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Bucs Coaching Staff Is Complete

February 10, 2013 at 11:54pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Lavonte David was awesome as a rookie, so assigning his coach to something else makes perfect sense.
The Bucs have finally finished off their coaching hires, assuming no one else gets fired here in the next few weeks. Anyone on their staff who doesn’t have a Rutgers pedigree should probably keep that resum√© updated just in case.

Among the previously unknown changes is the hiring of new linebackers coach Robb Smith, the defensive coordinator and secondary coach at Rutgers last season. Smith replaces Bob Fraser, who now carries the title of assistant defensive coordinator.

The linebackers were one of the better groups last season, so of course let’s change their coaching. At least the guy who coached them is still there, but what is an assistant defensive coordinator? I’ve never heard of that before. Is the Greg Schiano defense so complicated that the defensive coordinator can’t handle it on his own? And is Butch Davis still around as a defensive consultant? And is any of this going to help them not give up several miles of passing yards this year?

If you’re like me (and you really should be — it’s fucking awesome), you were pissed off when you read the above because you thought Bryan Cox was the linebackers coach, but he wasn’t.

The Bucs also changed the title of defensive assistant Bryan Cox, giving him the role of pass-rush specialist. Cox served as front-seven coach in 2012.

I think Schiano is just making up job titles at this point. I would like to apply for the Assistant in charge of Dry Erase Markers position. Anytime he wants to draw up a play on a whiteboard, BAM! There I am with any color marker he wants. Thick, thin, the kind that smell like fruit, whatever. I’ll have them in belts across my chest like Pancho Villa. Think about it, Greg. For a man who is obsessed with details, can you afford NOT to do it?

REAR ENTRIES: Hiring Frenzy

February 20, 2012 at 10:38am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Rear Entry 115

BUCS HIRE SHERIDAN: Hey, remember that guy we were talking about in the previous post that sucked and set records for points allowed while he was with the Giants. Well, rest easy because the Bucs hired him.

Tampa Bay hired former Giants assistant Bill Sheridan as defensive coordinator on Friday, two days after introducing former Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan as offensive coordinator.

The reason Rick Stroud brought up Sullivan again is so the line before that one made sense:

The Bucs are in a New York state of mind when it comes to selecting coordinators.


“Over the last three decades, he has had the opportunity to work under some great head coaches like Bo Schembechler, Nick Saban, Lloyd Carr and Tom Coughlin. His experience and know¬≠ledge will be a great benefit to our defensive staff.”

When you’re just starting out in coaching, you can get away with pumping up the guys you worked for. If you’re in your 20s or early 30s, fine, you worked for Tom Coughlin. Congratulations. Sheridan is 53 and been coaching since 1987. Why does he not have his own accomplishments for Greg Schiano to brag about? “His linebackers have been in the top ten in the league for the last four years.” I just made that up, of course, but something like that would be nice to hear.

Instead what I’m hearing is Giants fans feeling sorry for us Bucs fans. “Enjoy watching Bowers and Clayborn covering wide receivers,” was a good one. Most of them are guessing how far into the season we’ll call for him to get fired. The over/under seems to be about week 7.

BUCS BRING IN COX: In news that I find much more uplifting than the above, the Bucs hired former linebacker Bryan Cox as a defensive assistant. As I said in my Twitter about this over the weekend, shit just got real for the linebackers in Tampa.

Cox was an excellent linebacker, especially early on in his career. But that’s not what I’m really excited about. Cox loves football. Loves it. He would marry football if it was allowed (note: may actually be allowed in Boston). More than anything, he wanted to be great at it and he demanded greatness from his teammates. Any slacking that may have been going on from the linebackers is officially done. If Cox thinks Quincy Black is running a play at 90%, Quincy better go back to the locker room and get his backup ass because Cox will have chewed his first one off. Cox is intense. Back in his playing days that intensity bordered on crazy, but age has mellowed him out just a little to where he can now focus his intensity without anyone having to call the cops.

I’m hoping he comes in as linebackers coach, but any position where the players need some motivation will be fine. I’m pumped about this hire.

BUCS ALSO HIRE BYNER: The running backs coach position has been filled by Earnest Byner. Please take all fumbling jokes and shove them up your ass.

Byner has coached Clinton Portis when he was at his best and Chris Johnson when he ran for 2,006 yards in 2009. He also coached Maurice Jones-Drew for the last two years, but I’m pretty sure MJD was already good before Byner got there. Still, MJD had his career high in rushing yards this season with 1,606. So it’s a pretty impressive list of running backs that have been under his care for the last several years. It’s another strong hire by the Bucs.

AND AN OL COACH: To round out the weekend, the Bucs hired former Wisconsin offensive line coach Bob Bostad to be the same position in Tampa. Bostad was recently hired as the OC for the Pitt Panthers, but apparently being a position coach in Tampa is better than being a coordinator in Pittsburgh. We all knew that, though.

Wisconsin is famous for producing good offensive linemen and the last few years under Bostad was no exception. Both Gabe Carimi and Joe Thomas were drafted under Bostad’s watch. Also, Bostad was the tight ends coach for the Badgers when Owen Daniels was there. Sounds like another solid hire. Pretty strong weekend for the Bucs overall. Except for that DC thing.