such a strong line? There seem to be weak spots everywhere and not much real depth.

Also, I wonder if our D-line guys are that good or the O-line is that bad?


cubsandbucsfan (August 09, 2010 at 06:19pm:

I like the line and the depth with Zuttah and Dotson. The analysis this year has been spot on Scott. Thanks for the effort.


Aesir_Belgium (August 09, 2010 at 07:06pm:

Great breakdown. Have to disagree with Cubsfan though Im a bit less enthusiastic about the depth at tackle. Its still a very raw prospect in Dotson and X Fulton which is a mystery. Dotson going up against a veteran for 60 snaps. No thanks.

Really glad Vincent looks to have replaced Zuttah, who clearly struggled last year. I really want to like Trueblood, contract year may make him concentrate a bit more.


Meatmaster (August 09, 2010 at 09:13pm:

Goddamn it my friend is a veteran and got two tickets to a special “veterens thingie practice” this afternoon at one buc. I go to work 2 hrs early, kill myself so I can ride out early, drive to his house, we ride(1 hr drive) to Tampa, pull up to one buc, and the guard takes our tickets. Now picture the boss Lumbergh guy from Office Space “Hmmm yeeeaahhh we cancelled this practice and its rescheduled for tomorrow OK” We’re like “what?!” “Yeah we tried to tell everybody.” Well you failed miserably! Yeah we’re just gonna take off from work again and drive back up here tomorrow to watch you guys run wind sprints. FUCK OFF YOU GODDAMN GOATFUCKING COCKSUCKING DATE RAPING MALL COP REJECT PIECE OF SEA GULL SHIT! Dude we were so pissed! Man what a fucking cockbag! The only thing that made this OK was that last clicky, best one ever. You’re awesome Bucstats guy. Fuck that goddamn pelican fucking security guy. Douchebag.


Scott (August 09, 2010 at 10:00pm:

If there were a Comment Hall of Fame, this would get my vote.

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