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Doug Williams Getting Some Love

February 12, 2013 at 01:22am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

If Williams is the black Joe Namath, then Namath is the white Jason Campbell.

Did you know there was a timeline of Doug Williams‘s career on I’m going to go ahead and say it’s for Black History Month and not because Williams died and I missed it. That would be kind of embarrassing.

Each slide comes with extra videos or photos, some of which already existed and only tangentially have anything to do with Williams. But some are really good and the best is the Doug Williams Scrapbook, which is a fascinating tour through his time at Grambling. A couple different articles refer to Williams as the “Black Joe Namath”, which I would find insulting if I were Williams. Not because of the racial thing, but just because Williams was better than Namath. Better arm, better accuracy and better mobility. By which I mean ANY mobility at all. The only thing holding Namath’s knees together was venereal disease.

I don’t know if his name ever comes up in the discussions, but it seems like Williams would be a good candidate for a Hall of Fame induction. Not necessarily because of his stats on the field. I don’t think he has near what he would need to get in on that basis. But for historic reasons, they might want to consider it. Can you tell the story of the NFL without Doug Williams? Fritz Pollard is in as a player, but not because he was a particularly exceptional player, but because of his historical significance. Williams getting drafted in the first round was a big deal. Starting and winning a Super Bowl was an even bigger deal. Just because we are almost 100 years removed from the founding of the league doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped reaching milestones that deserve some recognition. I’m not saying I’m 100% on board with him getting into Canton just yet, just that it’s probably time to have the discussion.

Johnson > Williams

November 16, 2012 at 12:30am by Scott   •  8 Comments »

An article on Brad Johnson = Boring week
There’s nothing going on with the Bucs today that qualifies as news or even interesting, so here’s a mostly historical piece from Pat Yasinskas that compares what’s going on with the offense now with the offenses of the past. And as you might guess, it compares very favorably.

What’s happened in the past five games has vaulted the Bucs into the league lead in average yards per play (6.21). They’re averaging 28.9 points per game, which ranks them behind only New England (see Brady, Tom) and Denver (see Manning, Peyton). Speaking of Peyton Manning, he’s second in the league with an average of 8.20 yards per pass attempt. Freeman is No. 1 at 8.27.

There are some interesting nuggets in the piece and it’s worth a read, but I had to take issue with one part.

Even back during the first rise to prominence (1979), Tampa Bay was much more defined by Lee Roy Selmon and the defense than it was by the offense and Doug Williams.

Speaking of Williams, he was the best quarterback in franchise history — until Freeman’s emergence.

That’s just not true. Williams is fondly remembered because he was tough and gritty and brought the Bucs from worst to first and won a Super Bowl for the Redskins. But as a quarterback for the Bucs, Brad Johnson win hands down. Williams had a Buccaneer passer rating of 66.2, Johnson had 83.2. Williams’s completion percentage was 47.4, Johnson’s was 61.8. Williams threw 73 TDs and 73 INTs in five years while in four years Johnson threw 64 TDs and 41 INTs. And Johnson has a Super Bowl ring with a Bucs logo on it. After Freeman gets his fourth season behind him, we can compare him with the others and see if Freeman makes the jump to the top of the heap. But before him, you have to go with The Bull.

“I Know They Wanted Mark Sanchez.”

February 22, 2011 at 09:31am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Maybe now that he's working in Louisiana again, he'll go back to wearing men's shirts.
When Doug Williams left the Buccaneers last May, it was passed off as a mutual decision, but he obviously got fired. There was something more to the story that we were only going to find out when Williams got a job good enough to where he wouldn’t want to be re-hired by the Bucs again. And now that Williams has been named the Grambling State head coach again, we can finally learn what happened.

Williams indicated he didn’t feel like he had a very big voice in the Bucs’ front office decisions during his six-year tenure in Tampa Bay.

“People in other offices have a chance to get their ear,” he said. “The guys like me don’t get their ear. Other folks can tell them something because that’s what they want to hear. You know me; I’ve always been one to say what I thought as right, and not everybody can deal with what’s right.”

I like Williams and everything, but this whole victim routine he does is getting a little old. It’s always about how he’s not getting a fair shake and, usually because of race, how he’s being held back. He was a first-round draft pick, he’s been a Super Bowl MVP, he’s been a college head coach, he’s been an NFL front office executive. If someone is holding him back, they’re doing a piss poor job at it.

One interesting bit in this interview is some insight into 2009’s war room where there was a debate going on as to which quarterback to take. Williams reveals that the Glazers wanted Mark Sanchez instead of Josh Freeman

“I laugh, when I hear them talk about Josh Freeman,” Williams said. “I know they wanted Mark Sanchez. I sat right there while they were talking about trading up and getting Sanchez and all these different scenarios. Raheem was the strongest guy in there (pushing for Freeman). I remember the owners asking me which quarterback I liked. I said, ‘If you want someone to play right now, take Sanchez. But I think over the long haul, Josh is going to be better,’ and I think he’s proven that. Raheem had the strongest conviction because he had been around the kid (at Kansas State).”

There were potted plants at Radio City Music Hall that I liked better than Freeman at the time, so Williams is obviously a better talent evaluator than me. And the Bucs wound up taking Freeman instead of Sanchez, so I’m not exactly sure why he brings this up in a conversation about how his opinion is ignored, but whatever. Coaching seems to be what Williams loves and what he’s best at, so maybe he’ll do like his mentor Eddie Robinson did and stay there for the rest of his career. He’ll be loved and admired, but the only drawback is that he won’t have anything to bitch about.

Bucs Need To Give Brooks Love

August 11, 2010 at 01:56pm by Scott   •  3 Comments »

If you see this face tomorrow, the Bucs are fucked.
I make a lot of fun of Pat Yasinskas, and I will continue to do so because at any given opportunity, but the piece he did about the Buccaneers’ obligation to Derrick Brooks is absolutely spot on.

The Bucs — and I’m talking everyone from ownership to the front office to the public relations department — have to hit this one out of the park. Seriously, it’s that important. A team that needs to sell tickets and win back its fan base needs the best player in franchise history and it needs to keep him for the long term.

The Bucs need to do this, and not just because of the revenue implications. It’s just the right thing to do.

Multiple people close to the situation have told me there was an attempt by Brooks to come into One Buccaneer Place soon after his release that was blocked from very high levels.

That’s almost criminal. If anyone should have a lifetime pass to One Buccaneer Place, it is Brooks.

If that’s true, that’s fucking disgusting. What did they thing he was going to do, go in there and tear up the place? BROOKS? Honestly, there’s no reason why any former player who was with the team for a season or two shouldn’t be allowed in there. It’s not Area 51 — there aren’t any military secrets or captive aliens to keep hidden. At worst, someone would discover Joel Glazer‘s shoe fetish.

When he walks out of One Buccaneer Place on Thursday, Brooks needs to feel like he’s part of the organization. If this thing comes off as some kind of insincere gesture, Brooks, a man of tremendous pride, is going to walk out of that building for the final time and keep his distance from the team.

Yes, yes and yes. It’s not too late to announce a Derrick Brooks Day as the theme to a home game this season. They did it for Mike Alstott, they should do it for Brooks. I’ll even go one step further and say that if they don’t do something of a similar caliber for Brooks that they did for Alstott, people could interpret it as having some kind of racial undertone as the reason. Not to take anything away from Alstott, but Brooks was a better player than Alstott, period. He was with the team longer and more of a team leader. The only difference in Alstott’s favor is that he retired injured instead of being cut like Brooks. That shouldn’t matter.

It took years after Doug Williams’ original departure for the wounds to heal. The team accomplished that when they brought Williams back as a personnel guy. Then, they absolutely blew that bridge up again when they pushed Williams out the door a few months back.

I live in Tampa and I know this for a fact. Williams walked into a Tampa barber shop recently and was giving away the last of his Buccaneers’ golf shirts and saying he’ll never wear them again. That’s a shame and it probably never should have come to that point. But it has and it’s too late to repair the latest Williams fiasco.

Man, Williams must feel like the Buccaneers’ chew toy. Maybe it’s not all their fault. Williams may have thought he deserved a role with more responsibility or maybe he thought more of his own skills as a personnel man than he should have. You can’t placate a person when it comes to making business decisions. But there was probably a way to salvage the relationship for the sake of Williams’s historical importance to the team and still relieve him of his duties if he wasn’t performing well. There had to have been a better answer than whatever went down to make him give away all traces of his time with the Bucs.

With the throwback games and alumni days and the Ring of Honor, the Bucs have done a great job over the last couple years in embracing their past and keeping long-time fans interested. They can’t fuck up their relationship with Brooks. Lee Roy Selmon won’t live forever and then who have they got as a tie to their successful past? Someone like Al Davis can afford to piss off a Hall of Famer like Marcus Allen because the Raiders have so many other former Raiders who are both successful as players and still loyal to the team. Who do the Bucs have? Warren Sapp says he still bleeds red and pewter, but if there’s one guy whose temperament you don’t want to have to bank on, it’s Sapp. Maybe John Lynch, but I haven’t heard a peep from the guy since he did his retirement announcement at One Buc. Anyone seen Paul Gruber lately? The names run out pretty damn fast in Tampa. The Bucs cannot fuck this up. Stroke Brooks’s ego and keep him close to the franchise.


June 28, 2010 at 11:45am by Scott   •  8 Comments »

Rear Entry 11

FSU TO RETIRE BROOKS’S NUMBER: Florida State is set to retire Derrick Brooks‘s #10 jersey this season. They’ll do it in a ceremony at the home game against Clemson.

“I’m excited about it and I’m looking forward to it,’’ Brooks said Friday afternoon. “A lot of people did a lot of work to help me get these accomplishments.’’

I’ve always found it a little weird when a player gets his number retired after someone else has already worn it. I’m no FSU historian or anything, but I know Geno Hayes wore #10 recently. There were probably several others as well between 1994 and 2009. “No one else will wear this jersey but Derrick except the eight or nine other guy who already did.” I remember when Tennessee retired Peyton Manning‘s jersey in 2005. They had it all framed and everything and the only thing I could think of is how they were able to get Rick Clausen‘s stink off of it.

DOUG WILLIAMS IS A GM: The good news is that Doug Williams got a gig he’s always wanted: general manager. The bad news is that it’s for a UFL expansion team.

Williams, who guided the Redskins to victory in Super Bowl XXII and was named the game’s MVP, will be in charge of getting the team up and running, including signing players and coaches, and hiring other organization personnel.

So he’s pretty much in complete control. I’ll probably pay attention to this club when they start playing because it will be Williams’s own vision of how a team should look and run. Whether it succeeds or fails will be totally on his head, and it will be interesting to see if the Bucs made a good decision in letting him or or if they should have given him more responsibility. That’s assuming his new team even plays.

The UFL League board gave conditional approval for Norfolk, Virginia, to host a sixth team.

I wonder what the conditions are. That the owner comes up with the franchise fee? That they can find a place to play? That they don’t give the team a stupid fucking name like the Tuskers? That’s got to be it.

TANARD JACKSON KNOCKED UP A PORN STAR: I don’t know who the hell is or if they’re at all reliable, but I would imagine that for Tanard Jackson‘s name to get mentioned, there has to be some level to truth to it. It’s not like the paparazzi are sitting outside Jackson’s house waiting for him to get the mail or something. learned that Tanard Jackson, the starting defensive back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a new BABYS MOTHER – an adult film star named JEMINI.

But this story isn’t a SAD one. We’re told that Tanarad [Come on – ed.] has agreed to STEP UP and keep both Jemini and their child in his life.

Eeewwwwww. Jackson is going to fly across the field and and crash into player after player at an effective speed of 60 MPH several times per week for 16 weeks, putting his physical and mental health in danger every single time, and still that’s not a tenth as risky as banging a porn star without a condom. I would rather slather my cock with honey and fuck a fire ant pile than take that kind of chance.

Jackson is playing a cruel trick on me here because I’ve been begging one of these Buccaneers to hook up with a porn star or a centerfold so I would have some relevant clickys to work with (I have since severely relaxed this requirement.) But when I go searching for pictures of Jemini, almost every single usable one has a dick in it. And, sorry ladies, bloggers feel inadequate enough without posting photos of cocks so long that they have elbows. And the only other ones of her look like you’re driving into the Holland Tunnel, so I’m just going to pretend that I couldn’t find any and go with a classier clicky selection. Feel free to seek the pics out on your own, though. Fag.

Doug Williams Leaves The Bucs

May 12, 2010 at 09:18am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

SEC Girl 1

For the second time in 18 years, Doug Williams is out the door of One Buc. Last time, Williams was refused a completely reasonable contract that was in-line with other starting quarterbacks in the league. He went on to become the MVP of Super Bowl XXII for the Redskins while the Bucs sank into 17 years of losing. This time, Williams is leaving his position as Director of Pro Personnel in an apparently mutual decision. So I’m guessing in five years or so, Williams will be the GM of an NFL dynasty somewhere as every one of his free agent signings makes the Pro Bowl while a sinkhole forms under Raymond James Stadium.

“Mark and I have sat down and talked about my future,” Williams said in the statement. “After a lot of thought, I felt that it was the right time for me to look at new options. I wish nothing but the best for the Buccaneers.”

This is a huge load, you know. If he was leaving of his own accord, he would have said something. “I want to spend more time with my family” or “I really want to get back into coaching” or something like that. Williams interviewed for the head coaching job with Southern University this past January; he probably knew his time was up at that point. Mark Dominik probably said that they were going to be reorganizing the front office and that Williams wasn’t in their plans. It was reported around that time that Williams was given a one-year contract extension, which was a red flag in itself since it was just for a year. It turns out even that was false.

There was a report that he had signed a contract extension with the Bucs, but a team source said that never happened. The source said Williams and Dominik hadn’t seen eye-to-eye on personnel matters for a long time.

The Times article expands on this a little:

After returning to Tampa to work under then-Bucs general manager Allen in 2004, Williams hoped he was on a path that would lead to a GM post. But he often met resistance when seeking an expanded role in the front office, causing frequent frustration. That continued under Dominik, after Allen was fired in January 2009. Williams’ role was mainly evaluating free agents and other possible acquisitions, but he did not appear to be involved in decision making.

Williams’s responsibilities were always a little unclear, at least to me. Of course, I’m terribly dumb, so I could just be missing it. But in Williams’s time as Director of Pro Personnel, the Bucs signed fewer free agents than ever. Was it a coincidence that this was the same period the Bucs determined they were going to rebuild through the draft? And before that, who was Williams really responsible for scouting and acquiring, draft or free agent? I think he gets credit for Josh Johnson, but I can’t think of anyone else.

My totally baseless theory is that Jon Gruden liked having the old veterans around, and hiring Williams to do something, anything was his idea. He was able to finagle Williams a front office job, but when it turned out that Williams either wasn’t that good at it or just didn’t fit, they didn’t want to piss off the old fans by dumping him yet again, so they kept him around as a figurehead. But just like the players, no one is sacred now and Dominik pulled the plug on Gruden’s novelty hire.

In any event, I wish Williams well in whatever he decides to do. It’s a little late in the offseason for him to get a job for 2010, but we’ll probably hear something about him in December or January. In the meantime, maybe a fan out there who owns his own business can find a job for him doing something. I’d hate to think he has enough free time on his hands to brew up another 17 year curse.

UPDATED: This Guy, I Call Him The Chattinator

February 18, 2010 at 09:42am by Scott   •  No Comments »

Gruden will also be cooking and valeting cars at the ceremony. No tipping, please.
If you’ve always wanted to ask Jon Gruden a question but were afraid that he would eat your face, your chance arrives Friday at 1:00PM EST when Jon will host a chat on Want to know what he thinks of Raheem Morris‘s coaching job or Mark Dominik‘s personnel moves? Or who he thinks the Bucs need to draft in the first round? Or if he really does laugh all the way to the bank or if that’s just an expression? Now’s your chance.

On Friday, former NFL head coach and current Monday Night Football analyst, Jon Gruden stops by to chat as part of’s tribute to Black History Month.

Umm…. really? Black History Month? I realize there’s no Gingers With Blonde Hair Month when Jon can get his due recognition, but this seems weird.

On February 20, Jon will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the inaugural enshrinement ceremony for the Black College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, GA.

Ohhhhh, okay. I guess it kind of makes sense now. It’s actually kind of funny. A short white guy has to get dressed up in a tuxedo like a butler to introduce and announce famous black guys for awards. Deacon Jones should tell Gruden to go fetch him some water, just on principle.

UPDATE: Oh, hey, Doug Williams is also hosting a chat for the same reason — the Black College Football Hall of Fame. His is Friday @ 4:00. Ask him how long he’s been a black quarterback, that’s always fun. Or how close he ever came to beating the hell out of Jay Schroeder. I’ll bet the answer is “really damn close”.

Is it wrong that I didn’t give Williams his own entry? I swear I didn’t see that he was doing a chat until I had already posted the Gruden thing. God, I feel so guilty.

Didn’t You Just Sign An Extension?

January 14, 2010 at 09:03am by Scott   •  No Comments »

The Bucs recently hired a former Sears childrens photographer to do their publicity shots.
Okay, I think I’ve calmed down from my Kiffin-induced day-long mental breakdown yesterday. I appreciate you all indulging me, even you Gator or Southern Cal fans and even the ones that took the opportunity to point and laugh. I’ll continue to follow the Tennessee story on here, but I’m not going to do it for a full day anymore. Keeping up with it actually cut into my porn time, and that’s where I draw the line.

Rich Bisaccia has been the one getting the Buc-related media attention for the USF head coaching job, but it’s Doug Williams who is going to have a real interview with them. The same Doug Williams who just signed a one-year contract extension which essentially ended his flirtation with Southern University.

Williams, the Bucs pro personnel director, interviewed with a search committee hired by USF for 2 1/2 hours in Orlando.

There’s no way USF does this without the Bucs’ permission whether they technically needed it or not. USF and the Buccaneers are pretty tight. So I guess the Bucs don’t really care whether he stays or goes. “Yeah, you can work here for another year. Or not. Whatever.”

The Bulls attraction to Williams is obvious. He has a long association with the Tampa Bay community, was a Super Bowl MVP with the Washington Redskins and the first African American quarterback to win an NFL title.

I’m not really sure why him being the first African American quarterback to win a Super Bowl is a point of attraction for the Bulls. Maybe it helps with recruiting other black quarterbacks? Because it’s not like that’s so rare anymore. I’d think the more important thing USF would look at is whether or not he can, you know, coach. What kind of offense would he run? Who would he want for a defensive coordinator? Where does he have recruiting contacts? How many players can he grab by the throat at once? These are the things they should be concerning themselves with.

This is Williams’s second coaching interview this offseason. It’s pretty evident that he’s got the coaching bug again and would prefer to do that over his current job — whatever that may be. It sounds like the Bucs know that and extended him as a courtesy in case he can’t land a coaching gig.

Doug Williams Took The Extension

December 31, 2009 at 11:28pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

With his extension money, maybe Williams can buy pants that fit and don't make his belt do that.
It didn’t take Doug Williams too long to decide that sticking with a front office job in the NFL is preferable to sweating the sidelines of a SAC school.

“I weighed my options and realized the NFL is best for me at this time,” Williams said. “I like what I’ve seen from some of the young (Bucs) players, and especially the quarterback (rookie Josh Freeman).”

You’ve got to believe that either this is a contract that the Glazers don’t mind eating if they hire someone like Bill Cowher who will demand full control, or Raheem Morris is reasonably safe. A win on Sunday definitely secures Morris, and even a competitive loss would be enough. I think the Bucs have to lose big to keep Morris from getting the cane.

REAR ENTRIES: None Of This Is Interesting

December 30, 2009 at 12:35pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Watch how I make this dog stay.
BUCS SIGN SAFETY: The Bucs claimed safety De’von Hall off of waivers from the Colts yesterday to take the spot of one of the players put on injured reserve on Monday. Hall went undrafted out of Utah State this year, has a total of three tackles this season so far for the Colts and will probably just play on special teams snaps on Sunday if he dresses at all. But at least his name has an apostrophe.

DOUG WILLIAMS OFFERED EXTENSION: Okay, I know Doug Williams has the title of “Pro Personnel Director”, but I have to tell you, I don’t know what the fuck Williams does for the team. Does he scout? Does he recruit free agents? Does he negotiate contracts? I take it from the “pro” part of his title that he has no say in the draft. WHAT DOES HE DO? Well, whatever he does, the Glazers think he should do it for one more year and offered him a contract extension. This comes on the heels of his interview for the head coaching position of Southern University.

Credit the Glazer family and general manager Mark Dominik for recognizing Williams’ overall value to the franchise, which goes well beyond his duties as the chief pro talent evaluator.

He’s the chief pro talent evaluator? Huh, he always seemed more like a Buccaneer figurehead to me. But if he’s the guy responsible for bringing in free agents, it’s been a hit and miss season. Tim Crowder, yes. Derrick Ward, meh. Mike Nugent, no. Kellen Winslow was a big yes, too, so give him credit for that. But the reason why this may be news is that if we are assuming that Bill Cowher would want complete control of all football operations (and I don’t know why everyone is assuming that), extending Williams wouldn’t make sense. Unless it’s not a guaranteed contract, in which case it’s just the Glazers hedging their bets.

SPURLOCK IS THE NFCSTPOTY: Micheal Spurlock won the NFC Special teams Player of the Week award. Yep, he sure did.

NO BUCS IN THE PRO BOWL: This is not news because no one expected that a Buccaneer would make it. The only thing that bothers me about it is that the Rams got a selection in the Pro Bowl. The Rams! Steven Jackson made it with his 1,300+ yard, 4.5 YPC season, which I guess are Pro Bowl numbers and I don’t have anyone more deserving than him. But, man, a 1-14 team putting a player in the Pro Bowl after the Bucs had two nice wins just seems wrong.