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REAR ENTRIES: Only A Few Days Of Non-News Left

July 17, 2012 at 09:53am by Scott   •  No Comments »

Rear Entry 134

BUTCH DAVIS EXPOSED!: Actually, we knew all this stuff months ago about Davis’s issues at UNC and why he’s in Tampa now as a special assistant and not actually coaching. I was just trying to get your attention. In retrospect, it’s kind of a big screw you to anyone who thought I had uncovered some fresh new dirt or a Davis nip slip. Anyway, the article is a good summary of his entire career and a good way to catch up on his UNC issues if you had fallen behind.

ERIC LEGRAND GUEST WRITING: Peter King is on vacation (ooh, I wonder if he’ll have coffee!) and is having guest writers fill in for him in his MMQB series. Yesterday, Eric LeGrand was tapped as King’s fill-in. LeGrand discusses the Bucs, Greg Schiano, his appearance at the ESPYs, his medical progress to date, and several other topics. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that LeGrand’s version of MMQB is 84-billion times more interesting than King’s. I might even be underselling it a little. And I’m guessing these are the same thoughts people had about this site last week.

ERIC WRIGHT GETTING TIGHT: Now that Eric Wright has been cleared of those DUI charges, he is focused on training for the season. Doug Farrar has a surprisingly long article about Wright and his preparation for camp.

“For me, I’m trying to be a little slimmer, and a lot more lean,” Wright said. “Which is different for me, going into my sixth year. As opposed to the other years, when I was trying to pack on more weight, because it was hard for me to hold the weight. Now that I’m older, and Travelle’s been through the offseasons with me, he’s watched me grow as an athlete. Now that I can hold the weight, we keep it tight and slim, and that’s a focus for me this offseason.”

Not a word mentioned about his illness or whatever kept him out of a lot of the offseason program, but no one will care if he shows up to camp and impresses right away. But he should probably still wear a name tag for the first day or two.

REAR ENTRIES: New Coaches And Old Players

February 13, 2012 at 10:29am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Rear Entry 114

SULLIVAN EXAMINED: I guess all the stories about Mike Sullivan came from one interview because everyone is reposting this quote from David Carr on how he drills quarterbacks.

“I won’t say his drills are unconventional, but not being a quarterbacks coach before, he has some different drills where it’s uncomfortable movements,” Giants quarterback David Carr told the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger.

“You’re not just dropping back, moving to the left and right, stepping up and throwing the ball, which never happens in the game. You move up, you sprint out, run away from someone and then try to throw off-balance.”

That’s not a standard drill? Don’t all quarterback coaches make their guys throw on the run? If not, then every single QB coach except for Sullivan is a moron. You know what else Sullivan does? He makes his quarterbacks use full-size balls and not the tiny toy ones they sometimes throw into stands at games. What an innovator!

Anyway, there are a couple biographical-type articles out there on Sullivan you can read. This one in the Tribune talks about his background as an Army ranger and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So look for Josh Freeman to inspire his team by choking out the receiver that keeps dropping balls in the middle of the field.

GETTING BUTCH ON THE FIELD: Most people change the batteries in their smoke detectors on their birthdays so they remember to do it once a year. I don’t think they need to be changed that often, so I time mine around articles where I agree with Gary Shelton. And I guess it’s time for me to switch them out because just about everything he says here about Butch Davis being an actual coordinator is right on.

On this Bucs staff, Davis could be an anchor. For instance, Schiano has gotten decent reviews, but he has never been an NFL head coach. It’s hard not to like the job new offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan did with Eli Manning while with the Giants, but he has never been an offensive coordinator. A lot of the new assistants will work in the NFL for the first time. That means an experienced defensive coordinator would be terrific, especially when you look at the quarterbacks in the NFC South.

Having Davis in the building working with the coaches is fine, but it’s no substitute for him working directly with players, which he isn’t allowed to do as an advisor. And if Davis is just going to be telling the coaches what to do, why not cut out the middle man?

The rub, of course, is that Davis is in the middle of a $2.7 million buyout from the University of North Carolina that prohibits him from coaching. That’s pretty good money not to coach.

Here’s an idea for the Bucs: Why not pick up the phone? Why not negotiate a settlement with North Carolina? That way the school spends less money, Davis gets his severance, and the Bucs get Davis in the job he should have. Assuming Davis wants to coach, wouldn’t that be better for everyone involved? Money wasn’t going to get in the way of hiring the right guy. Remember?

It’s a good idea. Or just buy out the damn contract and be done with it. I know I’m being free and loose with someone else’s money here, but shit, $2.7 million is what they’d spend on a mediocre free agent. For someone to run the defense, it seems like a pretty good deal.

In other news, the Bucs haven’t hired an actual defensive coordinator yet.

SURE, WHY NOT: This piece is such a work of fantasy that the author should read it at the next DragonCon. But since it was carried on an ESPN site, I figured I’d share it. ESPN author Charlie Bernstein thinks it would be a swell idea for the Bucs to make a play for Drew Brees in free agency.

Although it may be a little early to give up on Freeman, it’s unlikely that he will be better than one of the three quarterbacks in the division much less all three.

That’s a pretty bold statement to just throw out there. This will be Freeman’s third full season as a starter. This is when he’s supposed to make his big leaps forward. And this guy wants to turn him loose now?! After the entire franchise has been built up around him?

Assuming that New Orleans doesn’t place the exclusive franchise tender on Brees, there is simply no harm in Tampa Bay making a major play to get the record-setting quarterback.

I like the point the author makes about severely weakening an opponent. I’d love for Brees to be out of New Orleans. But Brees has only a handful of years left in the league. If the goal is to build a winner for the long-term, you have to get a young quarterback to for with. And Freeman is the guy the Bucs picked. It’s sink or swim with him now. As good as Brees is, the team isn’t in the market for short-term answers anymore.

In a potential “worst-case scenario,” if New Orleans couldn’t match the deal then the Bucs would give up a pair of first-round picks for an elite signal caller who just broke the NFL single-season record for passing yardage.

Two first-round picks for a 33-year old quarterback, one of them probably this year’s #5 overall. As much as I like Brees, no fucking way.

If New Orleans is short-sighted enough to not be able to work out a deal with Drew Brees and place a simple franchise tender on them, the Bucs have possession of the dagger that can rip apart the vital organs of the Saints franchise. They need to use it or get used to last-place finishes for the foreseeable future.

New Orleans isn’t that dumb. There’s no way they’re going to allow Brees to walk, so this is all moot. But just having the conversation is silly. Have we really given up on Freeman after one bad season? Everything he was in 2010 that we all liked about him, he still is. One year didn’t make all those grab qualities go away. And now with a new OC and a new QB coach, he has the opportunity to be everything he was promised. If this was the Bucs of 2008 where all they had was Jeff Garcia, of course you make a run at Brees. But the addition of Brees would mean the end of Freeman in Tampa because you couldn’t have them both. And I’m sticking with Freeman.

DENIED, Part 4

February 11, 2012 at 12:21pm by Scott   •  10 Comments »

Champ Bailey and Ed Donatell discuss professional immobility.
While the Bucs’ offensive coordinator slot has been filled, defensive coordinator is still open and isn’t getting any less open today. The Bucs have been denied permission to interview yet another candidate.

The San Francisco 49ers denied secondary coach Ed Donatell permission to interview for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ vacant defensive coordinator position, according to a league source.

At some point you have to wonder if other teams simply don’t like the Glazers. Is it normal to be denied permission to interview so many times? Is it because the Bucs denied coaches permission to interview elsewhere so often in the past? Or maybe it’s because it’s getting late and other teams don’t want to be in the position the Bucs are right now, scrambling to complete a staff.

Defensive coordinator is going to be a tricky position to fill for the Bucs with Butch Davis already on board and no one really knowing what his authority and influence will be. A new coordinator isn’t going to want to leave his current job just so he can take orders from Davis and not be able to build the defense up in his own image. Davis really should consider not working so hard to fuck UNC out of their money and just take the actual coordinator position. It’s making him look like a weasel and the Bucs looking like accessories to being a weasel for going along with it.

Bucs May Be Butching Up

February 10, 2012 at 11:07am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Butch 1

The good news is that the Bucs seem to be on the cusp of hiring Butch Davis to the team. The bad news is that they’re giving him a fucked up title.

Davis, who has been rumored to be on the Bucs radar since Greg Schiano was hired as the ninth head coach in team history a week ago, would be joining the team as a special assistant to the head coach, according to one of the sources.

I give the title of “special assistant” to secretaries that I want to bang, so I’m hoping that’s not all Schiano is bringing Davis in for. That would be disappointing.

So it sounds like the Bucs will still need to hire a defensive coordinator even after they sign Davis? That’s almost comical. It’s like this team has coordinator repellant all over it. Even when they have someone perfectly qualified to be the defensive coordinator, they aren’t calling him that. I’m sure it’s a technicality of Davis’s UNC contract that won’t pay him if he gets a “coaching” job. But if UNC suspects that Davis is an assistant in name only and is really doing the work of a coordinator, they’ll likely try to prove a breach and stop sending him checks, so Davis may have to do his work on the down-low for a while. Whatever offensive coordinator Schiano brings in will probably have to have the title of junior groundskeeper for a couple years.

Butch Davis Being Considered for Something Or Other

January 30, 2012 at 11:26am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Davis 1

Peter King is saying in this week’s MMQB that Greg Schiano may be eyeing Butch Davis for his defensive coordinator. I know, can you believe it? The Patriots are in the Super Bowl and King managed to write a paragraph that doesn’t mention Tom Brady. I blame coffee poisoning.

Not sure whether Davis would be defensive coordinator or an assistant head coach, but Schiano’s interested in adding him to the staff at Tampa Bay. Schiano was Davis’ defensive coordinator at the University of Miami in 1999 and 2000, and they have remained close. Davis hasn’t coached in the NFL since he was dismissed by the Browns after the 2004 season. He’d be a good sounding board for Schiano.

New Jersey is one of the 26 places King considers home, and I have no doubt he has some connections with Schiano or the Rutgers program or someone who may know this, so I’m pretty sure Schiano is at least considering it. And of course he’d be the defensive coordinator. Teams don’t have assistant head coaches without other titles and what else would Davis be?

Davis’s key claim to fame is the Cowboys’ defense during their rebuild and first two Super Bowls of the 90s. In 1994, Davis’s last year in Dallas, the Cowboys had the #1 overall defense. And it’s not like that team was overflowing with Hall of Famers, either. They had Charles Haley and Darren Woodson and a couple others that were very good, but you have to think that Davis got the most out of them. Davis’s time with the Browns was ultimately disappointing, but he did get that team to the playoffs one year, which is no small feat. I mean, it’s Cleveland.

Schiano prides himself on having an attacking mentality on defense and he’d want Davis to do the same. I think he would come in with a clear plan of how he wanted to construct the defense, how he wanted each position played, and what everyone’s role is. And I think that was missing from Raheem Morris‘s defense. Morris wanted to have this hybrid thing and no one really got good at their position. If Davis is the guy, I think all the guesswork is over and guys can concentrate on executing.