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Torry Holt Is Nuts

March 26, 2010 at 11:12am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

It may look gross, but his wife has absolutely no complaints.
Only now are mock drafts becoming worth anything at all, and even most of those are still complete shit but at least you can understand the reasoning behind them. And I don’t normally post them because they’re just some other schmuck’s opinion that’s not based on anything more than any of us have access to, and I’d prefer to spew my own opinion than someone else’s. But Torry Holt‘s mock draft on NFL Network, much like the middle finger on his left hand, is such a fucking train wreck that I have no choice but to just stand and stare.

1. STL: DT Gerald McCoy (Oklahoma)
2. DET: DT Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska)
3. TB: DT Dan Williams (Tennessee)
4. WAS: OT Russell Okung (Oklahoma State)
5. KC: OT Anthony Davis (Rutgers)
6. SEA: OT Bruce Campbell (Maryland)
7. CLE: S Eric Berry (Tennessee)
8. OAK OT Trent Williams (Oklahoma)
9. BUF: OT Bryan Bulaga (Iowa)
10. JAX: LB Rolando McClain (Alabama)

The most glaring omission: No quarterbacks. Some analysts are predicting that the two sure first-rounders will be gone in the top four, but Holt thinks neither of them are worth a top ten pick. He thinks Sam Bradford‘s injury history will keep him from being drafted that high, and even still he likes Jimmy Clausen better. Holt says the Rams’ “jolt will come from Gerald McCoy”. Wasn’t Chris Long supposed to do that a couple years ago?

And then there’s Dan Williams going to the Bucs at #3. A few months ago, I figured Williams would be a third or fourth-rounder. Now he’s #3 overall? I appreciate Holt taking two Tennessee guys in the top ten, but as much as I love Williams, he’s not worth that pick. With McCoy and Suh gone, I understand his motivation for taking Williams there with the Bucs’ needs at DT, but I don’t think I’ve seen any other mock taking him this high or even mentioned in the conversation. I think he just looked at the DT rankings and put Williams there because he was next.

Speaking of Tennessee guys, when Holt was discussing Berry he says something like, “he had an excellent postseason”. And that’s the only thing Berry didn’t do well. His bowl game against Virginia Tech was one of his most average games. He didn’t make a real impact in that game and everyone agrees that it was a disappointing way for him to end a stellar college career.

Five offensive tackles in the top ten. FIVE! As far as I can remember, that’s never been done. There were four offensive tackles taken in the top ten in 1985 (Lomas Brown was one of them), but that’s the most I can think of, at least in the Super Bowl era. Maybe four go in the top ten this year… maybe. I personally think Davis and Campbell aren’t worth the top ten, but they could possibly be overdrafted. Five is just nutty.

No defensive ends. Not Derrick Morgan (Georgia Tech), not Brandon Graham (Michigan), not even Jason Pierre-Paul (South Florida). Everyone talks about how everyone needs a pass rusher, but Holt doesn’t have a single one in his mock.

Well, I just realized that I have spent over 500 words talking about someone else’s mock draft, so for those of you in the “Does he really live in his mom’s basement?” pool, now you know.

They Should Be Called The Bucskers

October 01, 2009 at 10:39pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Pittman et al get to wear this atrocity for several weeks.
Apparently when you get cut from the Buccaneers, one of your parting gifts is a contract with the Florida Tuskers of the UFL. Yes, “Tuskers”. I don’t know, either. The Tuskers have no fewer than ten former Buccaneers on their team, ranging from practice squad scrubs to former starters and even our very own Super Bowl MVP. Here are the ones I recognized on their roster. They may have more, but their names didn’t ring a bell.

Taye Biddle
Patrick Chukwurah
Anthony Davis
Chas Gessner
Keith Heinrich
Dexter Jackson (#1)
Enoka Lucas
Frank Murphy
Michael Pittman
Josh Savage

You may be asking yourself if any of these players could possible help the Bucs in their hour of need. Well, stop it. Of course not. Maaaaaybe Jackson with such a thin safety corps, but I’d probably rather take my chances that Corey Lynch is a diamond in the rough than hold out hope that Jackson can stay healthy. Jeez, I may actually watch one of these games. Oh wait, never mind.

Someone’s In The Kitchen With Donald

January 05, 2009 at 11:17am by Scott   •  No Comments »

Look, when I say over easy, I mean over fucking easy.  One more solid yolk from you and I'm gonna bury your ass.
The incident where Anthony Davis and Michael Bennett were being accused of assaulting a man at an IHOP in Tampa last October has taken a weird turn. A couple other Buccaneers have also been named as being involved in the incident.

The incident purportedly started after Gordon requested linebacker Quincy Black and friends to move to another part of the restaurant because Davis was loud and vulgar.

This is the first time I’ve heard Black’s name mentioned. The story only has him as being a member of Davis’s party and not starting any trouble.

Black blew Gordon off and things got hot from there with Davis kicking a chair into Gordon’s chest.

I’m not sure how a chair gets kicked into a chest. If Gordon is seated, how does a kicked chair get to his chest? And if he’s standing, how short is Gordon, anyway? Does Davis kick it soccer ball-style? Because if so, that’s damn impressive.

Tackle Donald Penn was also at the IHOP but claimed he was in the kitchen and was not involved.

Donald Penn was in the kitchen? Making pancakes? I realize Penn went undrafted and isn’t making as much as some of the other players on the team, but to think that he has to work the graveyard shift as a short-order cook at an IHOP to make ends meet is really sad. And by “sad”, I mean hilarious. The best part would be to hear Penn shouting out diner lingo as he prepares breakfast food at 3:00AM for his teammates with the munchies. “A stack of Vermont blowout patches and fry two, let the sun shine — ORDER UP!”

Pancake Battery

December 18, 2008 at 02:12pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

Holy shit! Is that strawberry topping with bananas and caramel on those pancakes?!?  MUST! HAVE!
Some random dude named Brian Gordon is suing Anthony Davis, Michael Bennett and IHOP because he claims the two former Bucs (plus one other unidentified guy) beat him up in the IHOP parking lot and no one in the restaurant — not Alice, not Flo, not even Mel — helped him out.

A man claims two Tampa Bay Buccaneer football players assaulted and battered him in an IHOP parking lot.

Get it? They battered him at a pancake restaurant? Pancake batter? CAMADEH! (that one was for Jesse Joyce.)

Gordon claims that as he ate in the IHOP on Oct. 13, Davis, who was drunk, harassed the staff and patrons, calling two fellow diners “sluts” and whores,” yelling at the waitress and cook to “give me my m-ther f-cking food!” and so on.

What the article doesn’t mention is that this is the best the waitresses were treated all night. Most nights they get stabbed with those huge-ass pancake forks and have meat loaf gravy thrown at them while they’re taking orders. Oh, sorry… salisbury steak gravy. Right, like there’s a difference. Getting called a slut and walking away without cigarette burns is almost better than a tip.

He claims Davis threatened him with physical harm, then placed a phone call to Bennett and another man, who arrived in a car. Gordon says Bennett “brandished a black handgun in a holster,” and that Bennett, Davis and the third man then beat him up in the parking lot. And he claims that no agent of IHOP intervened.

Wait a second, where was Dwight Smith when all this happened?


Seriously, if you were to quiz me on October 13 about which two Buccaneers would be involved in an assault and battery and brandishing firearms, Bennett and Davis would have been pretty far down the list. Not that I don’t think they did it — those are two pretty random guys to pull out of his ass and claim they attacked him. But I just have a feeling that there’s more to this story than Mr. Gordon is letting on. He was just sitting there, minding his own business and Davis started in on him? If this ever goes to court, I think we’ll hear that Gordon was somehow antagonizing or threatening Davis.

Come on… I get some points for pancake battery, right?

REAR ENTRIES: Triple Tackles

November 21, 2008 at 11:39am by Scott   •  No Comments »

No, seriously, do you see something in my teeth?  I had barbeque for lunch and it still feels like I got half a pig stuck up in there.
WILKERSON GETTING SOME RESPECT: Jimmy Wilkerson is finally getting some recognition for the excellent season he’s having. I didn’t mention Wilkerson in last week’s game post, but he was disruptive all day long. He’s having a better season than Jovan Haye and should probably be the starter at under tackle at this point.

RUSH IS WRONG: Speaking of which, Rush Limbaugh says that Warren Sapp was his favorite nose tackle. He also likes the work Derrick Brooks is doing at safety and thinks Peyton Manning is the best shortstop in the league.

DAVIS A RAM: St. Louis signed Anthony Davis yesterday, surely providing the missing piece they needed to completely turn their season around. Actually, I find it hard making fun of the guy. He seems pretty gracious and humble. Here he is talking about Arron Sears:

“They had a heck of a young guy that they brought in, and I guess he beat me out for the starting job at guard,” Davis said. “I ended up being a swing guy. I think it was best for both of us that I got released, and they can go on and do what they have to do, and I get a fresh new start.”

See? Oh, ok. For old times sake, you get the banner picture.

Gee, Do Ya Think?

October 29, 2008 at 03:08pm by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Chris Crocker is very bad at peek-a-boo.
The Times poses the completely original and unique idea of activating Michael Bennett and giving him more touches. Also, watch for their newest innovation: in-story clickable porn!

The thing that upset me so much in last week’s game was that the team had two opportunities to give Bennett some touches. They could have made an obviously hurting Warrick Dunn inactive and replaced him with Bennett. Or, if they insisted on putting Dunn out there because they just don’t trust Bennett in pass protection, they could have avoided the weirdness of having to cut Anthony Davis in order to promote Clifton Smith as the dedicated returner and just activated Bennett and given him a shot at returning kicks and punts. Either one of those moves seems less awkward with more chance of success than what they wound up doing. And on top of it, no one bothered to ask Jon Gruden about it during his after-game or Monday press conferences.

There must be something we don’t know. Bennett has a career average of 4.4 yards per carry which is good. But ever since 2002 when he gained almost 1,300 yards for the Vikings, he has barely been used wherever he’s been. His season high since 2002 is 473 yards in 2005. In any interview I’ve seen with him, he seems to have his head on straight. He doesn’t beat up strippers or smoke a bunch of bathtub meth then go driving. What is it? I’d really like to know the non-coachspeak version of why Gruden won’t use Bennett.

Both Jackson AND Bennett Out?

October 26, 2008 at 12:11pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Here are today’s inactives:
FB B.J. Askew (still hurt)
WR Maurice Stovall (still hurt)
WR Dexter Jackson (being taught a lesson)
RB Michael Bennett (oh, COME ON!)
OT James Lee (didn’t even expect him to be on the team)
QB Josh Johnson (not ready for any kind of action)
QB Brian Griese (emergency QB)

I thought James Lee would be the one to get released in favor of Clifton Smith, but it turns out they cut Anthony Davis, another offensive lineman, instead. Davis has actually seen some action this year, so I’m a little surprised. They might bring him back later in the season, though. I can’t imagine why they’d let him linger around this long only to cut him when they have someone that has never been active on the roster.

And speaking of never been active, they promoted Clifton Smith up to the active roster and then deactivated Michael Bennett? You’re telling me that Smith is a better option at kick returner and you feel better about him backing up Warrick Dunn if he gets hurt again? If I were Bennett, I’d be pissed. Maybe they justified it by saying that Joey Galloway is active and they needed room for him, but they could have figured something out. Jackson has been taking up a special teams-only spot on the active roster for seven weeks. Bennett not only can return, he’s an excellent in kick coverage, isn’t afraid to tackle, and can run the ball. Did Bennett, like, really piss someone off in the front office?

But Jackson being inactive is awesome. This may be what lets him know that the team is serious about him growing a sac.

The Final 53 Man Roster

August 30, 2008 at 10:53pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

QB (4): Garcia, Griese, McCown, Johnson
RB (3): Graham, Dunn, Bennett
FB (2): Askew, Storer
WR (6): Galloway, A. Bryant, Clayton, Stovall, Hilliard, D. Jackson
LT (2): Penn, Davis
LG (1): Sears
C (2): Faine, Buenning
RG (2): Joseph, Zuttah
RT (1): Trueblood
TE (3): Smith, Gilmore, Troupe
DE (5): Carter, Adams, White, Peterson, Wilkerson
DT (3): Haye, Hovan, Sims
WLB (3): Brooks, Hayward, Hayes
MLB (2): Ruud, McCoy
SLB (2): June, Black
CB (5): Barber, Buchanon, Talib, Mack, Wilson
SS (2): Phillips, Piscitelli
FS (2): T. Jackson, Allen
LS (1): Economos
K (1): M. Bryant
P (1): Bidwell

Suspended (1): Stevens
PUP/Reserve (1): Williams
Injured/Reserve (3): Cox, Boyd, Hankton

So there it is. Not bad, eh? There were a couple surprises, though.

  • They kept both Elbert Mack and Eugene Wilson for a total of five cornerbacks. Wilson’s experience at safety probably kept him on the roster, especially in light on Piscitelli’s injury. Last year they kept five safeties and four corners.
  • Anthony Davis still has a job, proving that Jon Gruden meant it when he said that he was going to keep the right 53 guys and not necessarily the best 53. With Luke Petitgout cut and Davin Joseph hurt, they need linemen.
  • Matt McCoy instead of Ryan Nece was the way to go. Nece was good, but he maxed out a while ago. McCoy hasn’t hit his ceiling yet.

Of course, there will be tweaking and fluffing for the next several weeks at the bottom of the roster. Jerramy Stevens will probably be welcomed back after his suspension, so my guess is that Ben Troupe is going to really have to show something special for these upcoming games if he wants to beat out Stevens for that third tight end spot. I can’t see them keeping four tight ends. And as Bruce Allen and his staff pore over the waiver wire and cut lists, there’s a chance that a player that another team cut is stronger than someone they already have. Mack, because of his inexperience and rookie free agent status, is one guy who may be pushed off the roster if there’s a guy out there that Gruden and Allen can’t resist.

Geno Hayes made it and Dre Moore didn't.  Didn't see that coming in April.

Preseason Game 4 Summary

August 29, 2008 at 09:14am by Scott   •  No Comments »

I’m going to do this by player this time because that’s what really matters in the last preseason game. Yes, the fact that there wasn’t an offensive touchdown and a few missed scoring opportunities is a little disturbing, but this game is just a big audition and that kind of stuff doesn’t count as much. I’ll address each player personally here since I know they all wake up and read this site first thing. And we’ll go from worst to best so we have something to look forward to.

  • Anthony Davis: Go home. The holding penalty and the poor pass protection were bad enough, but you got absolutely no push on running plays, either. I’d rather have a fossilized Fred Miller.
  • Matt Bryant: What is it that happens to kickers in Tampa after a few years of success? Is it the lack of competition? Is it just age? 7 of 12 may have cut it in the 70s, but not these days. Anything under 75% is cause for concern. Get your head straight, Matt.
  • Micheal Spurlock: You’re killing me. One halfway decent kickoff return does not balance out two punt returns for a total of six yards and a muff. I think you may have played your way out of a roster spot with that one.
  • Chris Simms: So this is how it ends, eh? Your pass bouncing off one of your lineman’s helmets before it had a chance to get tipped by the defense? Good luck in Baltimore, because I have a feeling you’ll be working there next week.
  • Dre Moore: This game was much better than anything you’ve put forth so far, but I still think there are better defensive tackles on the team. Your draft status will probably save you, but it shouldn’t. I will admit, though, that it was your penetration and pursuit that caused the interception.
  • Patrick Chukwurah: It’s like you haven’t been away, buddy. Nice pressure from the right side. The defensive line is a little crowded, but your special teams work may keep you around after Saturday.
  • Ben Troupe: There ya go! You’re even blocking now, huh? Very nice. You’re lucky Jerramy Stevens is being suspended for the first couple games. You can use that opportunity to make a good impression and maybe stick around after that.
  • Geno Hayes/Adam Hayward: Both you guys made some awesome plays and were constantly around the ball. Geno may be tough to squeeze onto a roster that will most likely only keep seven linebackers, but I’m pretty sure Hayward is a lock.
  • Dexter Jackson: After a punt return for a touchdown, how can you not be the best player of the game? But your end around was also a nice play, as was your non-play when you didn’t field that first punt. Awesome.

Predator looks much better in a lineman's number than in his old 54.

What Is It About Old Offensive Linemen That Gruden Likes So Much?

August 27, 2008 at 09:25am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Hasn’t Jon Gruden learned his lesson yet about offensive linemen who are on the wrong side of 31? Derrick Deese, Todd Steussie, Luke Petitgout, Matt O’Dwyer… they were all disappointments for the Bucs in one way or another. John Wade is the only one that had any level of real success for the team. Now Gruden is working out another old lineman to try and add some depth to the line.

Former Bears offensive tackle Fred Miller worked out for the the Bucs this morning in Tampa and is weighing a contract offer.

So, yeah, he’s already been offered a contract. Keep in mind the guy was cut by the Bears in February. He hasn’t participates in OTAs, minicamp, training camp or the preseason. Miller is 35 now and it gets harder to stay in shape when you get that old, especially if you don’t have a job at the time and you’re left to find your own motivation.

The only reason I can come up with why the Bucs are entertaining this is because Anthony Davis sucked so righteously during the preseason. God forbid Donald Penn blows out a knee or something and Davis has to step in for any length of time. You might as well just stand an orange traffic cone up at the left tackle position and hope the defensive end avoids it out of habit, because that’s about all the protection you’re going to get with Davis. But Miller is the best left tackle on the free agent market right now? Hell, just wait a week; someone is bound to get released that isn’t in imminent danger of getting injured during a non-contact drill like Miller is at his current age and level of conditioning. The Bears offered him a contract for the veteran minimum and it doesn’t look like they really care if he accepts it or not. There’s a reason. Yes, he’s 6-7, 314. Yes, he’s got experience. Yes, he’s better than Davis. But they can do better.

No, of course I wouldn't say any of this to his face.  Look how big that fucker is.