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Clifton Smith Released, Other Things Happen

September 06, 2010 at 10:02am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Whatever Lumpkin did make Mark Richt make this face.
I was a fan of Clifton Smith for a while because his story was so attractive. The underdog, against all odds, that sort of thing. But his fumbling was a chronic condition and didn’t look like it was getting solved. He started off camp fumbling his first two carries and then he fumbled a kickoff return against the Chiefs. So it was time. My biggest regret about his release is that I didn’t get to use the headline “Peanut Brittle”. I was saving it for when he got hurt and had to sit out an extended period. A blogger for the next team he signs with is free to use it.

Derek Hardman was also released. He lasted a day longer than I thought he would.

These cuts were made to make room for offensive lineman Ted Larsen and running back Kregg Lumpkin, the same positions that were just released. That’s a little unusual and speaks to how bad they thought they needed to upgrade.

Larsen, a sixth-round pick of the Patriots in April, will serve as the primary backup to starting center Jeff Faine. Lumpkin, meanwhile, is a big back with receiving ability who adds depth at a positon that is a bit thin.

Lumpkin played for Georgia, so I’m somewhat familiar with him. I knew he was signed by the Packers after going undrafted a couple years ago, but then I lost track of him. I remember him having an injury history, which I believe followed him into the pros with Green Bay. I don’t think Carlos Brown was claimed off waivers and I don’t see that he signed anywhere yet, so I guess the team was unimpressed enough with him that they signed a total stranger instead of him. Larsen is a rookie out of North Carolina State that was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth-round. Logan Mankins is still holding out and Nick Kaczur was just injured last week, so they really need some depth in their offensive line, which makes me suspect that Larsen isn’t so great, but I have nothing to go on except speculation. Larsen is a local boy, though. He went to school at Palm Harbor High, or whatever the hell they call it now. This regime seems to have a soft spot for locals, which is fine by me. They gave Darrell Pasco a shot and he promptly flushed it, but at least they were more than fair about it.

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Slow Joe

Slow Joe (September 07, 2010 at 03:24am:

I feel bad for Clifton, but I’ll be honest: I’m glad he’s gone. I don’t enjoy having my heart in my throat every time someone has the football. I simply didn’t trust him. He fumbled WAY too much.

He learned a valuable lesson: If you have kind of special offensive skill, like Tiki Barber or Mike Alstott had, then an NFL team will be patient as you work through your fumble-itis, like Barber and Alstott had. If you’re pretty strictly a special-teamer, you will be replaced.

I never really forgave him for fumbling the second half kickoff against the Cowboys two years ago. I’m convinced that’s why we lost that game to an inferior Cowboys team, quarterbacked by 67-year-old Brad Johnson, no less.

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