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The Start Of Something Good

October 15, 2012 at 03:29pm by Scott   •  12 Comments »


The first person to say, “Yeah, but it was just the Chiefs,” can go slam their balls in a car door. This was a game that was winnable and they won it. And they won it big.

Josh Freeman started off pretty cold, going 5 for 13 for 122 yards, with half of that coming from one pass. Freeman picked up his game in the second half and went 15 for 26 for 328 yards, 3 TDs and 1 pick for the game. Great numbers, and it seems as though Freeman is much better at the long ball than the short passes. But Freeman was helped out a lot by his receivers going up and making plays on the ball and, quite frankly, some luck. The Chiefs didn’t play a lot of zone, so athleticism won out. It’s not going to take long for the league to see that they need to play Freeman with disguised zones. Then it’s all on him.

Speaking of his receivers, he only threw to three of them, but all three made huge plays both in impact and yardage. Mike Williams may have some of the best hands in the league. He is fearless when jumping for the ball and has remarkable concentration. And now that Vincent Jackson is taking some of the heat off of him, he is looking like his rookie self. Jackson runs beautiful routes and is that big, strong receiver you want to be able to rely on. He didn’t catch everything thrown his way, but as far as I can tell that was mostly on Freeman. Tiquan Underwood only caught two passes, but they were both chain-movers.

No tight end caught a pass. I’m not even sure the Bucs still employ any tight ends. I think Luke Stocker was somewhere close to Jackson when he caught a touchdown, but that could have been the mascot.

The biggest improvement yesterday had to be the offensive line. Jamon Meredith was the right choice to replace Ted Larsen at right guard. He looked better than anyone since Davin Joseph at that spot. Freeman got sacked once and fumbled the ball, but that wasn’t Meredith’s fault, it was Demar Dotson‘s. But overall, running lanes were bigger and pass protection was better this week.

Oh, speaking of running lanes, that whole 1-2 punch that coaches are always going for seemed to get going this week. Doug Martin played for a couple series, then LeGarrette Blount came in for one. In the end, Martin rushed 13 times for 76 yards and Blount rushed 7 times for 58 yards. Both had big plays (and Martin pulled off a sweet stiff arm that gained him another 10 yards) and both were tough to tackle at times. Maybe it’s just me, but I really look forward to watching Blount run the ball. I’d like to see him get more than 7 carries, especially with an improved offensive line.

The defense was outstanding. Jamaal Charles was the rushing leader going into the game Sunday and the Bucs held him to 40 yards on 12 carries. A decision was made to keep Charles from breaking any big plays and making Brady Quinn try to beat them with his arm. And because Brady Quinn is awful, it worked. The Kansas City offense scored 3 points total. The defensive line was a big part of that. They didn’t get any sacks (still not sure how that happened) but they kept pressure on Quinn. Daniel Te’o-Nesheim had a very strong game and the only reason the announcers didn’t call his name is because they didn’t know how to pronounce it. Roy Miller played and didn’t look like he was having any problems at all.

I would put the Buccaneer linebacking corps up against any in the league right now. All three starters are playing at a very high level, with Lavonte David leading the way as a playmaking machine. Quincy Black has found new life in Greg Schiano‘s defensive scheme, making be retract my call to cut him last season. Both Black and David had tackles for loss on Sunday.

The combination of Mark Barron and Ronde Barber as the starting safeties is devastating. Both players were worthy of their own highlight reels on Sunday. Barron led the team in tackles with 8, had 2 tackles for loss, one interception and one pass broken up. Barber had 7 tackles with a pick six. Quinn had a 48.1 passer rating and his longest completion was 19 yards. That’s secondary dominance right there.

Really, the only bad thing you can say about the day was Connor Barth‘s consecutive field goal streak coming to an end. It was bound to happen eventually and at least it happened on a long 55-yard attempt that hit the upright and not some cheap shot that he shanked. But he started a new streak with a 27-yarder and I’m confident he’ll be on top of the list again soon. He’s still the most consistent piece of this Buccaneer puzzle.

I have heard several times that the Bucs were supposed to win this game and that the victory isn’t a big deal. But that’s exactly why it is a big deal. A new program starts off losing everything. The next step is to start winning the games they’re supposed to win. And that’s what the Bucs did yesterday. Take some joy in it.


October 12, 2012 at 12:33pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »


Been busy with work this week, so I’ve been a little slack in posting. But in my defense, the Bucs haven’t done a damn thing interesting this week and me just posting worthless write-ups of other people’s analysis would just take away time you could be using for porn. And we’re friends, so I’d never do that to you.

QUINN WILL START: Matt Cassel still can’t remember his name, so Brady Quinn will get the start. Whoever Kansas City’s center is is really pushing the offensive coordinator for a lot of shotgun snaps on Sunday. “Overhand, Quinn! Overhand!”

BOWERS TO RETURN SOMETIME: Without getting into any specifics, Greg Schiano predicted that Da’Quan Bowers would make it back for some games this season. Which is great news since the Bucs are one ACL tear away from just rolling tires in the general direction of the quarterback.

“We’re going to be very, very conservative and not going to rush that situation. But I can tell you from the things I’ve seen, I’m really encouraged.”

Right here is where I would put the news story that the Bucs signed another defensive end to bolster depth since only having three of them seems kind of, you know, fucked. Instead, we have this:

MILLER NOT PRACTICING: Roy Miller didn’t practice Thursday with a back injury. Injuries happen to every position every season, but this Buccaneer defensive line seems cursed. I remember when they spent their top two picks for the two drafts in a row on the defensive line. I thought they could have used help elsewhere, but at least one part of the team would be set for YEARS. Only one of those guys is playing this Sunday. So instead of two first-rounders and two second-rounders, they may very well field one first-rounder and three undrafted free agents this week. If this goes on much longer, they’ll start calling it the Curse of Monte Kiffin.

T-SHIRTS: I’ve got one last lead on getting the fully clicky T-shirts printed before I either just demand they do the order for the number of regular shirts I send everybody’s money back. I’ll keep everyone posted, and thanks for your patience.

Brady Quinn Makes Historic Start

October 10, 2012 at 07:04pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Don't know how I could have thought otherwise.

According to the Romeo Crennel, Matt Cassel may not be able to start the game against the Bucs due to a concussion. This leaves former first-round quarterback and first openly gay active NFL player Brady Quinn as the starter for Sunday. What a day for gay rights!

What? Seriously? Even with that hair? Huh, go figure.

“He hasn’t started a game in a while, but he’s played in the league, he understands what it takes to run an offense and run a team,” Crennel said in a conference call with Tampa Bay media. “And I think he’s been preparing his whole time in the league and many times, as he always says, he’s always been one play away. And so if it’s determined that he gets the next play as he did on Sunday… I think he’s going to operate the offense efficiently.”

That’s a whole lot of words to say very little, so that makes me think Romeo is a bit nervous to start Brady against the Bucs. But Brady should take a little comfort in the fact that he probably won’t get rushed from the edges too much. The Bucs have exactly three defensive ends on their roster. Michael Bennett is obviously the best of the three, so he’s likely going to see a lot of extra chipping and some double teams. We may see more of Dekoda Watson than we have so far this season since he has been known to rush from the edge in the past. But it’s a shallow defensive end bench right now. The defensive tackle are really going to have to collapse that pocket and make Brady uncomfortable up the middle. And I would have had a great joke for that last sentence if I hadn’t just learned what I learned.

Things I Saw During The Chiefs Game

August 15, 2011 at 10:24am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Your leading rusher Friday night.
No one looked really good rushing, except Josh Johnson who led the team. LeGarrette Blount ran tough but didn’t have any breakaways and Allen Bradford looked like shit, although he didn’t benefit from a first-team blocking unit. Out of the running backs, Kregg Lumpkin looked the most consistent and even Armando Allen had a 16-yard run. Blount is the kind of runner that gets better as the game rolls on, so I’m not too worried about it, but the Bucs may be leaning on Earnest Graham as the backup halfback if no one else really steps up.

The entire starting offensive line looked excellent. Davin Joseph was particularly aggressive for a preseason game. Ted Larsen has nothing to worry about; he’s locked in as the starting left guard again. The backup lines, though, look rough. Two penalties each on Demar Dotson and James Lee have to be discouraging for the coaches, and Brandon Carter allowed a sack on Johnson by pretty much standing there and looking confused. Carter can’t beat out Jeremy Zuttah and it isn’t looking good for him against Derek Hardman, either.

Speaking of Johnson, I said something on Twitter that he was looking inconsistent. I took it back a couple plays later when he started slinging bullets exactly where they needed to be, and he looked awesome the rest of his time behind center. But I wanted to say it here for good measure: Josh Johnson was really sharp.

Dezmon Briscoe could start for any team in the league, and he’s the Bucs’ #3. Everyone should feel really good about their depth at receiver. If Arrelious Benn hurts anything else, Briscoe is stepping in and not giving the position back. Seriously, Benn better watch out.

If you’re a relative of Devin Holland and you still haven’t gone to the Bucs’ web site to see his name on the official roster, you better do it soon. Holland arrived a full second into Zeke Markshausen before the ball did. That’s the same kind of shot that almost killed Clifton Smith a couple years ago, but even that asshole (I forget his name now) only arrived a fraction of a second too soon. Maybe one of the dumbest special teams mistakes I’ve ever seen.

Not bad play from the backup tight ends. Kellen Winslow obviously has nothing to worry about, but Luke Stocker‘s injury may push him to third string if he can’t get on the field soon. And that would be tragic for all of us. TRAGIC, I SAY.

Jock Sanders had punt returns of 21 and 13 yards. Preston Parker‘s longest was 10.

Speaking of special teams, the Chiefs had three punt returns for a total of -1 yard and two fair catches. Now that’s a punt return unit.

Kyle Moore is currently the third-string left defensive end, but he was able to get two sacks on Kansas City while Da’Quan Bowers didn’t get any. Now that I think about it, Bowers didn’t make the stat sheet. Starter Michael Bennett got credit for a half-sack that he shared with Dekoda Watson for a safety. Bowers has looked impressive in camp, but the coaches obviously didn’t think he was ready for the starting job and it looks like they were proven right, at least for one game.

Was Anthony Gaitor all over the place, or was I just imagining it? He had a sack and a pass defensed and a tackle for loss. Oh, and that hit by Ronde Barber to start the game? Sweeeeet.

Corey Lynch came so close to blocking another punt. This kid has a gift for it.

Mason Foster didn’t show up much on the stat sheet, but that kid can fly. Even though he wasn’t the one making the tackles, I saw him pressure the quarterback and rerouting runners into other guys. He looked really fast.

I tried to get the chat going but I wasn’t having much luck doing it on my phone, so I mostly used Twitter during the game. I don’t have a TV where the computer is, don’t have a working laptop and still haven’t invested in an iPad yet (the donate button is on the left, by the way), so for now you can follow me on Twitter during the games or poke your head out the window for my super-secret smoke signals.


January 12, 2011 at 03:31pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Rear Entry 59
THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN: I’ve gotten a couple emails and at least one comment mentioning that the Chiefs are looking at Greg Olson to replace Charlie Weis as offensive coordinator. It’s not actually a report, it’s just speculation from a Chiefs fan site who took something Jeff Chadiha said and ran too far with it.

Jeff Chadiha of has an extensive story on Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and included this nugget, perhaps as a clue to where the Chiefs might look next for Charlie Weis’ replacement:

Weis’ impending departure (before turning his attention to Florida, he has agreed to stay throughout the Chiefs’ playoff run) has created questions about Haley’s ability to co-exist with his coordinators. Still, a team source said Haley hired Weis only after being denied a chance to interview Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Greg Olson.

The KC Star’s Adam Teicher also dropped Olson’s name as a possible candidate when news of Weis’ departure first came up. It sounds like Olson may be a name to keep an eye on moving forward.

Just because Olson was a candidate last year doesn’t mean he’ll be one again this year. I also don’t think Olson’s level of bitterness at being blocked for interviews is nearly as high as Rich Bisaccia‘s was because Olson is already an offensive coordinator in the NFL. That’s about as high up the coaching ladder as you can go until you’re offered a head coaching position. We all know Josh Freeman is the franchise and the Glazers aren’t going to do anything to mess with his mojo. I predict Olson and quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt are going to be safe for at least the next year or two. If that means overpaying at keep them in Tampa, I think they’re okay with that.

MEAGAN MAKES TMQ: I stopped reading TMQ a long time ago because the average male life expectancy is 75 years and I don’t want to spend all of it reading Gregg Easterbrook‘s insolent, pompous bullshit. I didn’t think it was possible to actually, audibly hear attitude out of a written article, but every time I read his column, I can’t help but do it in Mr. Howell’s voice even though it’s against my will. But I stumbled across his column from yesterday and Meagan Pravden is his cheerleader of the week. The implication here, though, is that she’s not his cheerleader of the week every week, and that’s a fucking crime. Conclusion: Easterbrook is gay.

But I do like what he said about Andrew Luck:

Barring injury, there are many millions of dollars in Luck’s future no matter when he turns pro — but he will never again have the chance to enjoy the idyllic college life at one of the world’s leading universities.

I think I should feel scared.


Tennessee Titans backup quarterback Chris Simms can’t keep the admissions police say he made about smoking marijuana from being used in his drugged-driving case, a judge ruled Tuesday.

Simms’ statements were obtained legally, and police were justified in stopping and arresting him early on July 1, Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon ruled.

It’s POT. What the fuck is he scared of? If he had just plead guilty, he would have gotten some weak-ass slap on the wrist, the NFL would have suspended him for a couple games that he wasn’t going to play in anyway, and no one would have remembered a week later. Now that he’s fighting it, this story is going to be in the paper every time there’s a tiny piece of news to report and fun shit like this will keep coming out:

Simms told the officer he’d been “smoking marijuana in the car earlier,” taking four puffs, but there wasn’t any left, according to a court document. He remained “very out of it” after his arrest, falling asleep on a police station holding-cell floor and having to be roused by a fellow detainee to take an alcohol-level test, according to the officer’s testimony.

So either Simms was stoned out of his blond brain and essentially passed out at the police station, or being arrested is such a non-event for Simms that he feels completely comfortable falling asleep next to drug addicts while waiting around in jail. I’m taking bets right now on which community college Simms will be the quarterbacks coach for two years from now.

Don’t Worry, It’s Just The Tip

August 21, 2010 at 09:57pm by Scott   •  13 Comments »

Yes, this is a photo from the game before it has even ended. I'm just that connected.
Are you fucking kidding me? I’m sitting here watching the Giants and Steelers and that asshole Fran Charles cuts in and tells me that Josh Freeman broke his thumb on a helmet. And technically that’s true, but the details are a little less devastating.

Freeman fractured the tip of his thumb on his throwing hand and will miss the rest of the preseason. The Bucs expect him to return to practice after the preseason is over and to be ready for the regular season opener against the Cleveland Browns.

Okay, so at worst he doesn’t get all the preseason work he would have gotten, but that would only add up to, what, three quarters? A full half in the third game and maybe a quarter in the last one? That’s not such a big deal. Stop trying to scare me, Fran.

In other news, just looking at the stats, Josh Johnson is 6/10 for 113 yards and a touchdown, which is, like… good. He tossed a 53 yards TD to Micheal Spurlock, which may put a nail in the coffins of Terrence Nunn and Chris Brooks and possibly Clifton Smith. Both Mike Williams and Kareem Huggins have 44 yards. Derrick Ward has 11, left the game with a concussion, and nothing of value was lost. Sounds like a good game. WISH I COULD SEE IT.

More Quarterback Speculation

August 27, 2009 at 03:02pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

This is Tyler Thigpen fucking a skeleton. I don't need to write an additional joke, do I?
I’ll just throw this out there since I’m sick to death of talking about possible quarterback scenarios.

Green Bay is looking to improve their backup quarterback situation since they now only have two second year players in there now and one of them (Matt Flynn) is injured.

A league source said the Packers are exploring backup quarterbacks around the league and another source said Green Bay has McCown as a possibility.

Oh, but wait! Raheem Morris may not be done acquiring quarterbacks!

With Matt Cassell firmly entrenched as the team’s starter, the Chiefs have received several inquiries regarding [Tyler] Thigpen‘s availability.

The Ravens are the most recent team to come forward, but the Chiefs have also drawn interest from the Jaguars, Buccaneers and Panthers. Brodie Croyle and Matt Gutierrez are also in the mix.

That’s got to be a mistake, right? I’m assuming that’s some league “source” who heard that the Bucs are calling everyone trying to unload one of their quarterbacks and somehow it got twisted into the Bucs looking to take Tyler Thigpen. That’s the only possibility that leaves me reasonably sure that Morris isn’t just batshit crazy.

I’m turning off the internet now and won’t be back until shortly before the game starts. I just can’t read any more of this shit. Hopefully I can have a live chat up and running. Check Twitter for updates/changes. See you then.

Things Not Going Gailey In Tampa

January 23, 2009 at 09:43am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

I got your offensive corrdinator RIGHT HERE.
It looks like, at least for now, Chan Gailey will not be going to Tampa Bay. The Chiefs have denied the Bucs permission to interview Gailey for the offensive coordinator spot. I would imagine that they will deny any team until they get their coaching situation hammered out. The Chiefs could retain Herm Edwards and his staff, meaning that Gailey would stay in his current position. Or they could fire Edwards and interview Gailey for head coach. Either way, the Chiefs have Gailey under contract and are calling the shots. Assholes.

So, that leaves us with Scott Linehan (who is getting interest from Oakland and Detroit right now as well), Rob Chudzinski (San Francisco and Oakland are looking at him), Greg Olson (no one cares about him) and now Brian Schottenheimer‘s name has been getting tossed around.

There is a growing belief here at the Senior Bowl that the Bucs are waiting to see what Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer does before making the call on their new OC.

Schottenheimer was a candidate for the head coach’s job with the Jets that went to Rex Ryan and he’s apparently unsure of whether he wants to stay on there in that capacity.

If he chooses to leave the Bucs may try to scoop him up. Or they may just finish off the interviews they already have planned and choose someone from the group.

So, the Bucs will either interview Schottenheimer, or they won’t. Thanks reporters!

I really had my heart set on Gailey. Schottenheimer was the San Diego quarterbacks coach for Drew Brees‘s resurgence and Philip Rivers‘s first couple seasons of development, so there’s a good track record there. Under Schottenheimer, the Jets were the #18, #25 and #9 scoring offenses in the league from 2006-2008. I guess it wouldn’t bother me for him to get the job, especially considering that the Bucs will need someone to develop a young quarterback. And he’s the only one I have any positive feelings for at all here. Linehan and Chudzinski (whose name I have to constantly cut and paste) just came off of massive failures and Olson’s last OC job was in St. Louis during their collapse. I wonder if there are any other offensive-minded coaches out there looking for work.

This must be an early picture because he's developed a bit of a gut these days.  Probably from chewing so many players' asses.

No, not you, Jon. Haven’t you heard? Yeah, everyone hates you now. Not sure when it happened, but when Earnest Graham is throwing you under the bus, you know you fucked up somewhere.

Aww, Did Someone Not Get Away With Pass Interference?

November 03, 2008 at 01:03pm by Scott   •  4 Comments »

I don't normally go for memes like this, but using the word 'fail' as a noun makes me laugh every time.

Kansas City was up 24-3 with barely two minutes left in the first half, and yet Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star wants to blame back judge Bill Schmitz for their loss because he threw the offensive pass interference flag on Tony Gonzalez to negate his admittedly awesome catch with 2:29 left in the game.

Let’s pretend the back judge did not steal the game from the Chiefs by flagging Tony Gonzalez for a non-existent, offensive pass interference with a little more than two minutes left in regulation. What would the story be today?

Bill Schmitz, the ref who stole the game, should not prevent you from acknowledging and appreciating what we witnessed on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. Matched against a legitimate playoff team (Tampa Bay), the Chiefs played their best game of the season and deserved the victory.

Instead, they were handed a 30-27 overtime defeat, thanks to Schmitz’s clueless officiating, which wiped out the remarkable Gonzalez third-down catch that should’ve sealed the outcome for Kansas City.

Notice Whitlock doesn’t mention the two flagrant offensive P.I. non-calls on Dwayne Bowe in the second quarter. Mario Cantone-flagrant. Or the push-offs Gonzalez was making all game long that he never got called for. Or how about the helmet grab he did in the first quarter? Or the bullshit illegal contact penalty on Sabby Piscitelli that negated Phillip Buchanon‘s interception in the fourth quarter. What a little crybaby bitch. There’s no way that catch should have counted. At most, it would have been offsetting penalties if they had thought Ronde Barber was also holding while Gonzalez was pushing him to the ground.

This is another case of a real writer writing for a real paper and doing it as though he were a blogger. By the time you get to that position on the media ladder, phrases like “the ref who stole the game” and “clueless officiating” should not be in your vocabulary because you know that calls are missed all the time. Unless the missed calls or wrong calls always go in one team’s direction and are so numerous as to be impossible to overlook, you are a bitch if you bring them up in this manner. Mention them, fine. Grumble a little about them, go ahead. But to make that the premise of a column in a real newspaper? Fuck you. Start a blog for that shit. Trust me, any moron can do it.

You know, I really have nothing against the Chiefs. Lamar Hunt seemed like a nice enough guy and they don’t bother me as a team in any way. But the fact that Whitlock made such a big deal about that call reflects poorly on the team as a whole and makes me want to rub their face in their epic collapse a little. Enjoy your voyage on the failboat, boys.

Bucs Give Chiefs Heap Big Disappointment

November 03, 2008 at 11:51am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Oh, shit, I hope Garcia doesn't see me in this position.  I don't need that kind of awkwardness today.
Remember last week at Dallas where Jeff Garcia started out hot and then kind of pissed the game away? Yesterday was exactly the opposite. Garcia had a passer rating of 56.8 in the first half and 114.4 for the second half and overtime. It’s hard to know if Garcia figured out what was wrong on his own or if Jon Gruden chewed him a new asshole at halftime, but whatever it was, it worked.

That interception was all his fault, though. Jerramy Stevens didn’t have a chance at it. When I was talking about taking shots down the field for this game, I didn’t mean into double coverage.

Speaking of going deep, I’ve watched that pass to Joey Galloway in the endzone a few times and don’t necessarily agree with the commentators. Garcia’s pass was off, but not by that much. It doesn’t look like Galloway really knows what’s going on until the last second. If that were Antonio Bryant in the endzone, I’ll bet he adjusts to that pass and catches it. Does Galloway have to be 100% before he can be counted on anymore?

I’m not sure what’s up with Garcia’s vision, but he seems to be missing a lot of open guys. Maybe it’s just me and I’m paying more attention to the secondary receivers than I used to. One place I know he should have seen is the gaping hole to his left during the first two-point conversion attempt. He could have run for that. Of all things I should be able to expect Garcia to see, it’s a running lane.

It was a pretty good day for the offensive line. Garcia was never sacked even though Garcia broke a perfectly nice pocket a few times. Run-blocking was pretty rough, though. Jeremy Zuttah didn’t look as sharp as in previous games. He was responsible for Glenn Dorsey‘s backfield tackle of Earnest Graham.

Hey, finally Jeremy Trueblood‘s tendency for false starts pays off! The Chiefs would have gotten the ball back in decent field position if Matt Bryant‘s miss had counted.

Four fumbles by running backs. Wow. Some self-scouting is in order to see whatever it was the Chiefs saw that tipped them off to Graham being vulnerable to fumbling. I can blame Gruden for a lot of shit, but I expect running backs to know how to secure a ball before they get into the NFL. If he doesn’t, it should be the first thing his running backs coach does.

I guess I’m done defending Michael Bennett. He had a chance to make an impression in the red zone by running with authority over whoever was in front of him and picking up a first down or even a touchdown. Instead he was obviously confused about where he should make his cut and lost two yards. Graham had just gotten eight yards on the last two plays and Bennett couldn’t just lower his shoulders and push ahead for two? Warrick Dunn was out, the two other halfbacks in the game fumbled the ball a total of four times, this was Bennett’s old team and Gruden still didn’t trust him enough to give him the ball? That’s not a prejudice or some unfair assessment. There’s something wrong with Bennett’s game.

Gruden finally called a real trick play? And look at that, it worked. I think Gruden thinks that if he doesn’t win a game straight up that it counts less. Maybe he thinks that as an offensive guru that it’s almost like cheating if he uses them. Fuck that. When called at the right times, they work. More of these, please.

I don’t know if it was just the shitty Kansas City secondary or what, but Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton made some amazing catches yesterday. That run along the sideline after Clayton broke a tackle in overtime was awesome.

Ike Hilliard deserves special mention because of how clutch he was all day. And that pass interference call on him was pretty bogus. I can see what he did wrong, but that doesn’t get called very often. That was more of a “just let them play” situation.

How Gaines Adams left the game without a sack even though he was paired up with a rookie tackle is beyond me. This was a horrible day for the defensive line altogether, but Adams especially should have had a couple big plays.

I mean, who the fuck is Jamaal Charles and how does he become the first 100 yard rusher against this defense? Kolby Smith? Never heard of him, but he’s the first guy to score a rushing touchdown against the Bucs this year. Sometimes you can blame the offense for putting the defense in bad positions, but not every time. The middle of the line was wide open for their running backs. Jovan Haye and Chris Hovan had terrible games and got pushed around like their shoes were greased.

Never watching Chiefs games much, I always thought Tony Gonzalez was overrated. I didn’t have anything to base it on; he just seemed like one of those pass-catching tight ends with those huge egos that make me want to shove a compass in their eye. Nope, he’s really fucking good. The Bucs linebackers had a hard time with him all day, and even when they were in position, Gonzalez still came up with the catch.

Ronde Barber needs a vacation. Or maybe he needs extra work. I don’t know what the hell he needs, but it’s something. That pass to Tyler Thigpen should never have happened. All season long he’s been giving up plays.

Phillip Buchanon is no prize pig, either. Mark Bradley beat him for a huge gain. And right after that they show him on the sideline laughing? LOOK SAD, YOU FUCK! You’re supposed to be mad at yourself, sitting on the bench mumbling to yourself about how bad you fucked up. Maybe throw your helmet when you get to the sideline. Smiling is forbidden after you give up a big fucking play like that.

Overall the secondary wasn’t so bad. They had some nice passes defensed and tackled well when they had to. But, again, the big plays stung.

So, undrafted rookies Micheal Spurlock and Clifton Smith have now each returned a kickoff for a touchdown. And Dexter Jackson, who was drafted in the second round specifically for his return skills, is on the bench. Lay that one squarely at the feet of Bruce Allen.

Someone fucking educate Brian Clark on the finer points of downing punts before they hit the goal line. Josh Bidwell should be able to slap Clark’s mother for that one.

It would be pretty easy to go negative on a game like this. There’s no reason why it should have been as close as it was, but the fact that the Bucs came from 21 points down to win in overtime is a huge gut check and confidence builder. This is the biggest deficit the Bucs have overcome in franchise history and should prove to them and us that this team is never out of a game as long as they play hard for 60 minutes (or longer). Everything fell apart in the first half, but the whole team stepped up their play and redeemed themselves in the second. Even the areas where I am critical seem like they should be easily correctable. I think 11-5 is a reasonable goal and 12-4 is not completely out of the question. If someone comes at you with a negative spin on this game, here are the counterpoints:

Garcia: Never sacked, excellent second half
OL: No sacks allowed
RBs: Kept defense honest, loosened up linebackers for receivers, passing TD
WRs: Excellent day overall
TEs: Blocked well, John Gilmore had big receiving day
DL: Didn’t get lost on way to stadium
LBs: Sack, made up for DLs off day
2nd: Timely passes defensed, tackled when they had to
STs: KO for TD, winning FG, nice punt return average

Don’t bury your heads in the sand about obvious shortcomings and mistakes this team has made, but don’t get sucked in by what will surely be some negative press during the bye week.