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Ahmad Black Enjoys Weed

November 07, 2012 at 01:51am by Scott   •  11 Comments »

Black instinctively tries to take a toke even though he doesn't have a joint and has a face shield in the way.
Why can’t we have nice things?

Bucs safety Ahmad Black was cited by Tampa police last week for possession of a small amount of marijuana, according to a police report.

I would make a Gator joke here, but in light of the jackass from the Tennessee Pike house drinking booze with his asshole last month, let’s just call it a draw.

Black, 23, was not arrested but given a notice to appear for the alleged offense, which occurred Oct. 30. An arraignment is scheduled Dec. 3. Black could face penalties ranging from a fine to a suspension under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

He will likely get disciplined by the league, although it’s unclear how long. Tanard Jackson was suspended for four games for his first offense, but that seems unlikely here. Jackson’s situation seemed severe from the beginning. But it really would be nice to have a member of the Buccaneer secondary that isn’t ON SOMETHING. Besides Ronde Barber, of course, who is perfect in every way and whose body actually neutralizes illegal drugs into sugar when it gets within five feet of him.

You’d think NFL players wouldn’t take banned shit at all since they can be tested at any time and risk all kinds of money by getting caught. But even if they simply can’t do without it, for the love of God, have someone else hold it for you. Just pay a guy to hold onto it and take responsibility for it if you get searched. This doesn’t seem that hard.

Safety Dance

August 22, 2012 at 12:18am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Ahmad Black's interception was so impressive that the team didn't feel they had to do anything else in the game.
Stephen Holder wrote a good article about the Bucs’ situation at safety and how it looks like one of the deeper positions on the team right now. He makes a few good points, all of which I will repeat here and claim as my own, mostly because I thought the same things anyway; he just wrote them before I did.

Ronde Barber and Mark Barron are the starters. This much is a given. After that we have Cody Grimm, Larry Asante, Ahmad Black, Tramain Thomas, Sean Baker and Keith Tandy. Grimm has experience on his side, although if the team was truly happy with him they wouldn’t have drafted Barron or moved Barber to safety. I think he’s on the bubble. Asante has had a good camp and makes plays in preseason, but also misses some plays and some tackles. The potential is there but not the consistency. Black has been amazing and is probably a lock to make the team unless he kidnaps a hooker sometime in the next two weeks (he’s a Gator, so this isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds, especially if the hooker has some good weed (I am not accusing Black of smoking weed, just making a generalization about Gators (Sept 15, baby))). Thomas and Baker are pocketing their per diems because they know they won’t be employed much longer. And Tandy has the distinction of being listed as a “DB” rather than a safety, meaning be can play both which is always nice.

The Bucs could keep five safeties, but probably won’t. They have depth issues on the defensive line that they’ll probably address with that extra body. If I had to guess now, they’ll keep Black and Grimm and try to sneak Tandy onto the practice squad. If called upon in a game, I’d trust Grimm’s experience over Tandy’s potential at this point.

Talking Safeties

April 16, 2012 at 11:16am by Scott   •  9 Comments »

Safety 2

Now that Tanard Jackson has been cut (and subsequently gobbled up by the Redskins where he will be under the eye of Raheem Morris), the Bucs have to get some help at safety. Roy Cummings breaks down the possibilities.

One, of course, is to promote from within, where the Bucs are still high on Larry Asante and intrigued by the playmaking ability of Ahmad Black, the former Gators defender they drafted in the fifth round last year.

The Bucs who were most intrigued by Asante and Black last year have been fired and this new group has nothing but mediocre tape of these guys right now to make heir determination, so I’m going to guess that the team will hedge their bets and bring in some new talent. Trusting important positions to kids who hadn’t proven anything may have been the strategy last season, but I don’t think that’s flying anymore.

There is also free agency to consider. Though the top-level safeties have been gobbled up, the potential to land a serviceable starter such as O.J. Atogwe or Melvin Bullitt is still there, and the Bucs are still shopping.

Atogwe or Bullitt would be good competition at the position. Neither is a long-term solution, but either is better than, say, Sean Jones. Cody Grimm is the most senior vet with two years of experience behind him. Regardless of what else they do to add depth, they do need someone with some years.

Finally, there is the draft. Though, most analysts agree this year’s safety class is not an exceptional one, there are couple of players projected to go in the top three rounds the Bucs could be targeting.

One Tampa Bay fans might want to get to know a little better is Harrison Smith, a chiseled 6-foot-2, 213-pound Notre Dame product who most scouts rate as a second-round talent and some see as a top-50 pick.

Safety is one of the weakest positions in the draft and Smith is starting to rise up draft boards. Smith is a really solid safety prospect, great speed and range, effective against the run and great leadership and intangibles. He’s an excellent athlete, well-built and strong and a hard hitter. He is not a “playmaker” — not a lot of interceptions or splash plays. He can run hot and cold sometimes and will miss tackles from time to time. His big weakness is man coverage, so free safety would be tough. Because he’s a clean cut white boy, he’s going to get compared to John Lynch, but it’s about three years too early for that. In any other draft, Smith would be a mid to late second, but he could easily get pushed into the first this year. If he’s still there when the Bucs pick in the second, they’ll have to take him then if they want him because there’s no way he lasts much longer than that.

Brandon Taylor (LSU) is a better cover safety but not as hard a hitter as Smith. Otherwise they’re pretty similar. Taylor will be available in the second or third. George Iloka (Boise St) is a more raw prospect but is a former cornerback with great height and leaping ability and could really excel as a cover safety with the right coaching. He is not a good tackler and takes poor angles, but I bet Greg Schiano and his crew could get him up to speed in that department. Iloka will be available in the third and possibly the fourth.

I think if most teams were to draft Morris Claiborne in the first, they wouldn’t be inclined to spend their second on a safety, but the Bucs aren’t most teams. They’ve spent the last two drafts picking back to back DTs and DEs in the first and second. They need help in a lot of other areas, but Claiborne/Smith would be a nice 1-2 punch. But one more draft with back to back defensive players in the top two rounds and expectations are going to be pretty high for this defense. And rightly so. Personally, I would take Claiborne and a second-round linebacker and sign Otogwe and pick a lower-round safety. Linebacker seems more important.

Practice Squad Forming

September 05, 2011 at 04:14pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Hey, it works for Phillip Rivers.
As soon as I posted that some of those dudes were cut, the Bucs go ahead and re-sign them to the practice squad. So far, Rudy Carpenter, Ed Gant, Daniel Hardy and Ahmad Black have all been signed. I’m telling you, Black is special and the coaches know it.

REAR ENTRIES: Getting Defensive

August 08, 2011 at 10:48am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Rear Entry 88

AHMAD BLACK HAS A CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER: When you’re a 5-9, 184-pound safety, you better run really fast at your combine. Ahmad Black didn’t, so he came into the draft with the perception that he’s short, light and slow. And Black is getting tired of hearing all the negativity.

“What are they going to say next? I don’t talk good enough?” Black said.

“Well enough”, Ahmad. You don’t talk well enough. That’s okay, he went to Gainesville. We all understand.

“I was the happiest guy in the world when he ran a bad time at the combine because I knew I had a chance to get him a little bit later,” Raheem Morris said. “He’s come in here and he’s got that Cody Grimm-type of attitude. He’s just a playmaker who makes plays.”

Raheem wasn’t any happier than I was. I love Black and was really excited to see him come to Tampa. His 40 time is meaningless in pads — the guy is always around the ball and everyone forgets that he’s only 184 when he’s delivering the hit. I’ve seen him stop some of my Vols dead in their tracks with great form and plenty of power.

The article notes that the team lost a huge special teams contributor in Maurice Stovall to free agency (he went to Detroit), so there is a vacancy for Black right away for one of the key leaders of that group. I think he’ll make an immediate impact there.

CHANGING STANCES: Seeing as how the only time I line up in a three-point stance is for sexual purposes, I never really considered how the d-line’s stance mattered. I kind of always thought it was a personal preference. It turns out that there are all sorts of reasons to use one stance over another, and Keith Millard and Grady Stretz, the two new defensive line coaches, are here to explain it all. They used to be angled, now they’re lining up square with the line of scrimmage.

“There are a lot more strengths in our opinion to being squared up,” Stretz said. “Most of all, we think it’s a lot more beneficial in terms of being able to penetrate (the line of scrimmage) and get into the backfield.”

I’ve always said penetration was the most important thing.

“I mean, there are a few blocking schemes where it’s an advantage to be in a tilt but when you look at the big picture and the schemes we’re facing, it’s a lot more advantageous to square the guys off.”

Gerald McCoy says the stance is getting him into the backfield a lot more during practices, and Brian Price and Roy Miller are both on board with it as well. Watch the first preseason game to see how everyone lines up and notice if they seem to get in the backfield faster. Or, you know, at all.

MLB SWINGS IN FOSTER’S DIRECTION: Mason Foster has evidently overtaken Tyrone McKenzie as the leading candidate to start at middle linebacker.

Foster, the former Washington star, took all the reps with the first-team defense in Saturday morning’s walk-through and is in a battle with second-year pro Tyrone McKenzie and rookie Derrell Stephens, an undrafted rookie from Syracuse.

Oh yes, I’m sure Stephens is neck-and-neck with the other two.

The only thing I had heard about McKenzie that was negative was that he had dropped a couple easy interceptions. Everything else has been stellar. This may be just to get a better look at Foster or it could be that he is simply outperforming McKenzie in the eyes of the coaches. Almost everyone is predicting Foster to win the battle and the coaches are doing everything possible to make it happen. McKenzie can be a solid backup, but I really hope he is getting his fair shake at starting.

BECAUSE IT’S MY BLOG: Jonathan Crompton in a Bucs jersey. He may not have much of a shot to make the team, but this still makes me smile.

A Couple More Things I Heard

August 02, 2011 at 12:13pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Yes, it's from the weekend practice. Can't find any pics from yesterday.
Didn’t hear as much yesterday, but I got a couple nuggets. Yesterday was the team’s first day in pads, so there was a much bigger emphasis on line work and the running game than passing.

During 1-on-1s, Brandon Carter was beaten by George Johnson and apparently kicked his helmet halfway down the field. Can you believe this guy has a temper?

Next you're going to tell me he likes Halloween.

Carter is said to be extremely emotional and motivated and willing to do anything to make the team. His technique needs work and he’s getting some help from the veterans.

Goal line drills were full-on hitting. Both sides got their licks in, but the offense is clearly still ahead of the defense at this point.

Tyrone McKenzie was the starting MLB, but Mason Foster got in a lot of reps. It doesn’t sound like there’s a true favorite yet, although I still suspect that the coaches want Foster to win.

Foster is an excellent run stuffer. He looked really solid in pads.

Jeff Faine has lost weight but doesn’t look like he has lost any strength. He has been impressive in 1-on-1s.

Nice collision between two rookies, Ahmad Black and Allen Bradford. Black didn’t have enough leverage to keep Bradford out of the endzone, but it was still a solid hit.

Gerald McCoy is dominating. He crushed Kregg Lumpkin on one play.

No practice on Tuesday.

Some Things I Heard Over The Weekend

August 01, 2011 at 10:57am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

If Lumpkin impressed during camp, I'll forgive him for going to Georgia.

That thing I said the other day about Cody Grimm being completely healed from his broken leg? Yeah, not so much. Yesterday, Josh Freeman fired a flea clicker over Grimm to Dezmon Briscoe for a touchdown and there was no way Grimm could catch him. Later, Grimm admitted that he’s still not 100%. This is going to leave some room for Corey Lynch, Ahmad Black or Larry Asante to make a statement that they should start on opening day.

Briscoe looks smooth and fast, picking up right where he left off last season.

With Kareem Huggins out of the picture and Cadillac Williams still unsigned, Kregg Lumpkin is making a play for one of the RB spots. LeGarrette Blount, Allen Bradford and Lumpkin at HB with Erik Lorig and Earnest Graham at FB this season?

Lumpkin is willing to do whatever he has to do, including pass-blocking.

Lumpkin already has one of the hardest parts of the job down. He says he’s not afraid at all to stick his head into a pass rusher’s gut and throw a block for his quarterback.

“No, I’m not afraid at all,” said Lumpkin, who learned a lot about playing the third-down role from Williams last year. “He taught me how to read the defense, how to run certain routes, how to make a (tackler) miss you.”

Da’Quan Bowers is clearly outperforming Kyle Moore for the left end spot. And Moore isn’t doing badly — Bowers is just that fast.

Adrian Clayborn looks good, too, but not as far ahead as Bowers. Clayborn was stonewalled by Donald Penn on 1-on-1s.

Roy Miller easily starts in front of Brian Price at this point. Price is overweight and still not 100%.

Tyrone McKenzie has taken over the linebacker leadership role. The coaches want to give Mason Foster every opportunity, but McKenzie may simply not allow it to happen for him this season. McKenzie is staking his claim.

Guess who made an interception. Nick Reveiz. Guess who he picked off. Not one of the backups — Freeman.

To fill in for Luke Stocker‘s absence, the Bucs signed rookie free agent Jose Cruz out of Syracuse. It’s not a threat to Stocker’s job (I mean, how could it be?), but it seems like they already had enough tight ends with Nathan Overbay, Ryan Purvis and Daniel Fells on the roster.

The more interesting part of that story is that the team cut Aaron Feld, a dedicated long snapper, to make room for a sixth tight end. I looked at the Bucs’ roster and they still have Andrew Economos (who isn’t going to be ready for the season) and a rookie named Christian Yount out of UCLA as long snappers as well.

The Bucs will be in pads for the first time this evening.

REAR ENTRIES: Pinchy Pinchy

July 22, 2011 at 10:13am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Rear Entry 83

AHMAD BLACK INTERVIEW: Pewter Report caught up with Ahmad Black and talked about the standard stuff, including his preparation for the NFL. He’s been talking to some of his former Florida teammates and they’ve apparently been telling him that the transition isn’t such a big deal.

“In talking to some of the guys they say the speed probably will only be a little bit faster than what I’m used to,” said Black.

What is consistently the one thing rookies say is totally different from college? The speed of the game. So his friends may be giving him so bad information. This is where my Gator readers will tell me that the speed at Florida is already approaching NFL levels, but I’m not talking about running away from Gainesville cops.

Oh, and Black says he wasn’t invited to Camp Freeman.

“I wasn’t invited, so I didn’t go,” said Black.

Adrian Clayborn and Luke Stocker made it. Why would Josh Freeman invite only some of the rookies? No one else had a problem saying they didn’t want to go, so I’m not sure what the deal is here.

WILL THE NFL DISCIPLINE TALIB?: There’s still talk that legal problems during the lockout could bring league discipline after the league year finally starts.

“Violations of law, that’s covered by the personal conduct policy,’’ league counsel Jeff Pash said. “We believe that policy remains in effect.’’

And that would be complete bullshit if true. The league ended the CBA, the league locked the players out and prevented them from working and fulfilling their contracts, and yet the league still wants the players to be bound by the conduct policy? Oh, fuck you, NFL. I’m no Aqib Talib fan, but that would be completely unfair. Next year if Talib is convicted, that’s another story. But players who were arrested during the lockout should not be subject to any league discipline because the league took active steps to disassociate themselves from the players.

WILL THE BUCS SELECT TERRELLE PRYOR?: Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State) is entering the NFL’s supplemental draft and Pewter Report makes a couple good points as to why the Bucs could take him.

Tampa Bay could look at Pryor as a developmental project behind starter Josh Freeman. After this season the Bucs are likely to lose backup quarterback Josh Johnson in free agency. His contract will be up and he wants the opportunity to compete to be a starter. The NFL lockout took away just about any chance the Bucs had at trading Johnson for a draft pick.

There’s no way they bid anything more than a sixth-rounder for Pryor and that may not be enough to get him. But Pryor has to have more upside than Rudy Carpenter and grooming a backup for three or four years and then getting a second-rounder or so out of him down the road isn’t the worst idea.

Rookies On Twitter

May 18, 2011 at 11:49am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

I don't know that she is a stripper. But then again, I don't know that she isn't one either.
With no Bucs news to speak of, we’re left to troll social media for any scraps of something noteworthy. And there’s nothing there, either. Here are the Bucs rookies who have Twitter accounts:

Adrian Clayborn (@ajaclay)
Da’Quan Bowers (@DaQuanBowers93)
Mason Foster (@Mason_Foster)
Luke Stocker (@LukeStocker88)
Ahmad Black (@ahmadblack35)
Allen Bradford (@AllenBradford21)
Anthony Gaitor (@A_GAITOR)

I can’t find one for Daniel Hardy, but to be fair I don’t think they have the internet in Idaho yet. After cruising through some of their more recent musings, I have concluded that they’re all boring as shit. The exception is Clayborn who has a couple interesting things to say, especially out of context.

@TSash @ryanvogt27 hahaha 4 bucks and a strippers thong

Does Clayborn like strippers? Because I heard Tampa might have a couple. Also, he needs money.

now i have people persuading me for retweets! Clayborn is now selling retweets for 5 bucks! #lockoutmode lol

im thinking of side jobs while in #lockoutmode sell fruit? wash cars? cut grass? bodyguard? taxi driver?? help!

Were you interested in his thoughts on Lady Gaga? Of course you were.

Gaga got some junk in her truck lol. Old school chevy type of butt lol

Anybody watching this lady gaga concert thing on HBO? I want to change the channel but I can’t. Its interesting

The best of the rest: How about this exchange between the Raiders’ Jacoby Ford and Bowers.

@DaQuanBowers93 how bout it

@JacobyFord12 get lost thanks

Not sure what provoked that outburst, but I’d appreciate it if he would have a couple more.

Can anyone help Black out?

I wanna go fishing…any good fishing spots in Tampa?

Anybody got extra tickets to the rays game tomorrow?

And in you’re into Playstation, you could play with him. “Hey, I just shot Ahmad Black in the face in Call of Duty!”

hit me up on the playstation network ablack3535

I ain’t gonna lie, I been a lil video game freak ever since the PS network been back up lmao

Bradford doesn’t say much that isn’t directed at someone personally, but when he does, it comes out like this:

I Will die to be great even if it kills u straight up

Not sure what to do with that. Also, he’s not afraid of the n-word.

While Black is looking for PS3 challenges, Gaitor just wants a Bible verse.

#oomf send me a verse to read tonight

Doesn’t “oomf” mean “out of my face”? Well, at least he found a couple.

Psalm 91 and John 3:17 what it is tonight #godisgood

And there they are, your 2011 Buccaneers rookies. Even I’m ashamed that this qualified for a blog entry.

Cody Grimm Is An Aluminium Monster

May 16, 2011 at 12:29pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
I didn’t realize that when Cody Grimm broke his leg that they didn’t just put a cast on it and told him to put a plastic bag on it when he takes a shower.

“They pretty much put a plate and some screws in there and reattached the fibula,” Grimm said. “I had to stay off of it for nine weeks. Then they went in and took out one of the screws that holds my fibula and tibia close together so the cartilage can grow back together and get strong in between there.”

That all sounds like a pretty big deal. The way Cody talks about it, though, is that everything is on track and he just needs to build strength in the leg.

“If we had (voluntary workouts), I think I’d be able to practice,” Grimm said. “The thing right now is it’s not quite as strong. I’ve noticed the leg gets sore faster. That’s the main issue, which is getting the strength back now.

“My main concern was getting all the motion back in my foot and I’ve done that. Now it’s just about getting my leg as strong as the other leg.”

Cody will enter camp as the starter, but I bet Ahmad Black gives him some decent competition. Neither one is very fast and both are hard hitters. Cody’s NFL experience will be his main edge, but not his only one.

“The bone is not the issue. Once the plate is in there, it’s stronger than before.”

Are you allowed to do that? Just replace pieces of your body with metal and then pretend like you’re the same as everyone else? How about replacing your shoulders with hydraulic lifts? Sounds like the next generation of steroids to me. You watch, with the work stoppage and players turning into cyborgs, this is what the NFL will be reduced to in ten years.