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Obligatory Welcome:

Welcome to! This site started off life in 2005 as an experiment in SQL and ended up being a repository for statistics about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that happened to have a blog attached to it. Then it evolved into a blog that also kept current stats on the Bucs. As of the 2010 season, it’s a blog with a small but dedicated community of readers and contributors that also has some archived statistics on it.

You should note right now that this site is not affiliated IN ANY WAY with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the National Football League. I’m just a fan. If you write a letter to me thinking it will somehow get to a player, I will post it on the front page and make fun of you.

About the Stats:

As of the 2010 season, I am no longer maintain current statistics for the Buccaneers. There are simply too many other, better places to get the same information to make it worth my while to update all these tables manually every week. If you are looking for up-to-the-minute stats and standings for the Bucs, I suggest going to the Bucs page, which is seemingly updated as soon as the final whistle blows. If you want historical stats, and the Buccaneers’ official web site have anything you’re looking for.

Although I am no longer taking contributions to the statistical content, the following people sent in valuable information in the past and were promised credit here, and I see no reason to remove it now just because the site’s focus has changed.


  • Chuck Jansen II supplied some interception information on the 1977 New Orleans game
  • Robert Krause gave me the starting QB for a 1992 game against the Cardinals
  • Rob Holecko sent 10 starting quarterbacks

If you’re still interested in what used to be here, I have archived the stats section for your perusal. It’s still fun to poke around and I think the interface is pretty good. But at this point, this site is more about the writing than the stats. Speaking of which…

About the Blog:

All written content on this site is Copyright ©2005-2010 under this Creative Commons License, which basically says that you are free to reprint anything on the site, but you have to give this site credit and you can’t go changing it around.

After several years of using Movable Type, I have switched the blog engine to WordPress. The main reason was that it is written in PHP as opposed to Perl or Movable Type’s own proprietary language which sucks major donkey balls. It’s not quite as polished from an administrative standpoint, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to work with.

When you sign up for an account on this blog, it is only to post comments, post on the forums or in the chat room. You can sign up with as much fake information as you want, I don’t care. The only thing that needs to be real is your email address to verify that you’re not a spambot. I will not give your email address to anyone ever. And if you are a spambot, die.

Special thanks go out to Jordan, John and The BrainStem. Their contributions to this redesign were probably more important than my own.

About the Author:

The author, who goes by Scott on the forums and chat room, grew up in Clearwater, went to college in Tennessee and currently resides in Atlanta. He has been a Bucs fan since 1978. Go Bucs, Go Vols.


Here is just a small sampling of the comments that Bucstats gets. I tried to keep the ratio of good mail to hate mail to about what it really is, around 75%.

I really appreciate your articles. They are positive and i really like your kind of humor.

Just wanted to thank you for the site…I’m in Jersey and I’m a huge Bucs fan

Great blog man. I browse all the Buc sites I can find and this is by far the most entertaining. Keep up the good work.

just wanted to tell you that this page is the first page i checked when i get up in the morning. i check it even before i check my emails.

Dude,i love coming on bucstats to find out 411 on da bucs before almost anyone else finds out

I just wanted to say this website is fantastic and you guys love the aspect of sports I do. Makes for great reading!

I really enjoy your site. It continues, along with the St. Pete Times one, to be the most current and informative.

I enjoyed all your comments and insight on your site about the draft. Thanks.

Just wanted you to know, that I’m a big fan of your site. Now you know that you have users of your homepage in Denmark.

I read your blog daily with the unique mixture of pain, incredulity and joy that comprise a true Buc fan. Seriously, your blog is great…keep it up.

Great site!! I am adding it to my favorites and sending it also to my son in New Mexico……another major Bucs fan.

Great job with the second rate bucs website. Sure aren’t enough of these on the internet

may all your mistakes be rubbed in your face

You sit back and take pot shots at people condemning them to satisfy your own judgemental jollies.

Hope you get arrested too and subject to the judicial system’s bias, racism, and plain incompetence. Then maybe u will have some sympathy for human beings who get caught up and ruined by the US legal system. Shame on you.

I really love this website. I like how the you write your articles – very honest, credible and unbiased plus it is always updated. What I love most about this website are the chat room and forum because this can give a good interaction to fans, visitors and readers. — James Evans, Team CasinoTop10

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