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Screamin' Mike Williams
It’s a game night and nothing else is going on with the Bucs, so I’ll take a quick look at what Pat Yasinskas has been chirping about for the past couple days. Evidently, he has been ranking things because that’s what people who don’t have anything substantive to talk about do (or post gratuitous cheerleader pictures). The most recent one is his take on the offensive linemen:

5. Davin Joseph, guard, Buccaneers. One of the more unsung players in the NFC South. If New Orleans wasn’t in the division, Joseph would be the NFC South’s best guard.

So Joseph is the fifth-best offensive lineman in the NFC South? I guess I can get behind that. This is Joseph’s last year under contract, but if the years required for unrestricted free agency are still at six, he’ll be in the same boat Barrett Ruud and all those other guys were in this year. And does the coaching staff really want Joseph angry with them? Jesus, that guy’s huge.

The tough part is that he and Jeremy Trueblood form a nice tandem, but if they let Trueblood, who is also in a contract year, walk away, will the motivation still be as high to keep Joseph on the team? In other words, will Joseph be as effective with someone else at right tackle?

8. Donald Penn, left tackle, Buccaneers. Is he an elite left tackle? No, but the Buccaneers just handed him a ton of money because he’s capable of protecting Josh Freeman’s blind side.

Well, that’s the job description, right? How does Pat judge eliteness? Does Penn have to Super Duper protect Freeman? Numbnuts.

12. Jeff Faine, center, Buccaneers. A veteran with good leadership skills. The Bucs need Faine to stay on the field all season. When he was hurt last year, it had a huge impact on the entire offense.

I have no problem with the words, it’s the ranking I take issue with. Third-best center in the NFC South? Faine is better than Ryan Kalil at this stage of their careers. He simply is. Kalil may have more upside because of his youth, but Faine is everything you want in a center and is pretty much at the peak of his career. And this is coming from a guy who wanted to draft Kalil.

If you were looking for Jeremy Zuttah‘s name, you’ve been watching a different team with a different Jeremy Zuttah on it. I would make a joke here about Trueblood, but I will be visiting One Buc in a couple weeks and I’ve grown accustomed to having my head attached to my neck, so I don’t want to do anything to mess that up.

As long as I’m on Pat’s page, let’s just blow the rest of his shit out so I can get back to work.

Victor in El Paso, Texas writes: Now that the Bucs have cut Derrick Ward do you think the Bucs will get another running back?

Pat Yasinskas: I would not totally rule out the Bucs picking up a running back when other teams make their cuts. The Bucs constantly monitor the waiver wire and are always looking to upgrade a roster that clearly still needs some upgrading.

Pat must be talking about the South Carolina Buccaneers, a professional inline hockey team, because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL don’t give half a shit about the waiver wire. They’ll be more than happy to fill holes with undrafted free agents and hurricane sandbags until next year’s draft where they’ll continue their rebuilding project. Maybe if a large meteor crushes half the roster, they’ll skim the transaction list and see if they recognize any names. Hell, two of the rare free agents they did pick up during the Morris regime are already off the roster. Do you know their biggest problem with picking up free agents? Child labor laws.

On to wide receivers:

6. Mike Williams, Buccaneers. I’m really hesitant to rank a rookie receiver this high because I’ve seen too many of them through the years struggle after looking great in the summer. But I think Williams might be the exception to this rule. In camp and the preseason, he’s just gone out and made plays day after day. Tampa Bay needs someone to emerge as a No. 1 receiver and he seems to be leading the candidates.

I have no problem with Williams being named the sixth-best receiver in the NFC South already. It’s aggressive, but there’s no one ranked below him that I think is better. I think Marques Colston is better than Roddy White, but now we’re splitting hairs.

9. Reggie Brown, Buccaneers. Someone’s going to end up being the starter opposite Williams and the Bucs think Brown has a shot at securing that role. This is a guy the Bucs traded for with five years left on his contract. He’s still adjusting to the system a bit, but the Bucs think he’s going to fit in.

Yeah, now all he has to do is actually catch a ball. The preseason has not been kind to Brown. Pat has Lance Moore a few slots behind Brown and I’m not so sure about that. Brown still has a lot to prove.

11. Sammie Stroughter, Buccaneers. The plan is to use him in the slot, where Stroughter is a perfect fit. He showed big-play ability last year and the Bucs are fantasizing about Stroughter running under some deep passes from Josh Freeman.

This is too low for Stroughter. Behind Brandon LaFell? Seriously?

14. Arrelious Benn, Buccaneers. He was a second-round pick, but Williams has been better in the preseason. The Bucs aren’t down on Benn. They think he’s progressing at the normal pace for a rookie and he could play more of a role as the season goes on.

Write your own articles, Pat. Or at the very least hit the donate button and leave your apology in the memo line.

Real world work and obligations may make posting during the day a little difficult for the next couple weeks. If I can’t do daytime posts, I’ll catch up in the evening.

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