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REAR ENTRIES: Play For 60 Minutes

September 18, 2012 at 11:21pm by Scott   •  3 Comments »


VICTORY AGGRESSION WORKS: According to Greg Schiano, the defensive line playing the victory formation like a regular play and trying to cause a fumble actually has caused a fumble for his teams four times in the last five years (although for some reason, Ian Rapaport says it only worked twice in 11 years, but I’ll take Schiano’s word over someone named Ian). If it’s a blowout, then it’s pointless. But if the losing team is down by a touchdown or less, fuck yeah. The miracle at the Meadowlands wouldn’t have happened if Herm Edwards hadn’t been playing that play for real and scooped and scored. If the replacement officials are going to be absolute shit and drag the game out for five hours, the least they can do is reward the viewers by making the last play worth watching.

SHIPLEY IS BACK: The Bucs have brought Jordan Shipley back to the team, supplementing a position on the team that didn’t seem to need any help, but I guess Preston Parker has a foot injury that necessitated it. Fun fact: Shipley spent so long at Texas that he actually earned a Ph.D. in Being Gritty with a minor in Having a High Motor.

DOTSON IS STARTING: Demar Dotson started at right tackle last week since Jeremy Trueblood was injured. But even if Trueblood is ready to go for this Sunday, Dotson is still starting.

Regardless of Trueblood’s status in Week Three, Dotson won’t have to wait long for his next start. The Buccaneers released an updated depth chart on Tuesday afternoon, and Dotson has moved to the first spot at right tackle.

It’s much harder to get a penalty from the sideline, but not impossible. If you see a size 19 shoe fly in and peg the line judge in the head, you’ll know who it was.


September 14, 2012 at 11:58am by Scott   •  13 Comments »


OH HELL NO: The Bucs’ offensive line is starting to have injury concerns, but I guess that’s understandable after one game.

Bucs RT Jeremy Trueblood did not practice Thursday after injuring his ankle during Wednesday’s practice, and it’s unclear if he will play Sunday against the Giants.

This one doesn’t bother me so much because Demar Dotson will be fine in his place. Here’s the real bitch:

Schiano also hopes RG Carl Nicks (big toe) will play even though the two-time Pro Bowl pick was limited for the second straight day.

Yes, I fucking hope so too. Because if Nicks is down, their backup is Cody Wallace. And unless he’s a direct descendant of William Wallace and comes out in blue facepaint and armed with 12-foot spears, they’re fucked. Could their offensive line on Sunday really be Penn-Wallace-Zuttah-Larsen-Dotson? I don’t know who the world’s best toe doctor is, but he better be in Tampa right now with 16 tons of healing equipment strapped to Nicks’s foot.

BENN MAY BE BACK: In better news, Arrelious Benn expects to play Sunday.

“I think (my role) will develop over time,” he said. “They know what I can do. I’m sure they’ll use me the right way, the way they’re supposed to use me. I believe in my coaches.”

Awesome attitude from him. I hope he gets a few touches on Sunday. Without any camp or preseason, that may be asking a bit much, but I think he’ll still be a good contributor this season.

FLORIDA WEEK: I’ve been so good keeping a lid on my homerism all week long, but now that it’s Friday, fuck it. Do any Florida fans out there want to make a wager for the game tomorrow? No money. We could go with reverse bragging rights, where the loser has to lavish praise and affection on the winner. Or something else if you have a good idea. In the comments. (I’m assuming at least one Gator out there knows how to read and can relay this post to the rest of his friends.)

Surprise! Well, At Least A Couple Of Them

August 06, 2012 at 01:47pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »


Stephen Holder wrote a piece about the five biggest surprises in camp so far. Somehow Brian Price being traded away for scrap iron didn’t make the list, so congratulations for Holder for seeing that one coming, I guess. Dallas Clark‘s performance so far is #1, and I guess it makes sense that people might think he’d take practices off or be extra-careful with his injuries, but I’m really not surprised that he’s doing well.

Holder is also surprised by Quincy Black, as am I. But he has looked good in camp before and then when the games start, he seems to make all the wrong decisions. This new scheme may be helping him out.

And defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan seems willing to let Black do what he’s best at: pursue. The sixth-year veteran out of New Mexico said he’s being asked to do less reading in this scheme, and it’s no coincidence he seems to be making more plays.

Holder also lists Myron Lewis as a surprise even though he doesn’t exactly rave about him. Maybe the surprise is that he’s still around. Demar Dotson also makes the cut, although I’m not shocked he’s doing well. The Bucs’ tackle positions have been locked up for a few years now, but everyone has always been high on Dotson.

The last player to surprise Holder is Dan Orlovsky. Dan was able to identify the thick, white stripe at the back of the endzone as the “bad place” where you aren’t allowed to step right out of ten times. Way to go, Dan!

Dotson Has Skills, Needs Reps

July 31, 2012 at 02:03pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Cameramen need different lenses to take pictures of Dotson.
With Donald Penn sidelined by a calf injury, Demar Dotson (remember him?) has been the next man up at left tackle. Dotson has hung on for the last four years because his athleticism is just too good to pass up, but how is he coming along with the techniques of playing the position?

“Skill-wise, I have quick feet and I can move and I can stay in front of guys, but it’s a lot more than that. If you just stayed in front of people and moved your feet, that won’t get it done. It takes a whole lot more than that, but I’m working at it every day. The more chances I get to play, the more snaps I get and the more I work with the team, the better I get.”

I’ve heard players say that the sky is the limit for Dotson if he can just get some real playing time because he’s as physically talented as any of the tackles in the NFL. He’ll have his shot because Penn is out for a while. The Bucs have some depth in the interior offensive line, but not much in the way of tackles, so if they can get Dotson up to speed, that will be a huge asset.

And I want a sticker for saying “huge asset” in an article about Donald Penn and not running with it.

Two More Players Locked In

March 30, 2012 at 08:52am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

No one hopes the Vikings take Matt Kalil more than this guy.
Sorry about missing yesterday. If you motherfuckers would just send in enough donations to support me financially, this wouldn’t happen. So for now I have to get a day job, which yesterday was snorting experimental food additives and letting scientists poke me with various electrical stuff. My vision just came back this morning, but twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

Anyway, I missed the huge news of the Bucs signing Demar Dotson to a two-year contract. I don’t know how I’m going to live with myself.

The re-signing of Dotson wraps up the Buccaneers’ work in restricted free agency this offseason. The team’s only other RFA, defensive end Michael Bennett, signed his qualifying offer last week and will thus return on a one-year deal in 2012. Running back Kregg Lumpkin, the Buccaneers only other potential RFA, actually became an unrestricted free agent, in effect, when the team declined to extend him a qualifying offer. He has since signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

Earlier in the article, the Bucs said Dotson’s first year salary is $1-million, but they don’t say what the full value of the contract is. They also signed Ronde Barber to a one-year deal, but they don’t give that value at all. So I guess now that the big money contracts are done, they’re going to clam up again about how much they’re spending, which just emphasizes the point that they really wanted everyone to know they spent a ton of cash early in free agency. I would think the policy would be either they say or don’t say, but whatever. It’s not a big deal, but it does show that they are fairly conscious and sensitive about their reputation as cheap.

Speaking of Ronde, word is that he isn’t guaranteed a starting spot. If Aqib Talib is with the team for the first game and Eric Wright has a good training camp and preseason, Ronde may actually see some bench time. Ronde is the current record holder for most consecutive starts by an active player (199) and most consecutive games played (224). If he wants to keep that starting record, he’ll have to beat out Wright or the Bucs will have to start every game in nickel. Or Talib would have to get in some kind of trouble again. But what are the chances of that?

Things I Saw During The Chiefs Game

August 15, 2011 at 10:24am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Your leading rusher Friday night.
No one looked really good rushing, except Josh Johnson who led the team. LeGarrette Blount ran tough but didn’t have any breakaways and Allen Bradford looked like shit, although he didn’t benefit from a first-team blocking unit. Out of the running backs, Kregg Lumpkin looked the most consistent and even Armando Allen had a 16-yard run. Blount is the kind of runner that gets better as the game rolls on, so I’m not too worried about it, but the Bucs may be leaning on Earnest Graham as the backup halfback if no one else really steps up.

The entire starting offensive line looked excellent. Davin Joseph was particularly aggressive for a preseason game. Ted Larsen has nothing to worry about; he’s locked in as the starting left guard again. The backup lines, though, look rough. Two penalties each on Demar Dotson and James Lee have to be discouraging for the coaches, and Brandon Carter allowed a sack on Johnson by pretty much standing there and looking confused. Carter can’t beat out Jeremy Zuttah and it isn’t looking good for him against Derek Hardman, either.

Speaking of Johnson, I said something on Twitter that he was looking inconsistent. I took it back a couple plays later when he started slinging bullets exactly where they needed to be, and he looked awesome the rest of his time behind center. But I wanted to say it here for good measure: Josh Johnson was really sharp.

Dezmon Briscoe could start for any team in the league, and he’s the Bucs’ #3. Everyone should feel really good about their depth at receiver. If Arrelious Benn hurts anything else, Briscoe is stepping in and not giving the position back. Seriously, Benn better watch out.

If you’re a relative of Devin Holland and you still haven’t gone to the Bucs’ web site to see his name on the official roster, you better do it soon. Holland arrived a full second into Zeke Markshausen before the ball did. That’s the same kind of shot that almost killed Clifton Smith a couple years ago, but even that asshole (I forget his name now) only arrived a fraction of a second too soon. Maybe one of the dumbest special teams mistakes I’ve ever seen.

Not bad play from the backup tight ends. Kellen Winslow obviously has nothing to worry about, but Luke Stocker‘s injury may push him to third string if he can’t get on the field soon. And that would be tragic for all of us. TRAGIC, I SAY.

Jock Sanders had punt returns of 21 and 13 yards. Preston Parker‘s longest was 10.

Speaking of special teams, the Chiefs had three punt returns for a total of -1 yard and two fair catches. Now that’s a punt return unit.

Kyle Moore is currently the third-string left defensive end, but he was able to get two sacks on Kansas City while Da’Quan Bowers didn’t get any. Now that I think about it, Bowers didn’t make the stat sheet. Starter Michael Bennett got credit for a half-sack that he shared with Dekoda Watson for a safety. Bowers has looked impressive in camp, but the coaches obviously didn’t think he was ready for the starting job and it looks like they were proven right, at least for one game.

Was Anthony Gaitor all over the place, or was I just imagining it? He had a sack and a pass defensed and a tackle for loss. Oh, and that hit by Ronde Barber to start the game? Sweeeeet.

Corey Lynch came so close to blocking another punt. This kid has a gift for it.

Mason Foster didn’t show up much on the stat sheet, but that kid can fly. Even though he wasn’t the one making the tackles, I saw him pressure the quarterback and rerouting runners into other guys. He looked really fast.

I tried to get the chat going but I wasn’t having much luck doing it on my phone, so I mostly used Twitter during the game. I don’t have a TV where the computer is, don’t have a working laptop and still haven’t invested in an iPad yet (the donate button is on the left, by the way), so for now you can follow me on Twitter during the games or poke your head out the window for my super-secret smoke signals.

REAR ENTRIES: Sign Your Name

July 30, 2011 at 02:18pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Rear Entry 86

ROOKIES ARE ALL LOCKED UP: With the new rookie scale, it makes very little sense for a rookie to hold out now. I’m not sure what took Allen Bradford the extra day or two to sign, but whatever it was is over now and he is the last rookie to get on board.

Seven of the team’s eight draftees came to contract agreement prior to the beginning of practice on Friday. On Saturday, the team announced the signing of sixth-round draft pick Allen Bradford, making the class complete in time for the second day of on-field action.

Interesting fact from the article: Bradford initially came to Southern Cal as a linebacker. Then a safety. He’s going to have some thump to him when he runs, probably a lot like LeGarrette Blount. Maybe he’s a good leaper, too. We’ll have to have Kerry Rhodes come to Tampa and lay down on the field to get an accurate measurement.

BUNCH OF RFAs ARE IN CAMP TOO: There isn’t a whole lot of drama about restricted free agents because, well, they’re restricted. They don’t have a ton of options, so of course they’re going to sign. And they did.

The eight players who re-signed with the Buccaneers on Friday included:

Restricted Free Agents
K Connor Barth
T James Lee
S Corey Lynch
CB Elbert Mack
WR Micheal Spurlock

Exclusive Rights Free Agents
DE Michael Bennett
QB Rudy Carpenter
T Demar Dotson

Jeremy Trueblood‘s two-year deal isn’t going to keep him safe from James Lee starting, so that’s going to be a good battle to watch. And with Tanard Jackson still a big question mark, there’s going to be some opportunity for Corey Lynch to make an impression, too. I like every one of those signings.

SOMETHING ABOUT THE SALARY FLOOR: So I guess the salary floor isn’t a big deal this year and the Bucs don’t have to spend to it if they don’t want to.

There is a leaguewide spending threshold of 99 percent of the $120.375 million per-team salary cap. However, because it’s a “soft cap”, some teams will exceed it. That likely will be enough to bring the league into compliance, even if some teams don’t quite reach the 99 percent mark.

“I don’t see it being an issue,” Dominik said.

The way I read that is that the league as a whole must spend $3.852-billion (which is $120.375-million * 32), but it isn’t measured on a team-by-team basis. So if one team wants to spend more, it allows the Bucs to spend less. So… yeah? I don’t fucking know. Players are on the field now. Are we really still talking about this boring shit?

Can’t Not Be Feelin’ Dis: Offensive Tackles

March 01, 2011 at 02:20pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Trueblood as a rookie, approximately 500 false starts ago.
CURRENT ROSTER: Donald Penn, Jeremy Trueblood, James Lee, Demar Dotson,Will Barker

The Bucs also list Derek Hardman as a tackle, but since he filled in at guard this year, I’m going to put him in with that group. And at this rate, that should be sometime in June.

Pro Bowl + young contract = Penn locked in.

Trueblood was given the restricted free agent tender again in the absence of a CBA, but I don’t expect that to be valid once a new deal is signed. All this means is that the Bucs want to sit on his rights while all that shit is hammered out. Trueblood got injured this year and James Lee filled in for him, but then Trueblood couldn’t get his starting job back after he got healthy. He’s still a serviceable and can even be good when he puts his mind to it, but I have a feeling that if his RFA tender is invalidated, the Bucs will let him test out the market and set his own value. If it’s low enough, they’ll make a counteroffer and see where that goes. But they’re not going to kill themselves trying to retain him.

Speaking of Lee, he got better every game he played in place of Trueblood and didn’t have the penalties. Keep in mind that Trueblood had started 67 games in a row before he got hurt, so wrestling the starting job away from him is a pretty big feat. Lee will be in the mix for the starting right tackle job in camp and has a much better shot at returning than Trueblood.

Dotson was injured all this year but before that no one could stop talking about his potential and athleticism. The coaches still like him, there isn’t a lot of depth at tackle right now and he’s under contract for 2011, so there’s really no reason to turn him loose before the beginning of the regular season. He’ll also be competing for the right tackle spot and has shown that he can fill in at left tackle if necessary.

Barker was activated when the Bucs released Keydrick Vincent. The Bucs like him enough to keep him around and see what they have in him over the summer, but he’s not a lock to make the team. He will compete with rookies to get on the practice squad or possibly be inactive on the 53-man roster until injuries require they call him up again.

I wouldn’t complain if the Bucs spent a high pick on a tackle this year. I don’t think it’s happening in the first round, but a second-round tackle sounds pretty nice considering the unsure situation on the right side. In that slot, I like Ben Ijalana (Villanova). A double sports hernia prevented him from working at the combine or participating in the Senior Bowl, but he dominated every right defensive end he encountered in college. Granted, it’s in a 1-AA school, but I think he still would have excelled against better competition. He has great feet, is strong and can stay on blocks. He is said to have a great work ethic and was a high school wrestling champion, a skill set that is applicable to being a tackle. He needs to work on technique (punching, pad level, hand placement, etc.) and some people say he’s too short, though at 6-4 he’s just as tall as James Lee and only an inch shorter than Donald Penn, so I don’t see how it’s such a big deal. The only thing that I’m concerned about with him is that he is supposed to be a really nice guy… almost too nice. Donald Penn is a nice guy, but he will fucking eat your babies on the football field. I’ve heard Ijalana may lack that nasty streak that you need. But his tape and his skill set would still compel me to take him and just try feeding him gun powder all summer.

Some people have been trying to sell me on Lee Ziemba (Auburn), especially since Auburn won the BCS National Championship. Ziemba has a lot of good qualities and great experience, but he doesn’t have the quick feet that I think he would need in the NFL. He’s also a false start magnet and the Bucs already have one of those. Now that I think about it, he’s probably Trueblood pt II. Same nasty attitude, same physical attributes (h/w/s), but likely to fly off the handle. I’d just re-sign Trueblood before I picked Ziemba.

As a late-rounder, the Bucs might look at Jah Reid (USF). The Bucs like kids from Tampa and Reid has a high ceiling with some coaching. He has ideal size and good explosion in his legs along with good foot movement. He’s a hard worker and has lots of experience against good competition. His problem is technique and leverage. He can get pushed around because he doesn’t bend his knees like he should and instead leans at the hips. But that’s a coaching issue for a kid with a high ceiling. He’ll still be around in the sixth round or so and might be worth a flyer.

The free agent class of offensive tackles has a few very good names whose current teams aren’t going to let go. For example, the Falcons would be nuts to let Tyson Clabo test the market, especially with a quarterback like Matt Ryan to protect. Willie Colon is another guy who is set to hit free agency who shouldn’t. Despite his injury in 2010, he is still one of the Steelers’ best linemen, especially on a line that keeps getting injured. So, I’m pretty sure the elite tackles will be unavailable.

As for the bottom rungs of the free agency ladder, most are either too shitty to waste time with or too old to fit into the Bucs’ plans. Corey Hilliard is a young kid with good physical skills and a few NFL starts under his belt, but Detroit seems interested in keeping him. Ryan Cook is a guy in Minnesota that has some skills and is coming off his contract. He is designated a tackle but has been starting at right guard for a while now. I guess my question with all these guys is, how are they better than Trueblood or Lee? If you can’t answer that question, it’s probably best to retain everyone from 2010 and/or draft a second or third-rounder and hold competitions for the starter.

Here’s The Roster

September 04, 2010 at 06:02pm by Scott   •  6 Comments »

Per Pewter Report. I’ll comment on it in a few minutes. Talk about it in the comments.

Okay, I’m back. Clifton Smith weathered the cuts, which means that a Pro Bowl goes further than I thought it did. I thought the fumbles would do him in.

The team kept five backs, including Chris Pressley. Having that backup fullback is a good idea and negates the need for a fourth tight end, which I thought they would keep.

Ryan Purvis didn’t make the cut and John Gilmore kept his spot. The youth movement evidently has its limitations.

Seven total receivers is a lot, but the team must have thought Preston Parker wouldn’t clear waivers. I can’t imagine he’ll dress for many games, but the team sees something there worth developing.

I guess Jeremy Zuttah is a better backup center than Jonathan Compas, which means Compas must have been completely incompetent because Zuttah looked like ass at center.

No Demar Dotson! Now we know why the Bucs finally caved to Donald Penn. Also, the team cut Xavier Fulton, a fifth-rounder from last year. That is the first draft pick of the Morris era to get the boot.

[Okay, it turns out Dotson is on injured reserve, so either the team didn’t think they could get by with cutting him outright without an injury settlement or they see enough in him to keep his rights for a year.]

Ryan Sims instead of Dre Moore? Moore lost a shitload of weight and apparently gave it to Sims and Moore still couldn’t outplay him? Yeah, I guess it’s time to give up on him.

Five corners and five safeties, at least for a week. Someone has to go after the Cleveland game. But at least Lynch has a reprieve for a week.

Sorry, Rico.

Josh Freeman
Josh Johnson
Rudy Carpenter

Carnell ‘Cadillac’ Williams
Kareem Huggins
Clifton Smith

Earnest Graham
Chris Pressley

Mike Williams
Sammie Stroughter
Maurice Stovall
Reggie Brown
Arrelious Benn
Micheal Spurlock
Preston Parker

Kellen Winslow
Jerramy Stevens
John Gilmore

Jeff Faine

Davin Joseph
Keydrick Vincent
Jeremy Zuttah

Donald Penn
Jeremy Trueblood
James Lee
Derek Hardman

Stylez G. White
Kyle Moore
Tim Crowder
Michael Bennett
Erik Lorig

Gerald McCoy
Roy Miller
Brian Price
Ryan Sims

Barrett Ruud
Geno Hayes
Quincy Black
Adam Hayward
Niko Koutouvides
Dekoda Watson

Aqib Talib
Ronde Barber
E.J. Biggers
Myron Lewis
Elbert Mack

Tanard Jackson
Sean Jones
Sabby Piscitelli
Cody Grimm
Corey Lynch

Kicker Connor Barth
Punter Brent Bowden
Long-snapper Andrew Economos

Roster Breakdown: Offensive Line And Tight Ends

August 09, 2010 at 02:19pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Uncle Fester will beat your ass.
Donald Penn: Lock. Showed up after his holdout in shape and playing well.

Keydrick Vincent: I’m listing him among the starters because I think he wins the starting left guard job. He’s too big and too powerful to ignore. Now they have this just mass of beef on the left side to grate the road and create some running lanes that weren’t there before.

Jeff Faine: Lock. Faine has taken a few practices off, but that’s not all that unusual. I seem to remember him doing the same in previous camps. When he has practiced, he seems to do well against Roy Miller. Brian Price has gotten past him a couple times.

Davin Joseph: Lock. Looks great. Has mostly handled the rookies, but they got their licks in once or twice. Joseph gets downfield in a hurry which is going to be huge with all these screens they’re running.

Jeremy Trueblood: Lock. With all the time Truelbood and Joseph have spent together, they’re pretty much a single unit now, able to adjust their assignments instantly. Trueblood has gotten pushed back on a few bull rushes, but if he gets a chance to anchor, he’ near impossible to move. His best camp yet.

Jeremy Zuttah: Lock. Even though I think Vincent will start, Zuttah is too versatile and has too much experience to cut loose. He can play any interior position. He hasn’t had a good camp so far, but he’s not going anywhere.

Jonathan Compas: 50/50. Compas started out camp really shitty, but he has picked it up over the last couple practices. He got blasted by Price and Dre Moore on more than one occasion. Was practicing at guard to give Zuttah some more competition, but that experiment seemed to fizzle out with Vincent’s signing. Most likely competing against Marc Dile for the ninth spot.

Donovan Raiola: Meat. He’s gotten some extra playing time with Faine sitting out, but is a camp body. There are enough options at center without him.

Marc Dile: 50/50. Somehow keeps hanging on. He is practicing with the second and third teams and still gets beaten his share of times against backup defensive linemen. I think Compas has a better chance of hanging on, but if the team decides to keep ten linemen (not likely), he may be #10.

Demar Dotson: Probably. His upside is too big to ignore. He seems to have found a groove on the right side and will most likely backup Trueblood. He holds his own against starting defensive linemen, although he can get played by guys with experience. Good lateral movement.

Xavier Fulton: 50/50. Has been hot and cold, but I haven’t heard anything special about him except that the coaches want him to do well. Maybe it’s because they have a draft pick invested in him or maybe it’s because depth at true tackle isn’t so great. If Penn went down, they’d probably feel better about Fulton on the left than Dotson.

Derek Hardman: Meat. Not much to say here.

James Lee: Probably not. Lee has a small chance because of his previous time with the team, but his false starts and poor play in the 1-on-1 drills doesn’t bode well.

Kellen Winslow: Lock. May be the best overall player on the team. Takes some practices off to rest his knee, but when he’s on, he’s spectacular.

Jerramy Stevens: Almost lock. Stevens takes Winslow’s place as the starter when Winslow is resting, and he has made some great catches. His blocking has improved and Josh Freeman seems to favor throwing to him. He has probably lost a step or two in speed. The only reason he would get cut is if numbers dictated that the team keep a more pure blocker, but I doubt it.

John Gilmore: 50/50. I have heard nothing about Gilmore except that he hasn’t practiced much. He’s on his ninth season now and will be 31 by week three, a mortal sin under this regime. He’s a good blocker and a better than average pass receiver, but there are younger options and I’m leaning toward leaving him off the roster prediction.

Ryan Purvis: 50/50. This will be the guy who takes over for Gilmore if that choice has to be made. He’s getting a lot of reps for a tight end this far down the chart. Much better pass receiver than a year ago and is pretty quick for a 260-pounder. Decent blocker. If that part of his game improves, his chances of sticking go way up. If the team decides to keep four tight ends, he’s almost a lock.

Jeron Mastrud: Probably not. He’s much better than during the OTAs, but he’s still obviously raw. His relationship with Freeman may get him a practice squad spot, but there’s no room for him on the roster unless another tight end contracts the plague or something.