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Shoop Shoop

February 09, 2012 at 02:16pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Shoop covers up his perpetually hard nipples.
The latest rumor for the Bucs offensive coordinator is John Shoop, currently the OC for UNC. also reported Wednesday that the Bucs would interview University of North Carolina offensive coordinator John Shoop, a former Tampa Bay assistant coach.

Shoop came to UNC from the Oakland Raiders, where he as quarterbacks coach in 2005, tight ends coach in 2006 and acted as offensive coordinator for the final five games of the 2006 season.

If you think you recognize his name, you probably do. Shoop was the quarterbacks coach for the Bucs in 2004. That was the year that Jon Gruden started out with Brad Johnson, who looked awful for the first part of the season. Gruden switched to Chris Simms who injured his collarbone and paved the way for Brian Griese to take over and keep the starting spot for the rest of the year. Griese posted a 97.5 passer rating that season and Shoop can probably take a little credit for that. After all, it is Brian Griese.

This year, UNC stood about in the middle of Division 1 football for total offense and points, which isn’t all that impressive. Fun fact: UNC did, however, beat Rutgers 24-22 in game 2 of this season. Take it for what it’s worth (very little).

Shoop has had some success and he wouldn’t bother me any more than Greg Olson bothered me. I honestly think it’s a better move than grabbing a tight ends coach.

Dominik Officially Opens Competition At LT

July 28, 2010 at 02:37pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

Tomoko Kojima
Not that there was much choice, but Mark Dominik announced today that several guys are going to get a crack at replacing Donald Penn.

“Penn still is considered a teammate and a member of our football team and I hope there is a resolution sooner rather than later. But we’re looking forward to seeing what [Demar] Dotson, Xavier Fulton and James Lee can do. It’s an open competition.”

Think Penn is scared? They’ve got a basketball player, a virtual rookie who was injured all of last year, and Lee, who keeps hanging around somehow. That’s not exactly solid depth, but then again, Penn was also an undrafted free agent who Dominik discovered, so Penn knows as well as anyone that unknown players can crack the starting lineup if given the chance. It’s going to be a good training camp competition, and we should pay attention interviews with the defensive ends who go against them in practice, especially Greg White. They’ll be the ones that tell you which one of them has the best chance.

General manager Mark Dominik said he is unaware whether Penn intends to report to training camp on time.

Then let me be the first to tell you. It ain’t happening.

He said he hopes the contract impasse is resolved soon, but there have been no talks on an extension for Penn, who has started 44 straight games at left tackle.

Yup, 44 games for Penn compared to one game by the other three guys combined — Lee was in the game at Atlanta in 2008. Remember that game? That’s the one where Jon Gruden played Brian Griese instead of Luke McCown, which, now that I think about it, may be a large part of why Gruden got fired at the end of that season. Anyway, John Abraham (who plays right DE) sacked Griese three times that day. So, yeah…

Meanwhile, I remind you that Michael Clayton received $10.5-million guaranteed on a $26-million contract. I’m a fan of art and all, but that’s a lot to pay for a statue.


July 14, 2009 at 10:42am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

If I close my eyes and wish real hard, maybe they'll all go away.
GRIESE’S EPITAPH: It took me about four minutes to completely forget Brian Griese‘s name after he was cut yesterday, so when Gary Shelton gave him a blog-form sendoff in the Times, I had to look him up to see what the hell he was talking about.

Still, the guy had some moments, didn’t he?

Not really, no.

Remember the 5-1 in 2005?

Yes. I also remember a Rookie of the Year running back who actually had the Hall of Fame take his shoes because he had rushed for so many yards in his first few games. That probably helped, too.

Remember the 67 passes against the Bears last season?

Not as much as I remember the three interceptions and the 66.0 passer rating for that game.

That’s it. That’s the best Shelton can do for fond memories of Griese. Jon Gruden loved him and that was good enough for me at the time, but after that Atlanta game last year I had no more use for the guy. Shelton said it best here:

He always has been just good enough to make you want someone else.

Coincidentally, that’s what my old girlfriends would always say about me.

I DON’T THINK SO: Someone named Justin George at the Times posted this article about a guy who beat the shit out of someone who he thought had killed his son. The man’s name is Vidal Mills and it’s an interesting and heartbreaking story, but the piece credits him with being a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, and I have no record of the guy. And I think I’d remember a player named Vidal. Note to non-sports writers: Practice squad players and scrubs aren’t former Bucs. You have to at least be on the roster for a real game to get that kind of credit.

OBLIGATORY THIRD STORY: Coffee cups advertising Raymond James Stadium have been floating around New York. It’s a stupid and useless story, but it’s tangentially Bucs-related, so there you go. Tomorrow I start reporting on anything that rhymes with “Buc”, which should be a lot more fun.

UPDATE: Roy Miller On Board

July 13, 2009 at 01:05pm by Scott   •  7 Comments »

Either grow a beard or don't. Stop with these thin lines of facial hair.
Roy Miller signed his rookie contract today, leaving only Josh Freeman unsigned. It is a four-year deal with more details to follow. And in the least surprising news of the day:

In order to make room for Miller on their offseason roster, the Bucs released quarterback Brian Griese.

But now who will throw game-ending pick sixes for the Bucs?

Actually, there’s a follow-up article on Griese’s release and there’s a small bit on there that kind of sucks.

It is believed Griese, who stayed in Denver to be with his pregnant wife for most of the offseason, was fined for missing Tampa Bay’s mandatory mini-camp.

That’s pretty shitty if it’s true. The Bucs knew when they signed Byron Leftwich and drafted Freeman that they weren’t bringing Griese back. It would have been dumb for him to come to the minicamp and take reps away from guys who actually need them while his wife is at home pregnant. I hope this is just an assumption by Pewter Report since the Bucs didn’t explicitly say Griese was excused. The only way we’ll know for sure is if Griese says something in an interview. So, for those of you who do the interviewing, please find this out so I can allocate my hate appropriately.

UPDATED: According to Greg Auman of the Times, Miller’s signing bonus was $770,000.

UPDATED: Minicamp Attendance

June 16, 2009 at 12:32pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Barrett Ruud made it, Arron Sears and Brian Griese did not. But Keenan McCardell did. No shit. Raheem is really serious about bringing in old, broken receivers, isn’t he?

(McCardell is there as a special guest of Raheem, but I’m sure the idea crossed his mind.)

UPDATE: Greg White didn’t practice because of his motorcycle accident. He’s getting treatment and said he’ll be ready for camp.

Gaines Adams left practice early after tweaking something, but it’s not serious and he’ll continue through the minicamp (Stephen Holder from the Times has been on this story).

Jeff Faine twittered (is that a lower-case verb now?) that he’s sick but he’s sticking it out and working. Pretty cool considering he is a lock starter.

OTA Summary – Wednesday May 13

May 14, 2009 at 09:41am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Clayton rushed right over from his fifth-grade soccer practice in 1975 to be at the OTA.
The press was let inside the OTA yesterday, so I was able to get a little scoop about what happened there.

There were actually several players not in attendance besides just Kellen Winslow. Brian Griese, Barrett Ruud, Arron Sears, Maurice Stovall and Josh Bidwell were all missing. Again, these are voluntary, but with new schemes on both sides of the ball, you’d think Ruud, Stovall and especially Sears would be interested in getting as much exposure as possible. Bidwell doesn’t matter so much and Griese is most likely on his way off the roster anyway.

Byron Storer was also missing, but he has apparently been injured.

Luke McCown still looks like the sharpest quarterback. Byron Leftwich was all right, but his timing with the receivers is off. Lots of balls thrown behind guys and several were batted away and not put in good position. Josh Johnson is still not that accurate, although he seemed to be throwing with more speed.

Derrick Ward is an excellent receiver and sets up his screens nicely.

Clifton Smith took plenty of reps with the offense. I hope they find a way to use him in more than just special teams. But he did also field punts from a JUGGS machine.

Dexter Jackson also fielded some punts as well as run with the offense. He may not have a spot on this team if he doesn’t pick it up. I am told the defensive backs took turns beating him to the ball. Torrie Cox, even with two reconstructed knees, is faster than Dexter Jackson. If he doesn’t have speed and he doesn’t have hands and he doesn’t have size, what good is he?

Antonio Bryant played with a vengeance. His transitions are so smooth and he catches absolutely everything.

Kelly Campbell is faster than advertised. He got behind everyone in a hurry to catch a well-placed ball from Leftwich deep.

I asked about Michael Clayton but didn’t get any news about him except regarding his socks. See above.

Rod Wilson played in place of Ruud. I actually didn’t realize the Bucs were so thin at middle linebacker, but I guess Wilson is the best backup. Almost everyone else is an outside linebacker. Isn’t Niko Koutouvides supposed to work the middle?

Jermaine Phillips is the starting weakside linebacker. Joe Barry commented that the “experiment” with Phillips is over and he is now officially a linebacker. He still wore #23, though.

Quincy Black is ready to hit stuff. I’m told he was disappointed that these are no contact. He may be feeling heat from Angelo Crowell, although Crowell was limited in practice.

Tanard Jackson looks faster than last year. He is taking these OTAs very seriously. Unsurprisingly, Sabby Piscitelli played first string at the other safety position.

Right now, Ryan Sims is the first string under tackle. Is he even called an under tackle anymore in this new scheme? He’s playing next to Chris Hovan, whatever you want to call him.

For a big guy, Jimmy Wilkerson can jump.

That’s the last OTA for the week. They’ll pick it up again next week.

Faine Done Making Line Calls

April 22, 2009 at 09:59am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Did you see the size of the fish Alex Smith caught? has been running a series of player interviews for the last few weeks. First they had Luke McCown, then Gaines Adams, now they’re on Jeff Faine. Most of the questions are softballs and Faine’s interview was the first one I found anything worth reporting.

Unlike Jon Gruden‘s system that required the center to make all the line calls and protection shifts, Jagz wants to put that responsibility on the quarterback. Here is what Faine had to say about it.

They would like to take a little more off my plate. I don’t know how effective that’s going to be in the first year, but eventually they’d like to put it all on the quarterback. And I don’t have a problem with that, but at the same time I like to have some control and have some say in what happens and what transpires on game day. But it’s definitely something that’s going to [need] a transition period. It’s not something that’s going to be picked up across the board right away. But it helps that I was able to have the challenge that I had last year with picking up as much as I had to do and changing the things I had to do last year because I’m able to take that experience to this year and really apply it.

Eek. It’s good that the playbook is significantly thinner in the new offense because the quarterback is going to have even more on his plate when he steps up to the line. Faine was excellent in that capacity last year and it’s a shame that his talent in this area is going to go to waste.

The worst part? The quarterback in the best position to take advantage of this is Brian Griese. He’s the smartest and most experienced quarterback on the roster and will have the least trouble making protection adjustments at the line. Of course, that doesn’t make him a lock to be the starter. But anything that puts him at an advantage I believe is ultimately bad for the long-term success of the team. Luke, PLEASE study this aspect of your new responsibilities. The last thing we need is for more starting reps to be taken away from Luke in favor of a guy who is too old to be the future of the franchise.

REAR ENTRIES: Big, Strong Players That Annoy Me

April 15, 2009 at 03:13pm by Scott   •  12 Comments »

Oh yeah, the Bucs got the best part of this deal.
WHO WON THE K2 TRADE?:Pat Yasinskas and James Walker of ESPN talk about the trade for Kellen Winslow and who they think got the better deal. Spoiler alert: They both say the Bucs. Wait, I guess that’s not how spoiler alerts work. Oh well.

Pat Yasinskas: James, while Cleveland is going away from having a pass-catching tight end as a big part of the offense, the Bucs are going in the exact opposite direction. Tight end wasn’t a big part of the offense in former coach Jon Gruden‘s system, but it will be with Morris and Jagodzinski.

For a guy who is supposed to be the ESPN expert on the NFC South, Yasinskas must not watch many Bucs games. Gruden was always trying to find ways to isolate tight ends.

The new contract should make Winslow happy and he’s landing in an offense that’s going to be built largely around his skills.

“Should make Winslow happy.” Because we all know how easy going Winslow is about his contracts. Wait until the next tight end contract that is more than his — probably for Antonio Gates — and then we’ll see how happy he is. Anyway, it’s a pretty lengthy read if you’re interested.

JOSH FREEMAN IN TAMPA: I really think they kept this meeting with him because there’s actually no good reason to not meet with him. Keep the smokescreen going and continue due diligence. Hey, if he takes a huge draft tumble and makes it into the third round, then we can talk.

If the Bucs pass on Freeman in the first round as expected, some draft experts say he could fall into the second round.

Oh, now that’s what’s expected. Quit following the crowd, Stroud. You were all about Freeman last month.

Mark Dominik’s description of the quarterback roster makes it seem like the position is doomed.

“Obviously, Josh [Johnson] has never played in a game. Luke is very limited in his starts over the last five years now. Byron had a little bit of play-time last year and prior to that, in Atlanta, that was just bad for everybody.”

No mention if Brian Griese. *strokes beard* Veeeery interesting.

Dominik learned obfuscation at the feet of the master, so I don’t take anything he says right now at face value. But the dropoff in quarterback talent from Freeman to, say, Rhett Bomar or Pat White or Nate Davis is significant, so after Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez get snapped up in the first ten picks, there are going to be a couple nervous teams that won’t want to wait for Freeman to drop to them and they’ll make a play to get him before the Jets at #17. Maybe even before the Broncos at #12. God I hope the Bucs aren’t one of those desperate teams.

Leftwich Contract Similar To McCown’s

April 13, 2009 at 10:38am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Byron is very excited about his $2-million salary.  Or else it's just really cold in there.
According to ESPN, Byron Leftwich‘s new contract will pay him $2-million this year. If the Bucs want to keep him for 2010, they will have to pay him a $3.5-million roster bonus on the first day of free agency and then give him another $2-million, for a total of $7.5-million over two years. Not coincidentally, that’s the total value of Luke McCown‘s two-year deal. The difference is that McCown’s contract gives him $5-million this year and $2.5-million next year.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says that this difference gives McCown the edge for the starting spot.

If the respective contracts mean anything, the team regards McCown as the favorite to win the starting job.

I don’t know if I buy that logic. McCown was on his way out the door and the current regime had to pay him a little more up front to skip free agency altogether. Leftwich may have had some interest, but he’s been available since the end of February and could be had for less. So he was. The difference between their two salaries isn’t enough to sway someone’s opinion about who to start. Raheem Morris is bright enough to know that he needs to start whoever plays the best in camp.

One unreported aspect of this deal, though, is where it places Brian Griese on the salary scale. Last week, Griese’s contract was considered high for a backup at $2.1-million in salary and bonuses for 2009. If Leftwich had signed a minimum deal like I thought he would have, the decision might have been easier. But with Leftwich coming in and earning $2-million for 2009, he and Griese are neck and neck. My point is that there should be no salary motivation to make any quarterback decision.

Bucs Get Leftwich With Double Meat

April 13, 2009 at 09:03am by Scott   •  No Comments »

Whattchu talkin bout, Steve Wyche?
Get it? Because he’s a 250 pound quarterback? Let’s see you do better.

I said last week that I didn’t know why the Bucs wouldn’t just sign one of those straggling quarterbacks now so they could get on with their lives. And then they did, inking Byron Leftwich to a two-year contract worth what I imagine is right around the veteran minimum — maybe up to $1-million per year. That’s just a guess.

It’s great that they got someone in as their fourth quarterback for a number of reasons. Leftwich is of a high enough quality that he can compete with Luke McCown for the starting position, but not good enough to win it, putting him in direct competition with Brian Griese for the backup spot. I’m pretty sure Leftwich can beat out Griese, and the Bucs aren’t going to keep Griese and his $1.8-million salary as the #3. So a stable of McCown, Leftwich and Josh Johnson isn’t too bad, although I’m not in love with Johnson and wouldn’t mind upgrading him at some point. Maybe a lower round quarterback with more upside would work in this year’s draft. But maybe we can all stop talking about Josh Freeman now?

Sunday’s news is the strongest indication yet that quarterback is not a consideration for the Bucs’ first-round pick in the draft April 25.

There ya go. You all should read my blog more often.

Raheem Morris said the Bucs were going to take four quarterbacks to camp. Now they have four quarterbacks. So can someone tell me what the hell Steve Wyche is talking about?

One of the four quarterbacks is expected to be released before the start of training camp.

Huh? No, see, the point was the bring four to camp and then take three into the season. Why would they release one before camp, but yet after the draft? It makes no sense. Sometimes those big-time guys overthink shit.