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First Day Of Free Agency Is Not Interesting

March 13, 2013 at 02:05am by Scott   •  11 Comments »

I like a safety who just punches the receiver.
The first day of free agency came and went for the Bucs and it was a lot like last year, except instead of three big name free agents they got zero. But that doesn’t mean they’re not looking around. In fact, Dashon Goldson is making Tampa his first free agent visit.

On Tuesday, the 49ers All-Pro boarded a private jet charted by the Buccaneers and flew across the country to Tampa Bay where he could become among the highest-paid safeties in the NFL today.

And somewhere Ronde Barber is regretting playing so aloof with his retirement talk. If the Bucs sign Goldson, the only way Barber comes back is as a backup safety/nickel corner and he’s not the kind of guy to take on that kind of role.

And the Darrelle Revis to Tampa talk is still getting traction in the media.

The Jets are believed to be seeking a first-round pick. Even if the teams agree on draft compensation, the Bucs would have to reach a contract extension with Revis, who wants $15 million to $16 million per year despite playing in only two games last season because of a torn ACL in his left knee.

And we all know Mark Dominik is smart enough to not cash in the #13 pick for a player who is going to cost so much coin and still won’t be happy with it next year. Then again

Devious pranksters with too much time of their hands appear to have conducted an interesting (and probably illegal) experiment that put Bucs general manager Mark Dominik on Front Street.

On Friday, just before the start of the NFL’s three-day free-agent negotiating period, the pranksters, after making a call to Bills general manager Buddy Nix posing as Dominik, somehow got access to the eventual callback from Nix to Dominik.

They surreptitiously recorded the 5-minute call and shared the clip with In it, Dominik laments the uselessness of the negotiating period and discusses his efforts to trade running back LeGarrette Blount and receiver Arrelious Benn (he claimed there’s some interest in both).

Just kidding, Mark. This isn’t your fault. And “probably” illegal is bullshit. It’s definitely illegal. Florida’s wiretapping law is very clear about both parties needing to give consent to record a call. Reading the article, Dominik didn’t say anything out of line or even anything very surprising. He wanted to trade Blount? The hell you say! And I actually didn’t remember Benn was on the team until I read this article, so if he can get anything at all for him, he wins Trade of the Year honors.

The only thing that was a little revealing is that he is looking to move Jamon Meredith, which may tip his hand that he is looking to take a right tackle early in the draft, which I think is great because the draft is deep at tackle. D.J. Fluker (Alabama) and Lane Johnson (Oklahoma) will both still be there and should even be available lower than #13 if the Bucs can trade down. Fluker is a monster and paired up with Davin Joseph on the right side will provide running lanes on the right all day long. Fluker has slow feet, though, and needs to work to be more nimble if he is going to be an elite tackle. Johnson is the opposite — quick feet and an excellent pass protector, but only an average run blocker. That’s because he doesn’t have the same size as Fluker (he is a former junior college quarterback) but he’s got all the smarts and skills to keep Josh Freeman clean on the right.

So yeah, kind of a waste of a prank and a wiretap. Next maybe they’ll catch Dominik reading a grocery list to his wife. And then they can try to make something interesting out of that. “Dominik, in a stunning revelation, said he prefers RC to Coke or Pepsi. We always knew the Bucs were cheap!”

REAR ENTRIES: Can Any Of My Readers Play Guard?

November 15, 2012 at 12:48am by Scott   •  5 Comments »


MEREDITH ON CRUTCHES: So here’s a fun little tidbit. Jamon Meredith, the guy nobody heard of a few months ago and who has been on the team briefly enough that the Times needed to run with a photo of him in a Giants uniform and who is currently starting in place of Davin Joseph, rolled his ankle and is questionable for Sunday.

“We don’t have that many more moves left,” coach Greg Schiano said.

That made the sight of starting RG Jamon Meredith leaving the locker room on crutches Wednesday afternoon concerning. He was limited at practice after rolling an ankle. The severity of the injury was unknown.

[emphasis mine because holy shit.]

The article says Roger Allen is his backup. I know the Bucs have had some good luck with all the line shifting so far, but they’re digging so deep into the roster that I don’t know who these people are. If Allen gets hurt, they may want to just put a big foam helmet on Captain Fear and stick him in there.

LEONARD JOHNSON’S PICK SIX: The Tribune has a nice personal interest story about Leonard Johnson couched in the story of his pick six last week. It’s well-written, it’s got heart without being sappy, and heaven help me it’s by Martin Fennelly. Seriously, he just kind of lets the story happen and doesn’t get in the way too much with his nonsense. It is the best piece I’ve read of his in years. Maybe the Mayans were right.

PRO BOWL: If you haven’t done it already, go to the Pro Bowl site and vote every Buccaneer into the Pro Bowl. So far, Ronde Barber is leading the free safety vote. Everyone says it’s just a popularity contest, which is fine since being popular is more important than ANYTHING.

REAR ENTRIES: Figuring It Out

October 04, 2012 at 09:36am by Scott   •  1 Comment »


BARTH GETS PROPS: If you had to pick an MVP for the first quarter of the season, you’d have to give strong consideration to Connor Barth, which might make some of the guys who actually make contact on every play a little upset, but it’s the truth. Placekicking is an all or nothing game. If he had missed a couple key field goals, no one would have a problem making him the goat of the first quarter, so he should also get the credit when he is doing well. This article is about Barth’s preparation and kicking process and gives more attention to the position than it gets in a full season. Here’s the best part of it:

“I’m not an expert on kicking,” said Schiano. “I know just enough to be dangerous. But I also know enough to stay away from him and let him keep doing what he’s doing.”

Exactly. Let him have the mustache and the yoga and the goat’s blood (I may have imagined that last one) and get out of his way.

TRUEBLOOD INACTIVE: It’s not often you see a five-year starter inactive when healthy, but that’s what’s happening to Jeremy Trueblood now. Demar Dotson is entrenched as the starter at right tackle and Trueblood wasn’t even active as a backup. He explains why.

“I’m a right tackle,” Trueblood said. “That’s just what it is. I’ve never played anything else. (Schiano) told me straight up. He said, ‘The other guy (Jamon Meredith) can play guard and tackle, so you’re inactive.’ I can’t question a man’s decision.”

No, I guess he can’t. And Trueblood is being a good teammate about it. I looked at the roster and the only backup linemen they had active were Meredith and Cody Wallace, who plays both guard and center. So Schiano’s lineup makes sense as long as Meredith is also the superior guard to Wallace. If Meredith gets hurt, they’ll definitely activate Trueblood to start the following week. But Trueblood is very likely looking at his last season in Tampa. And that’s a shame because I’ve still got a whole file full of false start jokes.

STEVE WHITE BREAKDOWN: Ask and ye shall receive. After wondering how the breakdown in the last drive of the Redskins game happened and who was to blame, Steve White laid it all out very neatly (with photos!) in a blog entry. On the tight end pass, he shows what happens but can’t tell who the guilty party is. But on the quarterback run up the middle, he makes it more clear even if in the end he still clams he doesn’t know who is right or wrong.

Remember again that with a zone blitz that the blitzer comes from one side and the defensive line slants in the opposite direction. Well the defensive linemen all slanted to the right this time but there was no blitzer coming from their left (red line).

Instead Ronde (again blue arrow)came up and appeared to be blitzing from the right (orange line) which is the same direction the defensive linemen were slanting towards.

Complicating matters further is that the right defensive end (red arrow) dropped (red line) as a curl/flat defender as he would if the blitz was supposed to come to the left. So even if Ronde was just coming up to cover the running back as he eventually did, there was no need for him to be there in coverage.

So at least the scheme indicates that Ronde should have come from the other side. Now, Ronde is a 16-year veteran and knows how and where to blitz, but he’s also new to this scheme and new to his safety position. So maybe he just screwed up. It happens. White also takes a second to lay a little blame on the coaches for the call. Not much, but he does mention it.

I don’t know how much the Bucs practice two minute drill during the week but the only blitzes you run during such a critical time of the game are the ones the players have shown you they know in their sleep. There is no excuse for this happening not once, but twice, at the end of the game.

If the blitz had worked and RGIII was sacked on that play, the call would have been brilliant and we’d all be praising Schiano for maintaining his aggression even through the last second. As it is, people are calling him too aggressive and pounding him for blitzing too much. But we’ve seen lots of examples where defenses sit back soft and the quarterback just picks them apart underneath. The Redskins only needed a field goal and they had plenty of time to get there (and that clock management bullshit is totally on Schiano) so he wanted to put the game in his hands and live or die on his own terms. And this time he died by them. But I at least respect going down swinging and I think others do as well.

But make no mistake, that kind of feeling doesn’t last long if you don’t get a few wins using that strategy. It’s a short step from aggressive to foolish.

Less Noteworthy Roster Moves

March 22, 2012 at 12:46pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

You think Bowers's knees are going to hold out forever?
The Bucs released Tim Crowder today because evidently you can have too many good pass rushers.

Crowder has spent the past three seasons with the Buccaneers, playing in 41 games with 13 starts during that time. This past season, he played in 10 games and recorded 14 tackles with two tackles for loss.

I liked Crowder from the beginning, but then again I spent a good amount of time comparing him to Kyle Moore who somehow got the starting job ahead of him. But Crowder had a good motor and was also very good on special teams. If they absolutely needed to lose a defensive end, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim is still collecting a check. Seems like Crowder deserved a chance to stick around.

The Bucs also released DE Nick Reed and signed T Jamon Meredith, probably as camp meat or possibly to backup Jeremy Trueblood.

Meredith enters his fifth year in the NFL, having played in 17 games and starting four during his career. He most recently spent the 2011 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he appeared in four games for the team.

Meredith has been on five teams since being drafted in the fifth round out of South Carolina in 2009. Hey, they can’t all be blockbusters. No one thought much of Donald Penn when he first came to Tampa, either.