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March 08, 2011 at 10:43am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Rear Entry 64
NO ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS YOU NEVER ASKED: I know everyone who writes about football is hurting for content right now, but Stephen Holder is better than this non-story published yesterday under the headline “Where do the Bucs owners stand in labor negotiations?

We do know from various reports that certain owners want to pursue this fight more aggressively than others. That got us wondering: Where do the Glazers fit in this whole picture?

From the headline and the above quote, you’d expect Holder to have spoken with various people within the organization to get a feel for which way the Glazers are leaning on a CBA resolution. Maybe he would have even spoken to a Glazer himself, extracting some non-committal answer but still maybe giving a slight indication as to how he’d like things to turn out. But at the very least, you’d expect to leave the article with an idea of, you know, how the question posed in the headline is answered. Here’s the last sentence of the article:

Wouldn’t you love to know?

That’s it. He just wanted to ask the question to give you something to think about while your empty lives are rendered even more meaningless each day the CBA negotiations drag on. The entire content of the article is based on a rhetorical question that never gets answered. Next week, he’ll author his masterpiece, “What does she think I am, an asshole?” Just take the week off, Stephen.

MORRIS VISITS RAYS PRACTICE: Raheem Morris and two of his assistant coaches will visit the Rays’ camp today. Yup, they sure are.

Wide receivers coach Eric Yarber will dress and work out at shortstop and take some swings during batting practice.

Hey, what the hell else are they going to do this week? I mean, how many hours of film can you watch of sweaty college boys before you finally can’t conceal your erection have to take a break?

(The banner pic is of the Bucs coaches at batting practice. The pic beneath it is much more interesting.)

Stop Talking About Benn Like He Can’t Read

August 19, 2010 at 09:54am by Scott   •  No Comments »

Arrelious Benn is the Rodney Dangerfield of Buccaneers rookies so far. Gerald McCoy gets the glory of being the third overall pick, Brian Price gets swept up in his wake, Mike Williams is getting praise all over the place and will be a starter from the fourth round, and even Cody Grimm was profiled by NFL Network. And then there’s Arrelious, the guy the Bucs traded up in the second round to draft, getting no respect. The other day he even went to his psychiatrist and told him that he thought everyone hated him. The psychiatrist said that he was being ridiculous — everyone hasn’t met him yet.

When you do see Benn’s name in print, it’s usually Roy Cummings saying what a disappointment he has been. Roy’s opinion is in the stark minority from what I’ve heard about Benn’s practices. He has shown good hands and an ability to make very good yards after the catch. And then, just when Roy decides Benn is worthy of a little piece of his precious praise, his paper publishes one of the most schizophrenic articles on a player I’ve read. It passes itself off as a piece on Benn’s potential and determination, but all I took from it is that people think he’s dumb.

“You shouldn’t compare those two,” Bucs receivers coach Eric Yarber said of Williams and Benn. “They learn at different paces. … One (Williams) can see it on the board and take it to the field. One (Benn) has to see it on the board, has to see it on film, then practice it on the field.

For the second day in a row, I’m left asking the quesion, “Why was that necessary?” Both receivers are coming along, just some players develop differently than others. Why does Yarber, his own coach, have to point out that he’s a slow learner? Hey, I’ve got an idea. Maybe if Benn isn’t coming along quickly enough, Yarber isn’t coaching good enough.

“A lot of times it’s paralysis by analysis where you can’t play as fast as you want,” Yarber said. “He’s just got to get to that point where he’s not thinking about everything, just reacting, and that’s the point he’s getting to right now.”

See, that’s all you had to say. That’s fine. That gets the point across without insulting the guy. But since the other quote came first, I read the rest of the article with the prejudice that Benn isn’t smart. Maybe he isn’t, but that’s not something his coach should be saying. That’s something fans should be saying if he constantly runs the wrong routes in games.

For Benn’s part, he says everything a fan wants to hear:

“I am happy Mike is having that success,” Benn said. “I know I’m behind him, but I’m doing little things and he’s doing things. It’s all coming together. It’s going to become something great.”

“We’re two young receivers with a young quarterback (Josh Freeman). That’s all you can ask for,” Benn said. “It’s not about him having success or me having success. We’re going to have success together.”

Some guys who are really football-smart aren’t savvy enough to make mature comments like that. He sounds smart enough to me.

Bucs Target Someone You Don’t Know As WR Coach

February 04, 2010 at 10:37am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

The sunglasses let you know he's serious, but the hat lets you know he's old.
If everything works out,the Bucs will announce [looks up name again] Eric Yarber as the Bucs’ new wide receivers coach later today. Yarber has been all over the place since he started coaching in 1996, all of them out west. He has mostly been a wide receiver coach, but has also coached running backs and defensive backs briefly.

Yarber was drafted by the Redskins in the 12th round in 1986 and turned into a SUPER BOWL WINNING WIDE RECEIVER when Washington won it in 1987. Yarber caught precisely one ball that year, and for his whole two-year career. I’m going to guess that Doug Williams had a hand in this hire since Williams knew Yarber at least in passing from their time in Washington together.

Among the receivers Yarber has coached are Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzedah (at Oregon State) and Terrell Owens and Brandon Lloyd (with the 49ers).

I’m sure glad Stephen Holder did the research here because I never would have been able to come up with anyone good that Yarber coached. Yarber’s last gig was at Arizona State from 2007-2009 and they didn’t produce any draft-worthy wide receivers during that time. Before that he was with Washington from 2005-2006 and I can’t think of anyone noteworthy from that program, either. At least he’s got some experience, though. He may be the oldest coach on the staff at this point, and they could use a couple grey hairs in there to keep the young whippersnappers from getting out of hand.

Am I being overly negative here, or are none of these coaching hires very impressive? I’m excited about Jimmy Lake, but other than him I don’t see anyone that makes me think that they’re going to make any of these young players that much better. Seriously, a player with the success of Ike Hilliard who had seen it all on the field and was well-respected by the team and was well-known as a guy who likes to teach younger players wasn’t as good a choice as Yarber?