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REAR ENTRIES: Other Things Happened Too I Guess

June 18, 2010 at 02:44pm by Scott   •  9 Comments »

Rear Entry 8

LORIG SIGNED: The Bucs signed the surfing seventh-round defensive end from Stanford, Erik Lorig, to a four-year contract, which is crazy considering the CBA situation. I dunno, ever since that interview with him, I have a hard time liking the guy. He looks okay, right?

My god that's an awful tie.

I mean, he doesn’t have a blowout hairdo or anything. Wow, I actually stopped give any shits at all about this topic in mid-sentence.

OTHER GUYS RELEASED: To make room for Lorig, the Bucs released S Emanuel Cook and LS Chris Mauriello. I have no idea who Mauriello is, but as a designated long snapper, he had no chance. Cook was a long shot as a safety with the competition at that position, and the only reason I care at all is that it gives Dennis Rogan a tiny, tiny bit of hope that he can stick. Tiny.

DEKOTA WATSON SIGNED: I just got a text from one of my contacts that said Dekota Watson just signed, too. I haven’t seen this published anywhere, so I’m just going to post this and hope it’s considered a scoop. The headline can read: “FILTH MONGER ANNOUNCES SIGNING OF LOW-ROUND PICK!”

UPDATE: The Bucs released Angelo Crowell in order to make room for Watson. Crowell seemed like he was determined to make a run at this thing, but I guess he either wasn’t making enough progress with his knee or with the defense. Either way, the party is at Quincy Black‘s house tonight.

And you thought the average age on the roster couldn’t possibly go down any further.

GLAZERS SUPPORT 18 GAMES: Bryan Glazer came out in support of a new 18 regular season game schedule, which is one of the new ideas being proposed in consideration of a new CBA.

“We don’t need four preseason games,” Glazer said Friday, speaking at the Tampa Chamber of Commerce luncheon. “And as an owner, we don’t want you to have to pay for two preaseason games at home.”

There is a whole lot I don’t understand about ownerships rules in the NFL (and money and life and how to please a woman,) but can’t the Bucs just choose to charge less for preseason games? Is that not an option? Here’s a recent article about the Colts and their season ticket packages:

Those season-ticket packages require fans to buy all eight regular-season home games and two preseason home games at the same price.

The practice of requiring season-ticket holders to buy preseason games along with regular-season games is a common practice in the NFL, and has “caused a lot of grumbling” among fans, said Marc Ganis, a Chicago-based sports business consultant who counts a number of NFL franchises and stadium operators as clients.

To me, “common practice” is not tantamount to “requirement”. And from Wikipedia:

Currently, every NFL team requires its season ticket holders to purchase tickets at full price for two exhibition games as a requirement to purchase regular-season tickets. Complaints regarding this policy have gone all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, but have failed to change the policy. A judgment in 1974 stated: “No fewer than five lawsuits have been instituted from Dallas to New England, each claiming that the respective National Football League (NFL) team had violated the Sherman Act by requiring an individual who wishes to purchase a season ticket for all regular season games to buy, in addition, tickets for one or more exhibition or preseason games.”

Again, this sounds like each individual team is deciding to make this their policy and is not a requirement by the NFL. So the Glazers could just charge less money if they are really wanting to be sympathetic to the fans. Or they could just sound like they have no choice and the fans won’t know any different. Bravo, Jonathan Grella. That sounds like an answer straight out of Washington.

Personally, my immediate reaction to 18 regular season games is, “Hell, yeah! Two more weeks of real football!” But I am concerned that it’s too much football for the players’ bodies to handle. For a Super Bowl team, that’s 22 games plus 2 preseason games plus training camp of real hitting, not to mention all the OTAs and offseason training. Players get injured and we’re left with games at the end of the season that potentially have a lot of meaning in terms of postseason qualification that are being played with backups. Plus, superficially, all those milestones we have accepted as superior performance become diluted. All of a sudden, a 2,000-yard rushing season, a 5,000-yard passing season, or a 20-sack season aren’t as big a deal. And all the guys who did it in the past become forgotten because no one remembers that they did it in 12 or 14 or 16 games.

I’ve just been Mr. Negativity today, haven’t I? Maybe a car wash will cheer me up.

REAR ENTRIES: Late-Round Picks Are Interesting

April 30, 2010 at 11:49am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Don't fear Cody Grimm
DEKODA WATSON: A short feature story on Dekoda Watson. At this point, the Tribune should just have a boilerplate story about small FSU linebackers ready to go each year. This one talks about his regrets in the FSU cheating scandal:

“I just followed directions, but wrong is wrong is wrong,” he said. “Some people will say I should have stood up for what is right. I admit I was wrong; I admit my fault. I should have stood up for what is right, but I didn’t and I don’t have anybody to blame but myself.”

Every time I go to beat up on a guy for something he did, he goes and admits he was wrong and takes full responsibility. How am I supposed to make a story out of that?

CODY GRIMM: Some Virginia Tech blog decided to dub Cody Grimm the “Deathbacker“, which this blog describes as so:

In a 4-3 under the deathbacker sits even farther outside the tackle and is used as a freelance sower of chaos…

The nickname caught on for Grimm even though it’s kind of hokie (ba dum bum). But since he’s going to be a safety for the Bucs, someone will need to come up with a new nickname. How about “The guy that finally replaced Sabby‘s overpursuing ass and forced him to do bareback gay porn to make rent”. It’s not quite as catchy as “deathbacker”, but if you use small enough letters you can still fit it on a T-shirt.

ERIK LORIG: Here’s an interview with Erik Lorig done before his senior year. He grew up in the Los Angeles area, where his interests were “surfing and sort of other things in the area.” He says it coyly, like he wants you to ask him, “Oooh, what other things?” And then he’s supposed to say something that implies that he likes chasing pussy (or cock, I’m not here to judge) or smoking tons of weed or something like that without actually saying it because he’s too cool to come right out and say it. Isn’t that right, Erik? You sound like a halfway nice guy, but you’re really kind of a pretentious douche, aren’t you?

Bucs’ Late Round And Free Agent Picks

April 25, 2010 at 03:34pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Mike Williams is one of several picks by the Bucs who has off-the-field problems. Sorry, no jokes right now.
I couldn’t sit through the entirety of rounds 4-7 yesterday. The analysts obviously have no idea who some of these kids are and they’re all doing silly skits and having inside-joke laden conversations and it pretty much turns into a male version of The View while the picks scroll across the screen without even the smallest bit of commentary. So I instead went out and saw the outside world for a bit while periodically checking my phone every now and then to see who everyone was picking and I feel I’m a better person for it. We talked about the first three rounds in the chats, so I’ll let you scroll through those for our reactions to the major picks. Here’s a summary:

Gerald McCoy: No shit.
Brian Price: Wait, what? Really?
Arrelious Benn: That’ll work, I guess.
Myron Lewis: Good but reachy.

I picked Lewis as a steal in the later rounds in my “How It Is” series. I think he’ll be good, but I thought they could have gotten him in at least the fourth or fifth rounds. But whatever, I picked him and that’s more than the papers did. Now, onto the later rounds.

4th round: WR Mike Williams (Syracuse): Williams got a lot of attention from the Bucs and it wasn’t much of a secret that they wanted him. This is a good value for the guy as long as they’re convinced that all of his immaturity is behind him. He was suspended in June 2008 for “violating the university’s academic integrity policy” (cheating) and missed all of the 2008 season. He re-enrolled, went to spring practice, played a few games in 2009 and then quit the team because he was on the verge of getting suspended again, this time it involved getting into an accident with a tractor trailer. Again, I’m all for giving second chances, so if this kid has his life together now then fine. But it’s pretty sad that they actually had the nerve to ask Myron Rolle about deserting his team to accept his Rhodes scholarship and then they go and draft someone who actually did desert his team. But he’s got all the physical attributes that you want and if he had been a better teammate would have been a much higher pick.

5th round: Traded to Oakland to move up to get Benn: For a team that placed SO much value on this draft, it’s weird that they would give away a fifth-round pick just to move up three slots in the second round. Obviously they had targeted Benn and didn’t want to take the chance he wouldn’t be there, but I still can’t help but notice that Golden Tate was still on the board. Especially considering how many flawed yet talented players changed teams this offseason in exchange for a fifth-round pick, this seems like a waste.

6th round: P Brent Bowden (Virginia Tech): You all laughed at me when I said they’d take a punter in the sixth. If Zoltan Mesko had been on the board I think he would have been the guy, but they took the next best player and he’ll do fine. The Bucs only have Sam Paulescu on the roster now and they need more firepower from a punter. I have heard people call this a wasted pick, but I disagree. As much as the Bucs may be punting this year, it’s a necessity.

7th round: LB Cody Grimm (Virginia Tech): He’s listed as a linebacker, but the Bucs will play him at safety. Grimm was highly productive at Virginia Tech over his last two seasons there and was a turnover machine, causing seven forced fumbles last year alone. He’ll battle Corey Lynch for that third safety spot, but it looks like Sabby Piscitelli will only have to fight off Sean Jones to keep his spot.

7th round: LB Dekoda Watson (Florida State): Another linebacker who had good production in college but projects too small for the pros. He’s a good athlete who is fast and a good tackler. I have high hopes for him to excel beyond his draft slot. He was also involved in the FSU cheating scandal of 2007, just like Geno Hayes. That’s two players the Bucs drafted this year that have had cheating issues. Does that strike anyone else as strange?

7th round: DE Erik Lorig (Stanford): I have no idea who this guy is. I remember seeing him at the combine, which I guess is a plus, but I’ve got nothing on him. The good news for him is that the depth is so shallow at defensive end that as long as he faces the right direction when he lines up, he has a decent shot of sticking as a reserve.

2 7th-round picks traded to Denver for a 5th-round pick next year: It sounds like a pretty good deal, assuming the depth next year is all right. But this was supposed to be the deepest draft in 25 years and a seventh-rounder this year was supposed to translate to a fifth-rounder any other year, and with the importance they placed on this year’s draft, you’d think they’d snatch up everyone they could. But whatever, I guess moving up two rounds isn’t ever a bad idea.

Free agents:

QB Jevan Snead (Ole Miss): I have no idea why Snead declared this year. He had an awful season. Someone gave him some bad advice because he could have stuck around Ole Miss for another year and made up for 2009. Anyway, this is the fourth quarterback, so I guess Josh Freeman doesn’t need a veteran backup or mentor. “Ole man Freeman”, that’s what they’ll call him in the locker room.

WR Preston Parker (North Alabama): Dismissed from FSU after being arrested three times (petty theft, gun and pot possession, DUI). Enrolled at North Alabama and by all accounts turned himself around and served on the athletic director’s advisory council. Not fast and has been known to take plays off.

LB Rico McCoy (Tennessee): (Homer alert) McCoy is not as bad a prospect as I keep hearing everyone say. He had a miserable pro day at Tennessee but he always brought it on game day. He’s been timed as low as the mid 4.5s in the 40, although that was a couple years ago. He’s pretty small for a linebacker at 6-1/220, but stranger things have happened. Durability issues and his tendency to overrun plays are his biggest hinderances. Biggest assets are his productivity and his ability to force fumbles. His time with Monte Kiffin last year will do nothing but help him.

OG Sergio Render (Virginia Tech): Another Hokie. Render was supposed to be a big deal a couple years ago, but the buzz for him never materialized. I remember him planting Terrance Cody flat on his ass one time, which is no small feat. He has been called the best guard in the ACC, but a shoulder surgery may have knocked him off some boards. I can’t find a good reason why he wasn’t drafted.

LB Ryan Reeves (Wayne State): Beats the shit out of me. Your guess is as good as mine.

Wow, this was a lot longer than I thought it would be when I started. I’ll be back with whatever other news is going on either later tonight or tomorrow. Your thoughts on the late round picks/free agents in the comments.