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Bucs Bring Back Veteran CB, WilL Definitely Start Winning Now

December 12, 2012 at 01:06am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Let the sell-outs begin!
With the worst pass defense in the league and a secondary that is the worst part of that worst pass defense, the Bucs had to make a bold move to stop the bleeding and turn this team around.

the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have restored their depth at the position to its previous level by re-signing sixth-year veteran Brandon McDonald.

There. Fixed forever.

[Actually, I know the team can’t make a substantive move to improve the team at this stage and are just replacing Myron Lewis who was put on injured reserve and wasn’t doing jack shit anyway, so I’m really just being unnecessarily snarky and sarcastic. But seriously, Danny Gorrer, I could have caught that fucking interception.]

Because 11 DBs Wasn’t Quite Enough

September 05, 2012 at 11:33am by Scott   •  6 Comments »

I mean, who really needs the guy who already replaced Davin Joseph once?
The Bucs just announced that they waived Derek Hardman, the guard who replaced Davin Joseph in 2010, so they could sign cornerback Brandon McDonald. Because why the hell not? If five DBs is the nickel and six DBs is the dime, what do you call it when you put eleven DBs on the field at the same time? The $10-bill defense? Someone come up with a name for it because that’s what they’re shooting for.

Labor Day Shake-Ups

September 04, 2012 at 10:36am by Scott   •  2 Comments »


I guess the Bucs didn’t get the message that this was Labor Day weekend and that it was perfectly acceptable — nay, expected — that we lay in bed all day scratching ourselves and then go to some public park where they’re having a barbecue and blend in with the crowd and mooch food. But no, they decided to use the weekend to get better, which is fine in the long run but makes me look like a slacker.

There was some shuffling around (including Wallace Gilberry getting cut and re-signed along with other guys you’ve never heard of getting signed and then cut again), but basically it nets out to them bringing in C/G Cody Wallace, DT Corvey Irvin and RB D.J. Ware while losing T Bradley Sowell and CB Brandon McDonald (remember, they had 52 to start). Irvin is a third year player out of Georgia who spent time at Carolina and Jacksonville and Wallace is a fourth year player out of Texas A&M. Neither of them have as much experience as their years would indicate since they’ve barely ever been on an active roster. But they’re both positions of need so you just have to bring them on and hope you never have to find out what they can actually do.

Ware is an interesting case because it’s not like the Bucs needed another running back. But Ware was part of a winning program in New York and Mike Sullivan is familiar with his work. I know Ware from his time at Georgia and remember him as a guy who is capable of breaking big runs from time to time, but is more of a grinder. Maybe a third and short back. He may have been brought in to keep LeGarrette Blount from getting complacent. Seems like that roster spot could have been used more wisely, but he must bring something to the team that doesn’t appear in his stats.

The Bucs also built a practice squad out of Drake Dunsmore, Jacob Cutrera and Sowell along with two WRs, two more LBs and a QB.

That’s how it stands right now. I like the starters and I like the depth on the back seven of the defense. But as we all know, games are won and lost in the trenches and the depth there is still suspect. I did finally watch that fourth preseason game and I saw how the backups performed. They made Jonathan Crompton look good and gave Brett Ratliff PTSD. But the Bucs have undoubtedly scoured the waiver wire and this is who they think are the best fits to serve their needs, so there you go.

(D.J. Ware is a better fit than Tiquan Underwood on a team with only five wide receivers? How does that work?)