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Sapp One Step Closer

January 14, 2013 at 12:22am by Scott   •  4 Comments »


The 15 finalists for this year’s Hall of Fame class were published on Friday. Warren Sapp made it as a first-year eligible while John Lynch will have to wait. And that’s probably the way it should be.

Lynch was excellent at his job; one of the best while he was playing. He should probably get in one day. But Sapp really did fundamentally change the way people think about the three-technique defensive tackle. He defined the position and was the whole reason the Tampa 2 could work the way it did for the Bucs in the 90s and 2000s. I honestly can’t think of a good reason to keep him out of the Hall for his first year of eligibility.

Here is everyone else:

Jonathan Ogden (first year eligible)
Larry Allen (first year eligible)
Michael Strahan (first year eligible)
Jerome Bettis
Cris Carter
Tim Brown
Andre Reed
Will Shields
Charles Haley
Kevin Greene
Aeneas Williams
Eddie DeBartalo
Art Modell
Bill Parcells

A maximum of five can go in each year. Allen has make the cut. Has to. He is the Jerry Rice of guards. If Allen doesn’t get in on his first year, the whole process is fucked and I have no use for the Hall of Fame. It’s probably time for Haley to go in as well. He’s the only man with five Super Bowl rings. Carter has waited long enough, too. He was better than Reed or Brown. And I’d also like to see Parcells get in, but just because I love the guy. And I understand the arguments against him. He won two Super Bowls, but so did Tom Flores and no one is nominating him. But can you tell the story of the NFL without mentioning Parcells?

So those are my five: Allen, Sapp, Haley, Carter, Parcells. Next year, Ogden and I suppose Strahan should get in (although I’ve always thought Strahan was just a little overrated). I’m not sure about the two owners. Just because you’re an owner doesn’t instantly mean you should get into the Hall. DeBartalo turned around a franchise and I could see him making it. Modell was loved then hated then loved then hated then loved, but what did he… do? He didn’t preside over the Browns when they were dominating the AAFC. He drafted Jim Brown. Is that enough to get in?

Sapp Should Be A First-Ballot HOFer

September 28, 2012 at 10:27am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Rich Gannon had to get PTSD counseling after this game.
The first round of nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013 induction came out yesterday and has some very notable first-time names on it:

DT Sam Adams
G Larry Allen
K Morten Andersen
RB Priest Holmes
S John Lynch
WR Keenan McCardell
QB Steve McNair
C Tom Nalen
T Jonathan Ogden
DT Warren Sapp
DE Michael Strahan
DT Ted Washington
DT Bryant Young

The Hall can induct no more than seven players per season and there’s a large backlog of worthy players waiting to get in, so first-year nominees have to really be something special. And although there are several players on that list who should eventually get in (sorry, Keenan, you’re not one of them), there are two who absolutely have to go in right away. And one of them is our very own Warren Sapp.

I’ve been hard on Sapp for the last year or so, but none of that had anything to do with the way he played football. Sapp was the gear that made the entire Tampa 2 defense go. It requires a fast, strong and smart defensive tackle getting quick penetration up the middle, and Sapp was the prototype. With a lesser DT in that position, the whole scheme falls apart. Go back and watch old games of Sapp in his prime. It’s a thing of beauty. A nice, clean pocket never forms for the quarterback; it’s always this mess of bodies jabbing and holding and trying desperately to get back in position. You know those insurance commercials about mayhem? That was Sapp. Mayhem embodied. Just like Lawrence Taylor in the 1980s, coaches had to come up with new schemes to combat Sapp. He changed the way the game is played. He may very well be the best defensive tackle ever. I’m sure you’d get a couple arguments from some Cowboy fans over Bob Lilly or Randy White and maybe there’s an argument to be made for John Randle or Mean Joe Greene, but Sapp is, at the very least, a major player in that conversation. And he deserves to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer. If he doesn’t go in this time, it would only be because he made enemies in the press and they’re making him wait out of spite. And that would be bullshit.

The other guy on that list who deserves to go in his first year is Larry Allen. And there is a really, really strong case to be made for Allen being the best guard in NFL history. I can’t imagine him not getting a unanimous pass to the Class of 2013.

If the Hall puts more than two first-ballot guys in (and it probably shouldn’t with the backlog they have), you’d have to say either Strahan or Ogden makes the cut. And I think there’s a spot for Lynch in Canton at some point, but he’s going to have to wait a while. He may even go in after Derrick Brooks, who should also be a first-ballot guy.


September 23, 2010 at 10:57pm by Slow Joe   •  3 Comments »

My instincts can't possibly be any WORSE than Sabby's, can they?Head coach Raheem Morris today announced that rookie 7th round pick Cody Grimm will start at free safety against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. To hear Morris tell it, it didn’t seem the decision was all that hard:

“You watch the kid go out there and perform and then you put him in different situations that you didn’t see him in college, and he performs the way he has so far,” Morris said. “He’s been a student of the game. The limited amount of errors that he has made as a rookie, it gives you a great feel about him. I want to see him go out and play.”

I can’t say I’m shocked.  Though I’ve hardly seen Grimm at all, I’ve heard nothing but positives about his play.  Football is in his blood, so I’m sure instincts and football IQ won’t be a problem for him.  His lack of experience scares me, but the alternative is Sabby Piscitelli.  If I’m afraid of Grimm making a dumb mistake because he’s inexperienced, I’d be just as afraid of Piscitelli making a dumb mistake because he’s Sabby Piscitelli.

“There was definitely thought about Sabby. Sabby’s played over there a little bit. He’s the backup strong safety, and he definitely would have went in if anything would have happened to (Jones). … He’ll still be a significant part.”

I believe Morris when he says this.  First off, the two safety positions are similar, but not interchangeable.  When Dexter Jackson and John Lynch were the starting safeties in Tampa Bay, then-defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin made the two spots so similar they were basically the same position.  Back then, Lynch still had enough giddyup to cover the pass and Jackson was surprisingly strong in run support.  But throughout most of the rest of the history of the “Tampa Two” defense, the two different safeties had two different sets of responsibilities.

So, with a rookie who’s learned nearly nothing but the free safety position, you’d probably not start him at strong safety if Sean Jones went down.  Conversely, with a 2nd-string strong safety who you’re trying to for-Christ’s-sake-and-all-that-is-holy get his head out of his ass when he’s on the field so he can take advantage of his physical gifts, it probably isn’t a good idea to start him now that Tanard Jackson is suspended.

Bucs Need To Give Brooks Love

August 11, 2010 at 01:56pm by Scott   •  3 Comments »

If you see this face tomorrow, the Bucs are fucked.
I make a lot of fun of Pat Yasinskas, and I will continue to do so because at any given opportunity, but the piece he did about the Buccaneers’ obligation to Derrick Brooks is absolutely spot on.

The Bucs — and I’m talking everyone from ownership to the front office to the public relations department — have to hit this one out of the park. Seriously, it’s that important. A team that needs to sell tickets and win back its fan base needs the best player in franchise history and it needs to keep him for the long term.

The Bucs need to do this, and not just because of the revenue implications. It’s just the right thing to do.

Multiple people close to the situation have told me there was an attempt by Brooks to come into One Buccaneer Place soon after his release that was blocked from very high levels.

That’s almost criminal. If anyone should have a lifetime pass to One Buccaneer Place, it is Brooks.

If that’s true, that’s fucking disgusting. What did they thing he was going to do, go in there and tear up the place? BROOKS? Honestly, there’s no reason why any former player who was with the team for a season or two shouldn’t be allowed in there. It’s not Area 51 — there aren’t any military secrets or captive aliens to keep hidden. At worst, someone would discover Joel Glazer‘s shoe fetish.

When he walks out of One Buccaneer Place on Thursday, Brooks needs to feel like he’s part of the organization. If this thing comes off as some kind of insincere gesture, Brooks, a man of tremendous pride, is going to walk out of that building for the final time and keep his distance from the team.

Yes, yes and yes. It’s not too late to announce a Derrick Brooks Day as the theme to a home game this season. They did it for Mike Alstott, they should do it for Brooks. I’ll even go one step further and say that if they don’t do something of a similar caliber for Brooks that they did for Alstott, people could interpret it as having some kind of racial undertone as the reason. Not to take anything away from Alstott, but Brooks was a better player than Alstott, period. He was with the team longer and more of a team leader. The only difference in Alstott’s favor is that he retired injured instead of being cut like Brooks. That shouldn’t matter.

It took years after Doug Williams’ original departure for the wounds to heal. The team accomplished that when they brought Williams back as a personnel guy. Then, they absolutely blew that bridge up again when they pushed Williams out the door a few months back.

I live in Tampa and I know this for a fact. Williams walked into a Tampa barber shop recently and was giving away the last of his Buccaneers’ golf shirts and saying he’ll never wear them again. That’s a shame and it probably never should have come to that point. But it has and it’s too late to repair the latest Williams fiasco.

Man, Williams must feel like the Buccaneers’ chew toy. Maybe it’s not all their fault. Williams may have thought he deserved a role with more responsibility or maybe he thought more of his own skills as a personnel man than he should have. You can’t placate a person when it comes to making business decisions. But there was probably a way to salvage the relationship for the sake of Williams’s historical importance to the team and still relieve him of his duties if he wasn’t performing well. There had to have been a better answer than whatever went down to make him give away all traces of his time with the Bucs.

With the throwback games and alumni days and the Ring of Honor, the Bucs have done a great job over the last couple years in embracing their past and keeping long-time fans interested. They can’t fuck up their relationship with Brooks. Lee Roy Selmon won’t live forever and then who have they got as a tie to their successful past? Someone like Al Davis can afford to piss off a Hall of Famer like Marcus Allen because the Raiders have so many other former Raiders who are both successful as players and still loyal to the team. Who do the Bucs have? Warren Sapp says he still bleeds red and pewter, but if there’s one guy whose temperament you don’t want to have to bank on, it’s Sapp. Maybe John Lynch, but I haven’t heard a peep from the guy since he did his retirement announcement at One Buc. Anyone seen Paul Gruber lately? The names run out pretty damn fast in Tampa. The Bucs cannot fuck this up. Stroke Brooks’s ego and keep him close to the franchise.

The Big Answer: Probably Not

May 19, 2010 at 10:15am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

If I cover my face, maybe coach won't know I'm here.
In a recent article, Pat Yasinskas tackles the question of whether or not Sabby Piscitelli can actually play. Which is funny because that’s more than Sabby has tackled in a year.

If you watched Piscitelli last season, it was ugly. He had all sorts of problems in coverage and his tackling was bad. That’s a pretty brutal combination for a strong safety.

And then he spends the rest of the article defending Sabby. “He did everything wrong, but here’s why he’s not bad.” Go ahead, Pat. Enlighten us.

In the eyes of the fans, Piscitelli quickly went from being the next John Lynch to the symbol of all that was wrong with Tampa Bay’s defense. He certainly deserved some criticism, but I’m not ready to write this guy off just yet.

The next writer to use the expression “The next [insert good Buccaneer here]” deserves to be dipped in honey and laid on a hill of siafu ants. It’s done. Maybe certain new players will have similar traits to those of old players, but that doesn’t make them worthy of perpetuating a legacy. Only Lynch was Lynch.

Strong safety is a position like right field in Little League or softball. When you’ve got a good defense, it’s not all that important. Fact is, the Bucs had a horrible defense last year and Piscitelli went from being hidden to being exploited badly.

Raheem Morris is a secondary coach by trade and I bet he would have something to say about the strong safety position being less important under any circumstances, good defense or bad. But let’s put that aside for a second and say it’s true. What difference does it make? “As long as Sabby doesn’t have to do anything, he’s great!” Is that what Pat is saying? Plays came his way and he didn’t make them. The fact that it was more often than usual only means that the fans were more aware of it. He’s not a better player because he missed more plays.

Maybe — and I’m just saying maybe — all the moves on defense will make the Bucs better and give Piscitelli a chance. In theory, their pass rush should be better and the cornerback tandem of Ronde Barber and Aqib Talib should keep the pressure off the safeties.

That may work for linebackers. Better line performance forces the play into an area that the runner doesn’t want to go and the linebacker has a better chance to make the tackle. But safeties are kind of out there on an island. “Last line of defense” and all that. When the play comes to them, it’s pretty much a one-on-one situation. Maybe he’ll get fewer plays coming his way because the line and linebackers will tackle better, but they’re not going to help him actually perform his job better. They can only give him less work.

Maybe the improvements to Tampa Bay’s defense will prevent Piscitelli from having to do too much deep coverage and that would be a big plus.

But his problem is in both coverage and tackling. You just said it above.

But if Piscitelli really is going to be the next Lynch, he has to start hitting like Lynch. Or, at very least, he has to make the tackles that are in front of him.

So if he wants to be a better safety, he needs to do the things that a safety does better. Give this man a whistle, I think he has a future in coaching.

If Yasinskas wants to keep invoking Lynch to make his point, he should remind everyone that Lynch himself was not that good for the first couple years of his career. He was mostly a special teams guy and Tony Dungy even demoted him when he first arrived. Todd Scott was the starting strong safety in 1996, but got hurt in week two and put on injured reserve. Lynch took over after that and never gave the spot up again. But remember some of those early games against the Lions where Barry Sanders completely owned Lynch? It all goes back to that argument that most young players need time to develop. The question is, how long to do want to wait for that development? Piscitelli has started 20 games now. What’s the magic number of games? How many missed tackles is too many?

The higher a player is selected, the sooner you would expect them to be good. Sabby was a second-round pick and has two injury-free seasons under his belt. It’s time. Sean Jones is a good player and I honestly just want the best guy in the spot. If the light comes on for Sabby and he wins the camp competition, fine. If not, put Jones in there and let Sabby keep playing special teams and the third safety. I’m not emotionally attached to him. At least not any more. YOU BROKE MY HEART WITH YOUR SHITTY PLAYING!

Ira Just Keeps Talking Out His Ass

February 17, 2010 at 11:15am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Look at all that impact he's not having.
How long did we go without some Tampa newspaper dipshit masturbating all over our screens about Ndamukong Suh? Two weeks? Super Bowl week and the week after? Well, now that the Saints have won and the loudest Saints fans have died of alcohol poisoning, Ira Kaufman can finally focus back on pimping this kid. Thank goodness, too. I almost forgot Suh was in the draft.

Despite a pressing need for a dominating interior defensive lineman, there are no indications the Bucs are willing to put together a package and move up from No. 3 to draft one of the two best players on the board — DTs Ndamulong Suh of Nebraska and Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma.

This is the only part I actually agree with. There was a story a couple days ago where Mark Dominik said on WDAE that the Bucs were prepared to trade up. What he actually said was that they were preparing to trade in either direction. But the original, misleading headline emphasized the possibility of a trade up, so suddenly everyone started talking like the Bucs were putting together a package to do it. The truth is that Dominik hasn’t tipped his hand as to what their real intentions are. And that’s the way it should be. How incompetent would he be if he gave away his draft strategy to a radio station? Stop being intentionally deceptive with your headlines, Joebucsfan.

Instead, there is speculation the Bucs will look to trade down, pocket even more picks and perhaps draft Tennessee safety Eric Berry.

There is speculation for any possibility. It’s February! You’re saying nothing!

Berry is a very good prospect, but he won’t have the potential impact of Mr. Suh and that’s what the Bucs should be thinking about — impact.

That’s a pretty big assumption. Is Kaufman saying that Berry is not as good a player as Suh, or that the defensive tackle position is more important than safety? It really depends on the scheme that Raheem Morris decides to run as to how “impactful” the DT will be. Was Warren Sapp more important than John Lynch? From 1995-2003 (the seasons they were with the Bucs at the same time), Sapp had 524 tackles, 77 sacks and 3 interceptions and Lynch had 945 tackles, 6 sacks and 23 interceptions. They both sound like they had a pretty big impact. You can say that the Cover 2 starts with the defensive tackle, but honestly the biggest impact player in that defense is probably the weakside linebacker. As for whether Berry is better at his job than Suh is at his, that’s a matter of opinion, but having closely watched Berry for a few years, I can tell you that he is one of the best college safeties I’ve ever seen.

Suh is regarded as a rare talent, a disruptive player who will make everyone around him more effective.

So is Berry. Remember when Tanard Jackson came off his suspension and all of a sudden things improved for the defense?

The Rams don’t want the No. 1 pick and Suh isn’t getting past the Lions at No. 2, so if the Bucs want him, there’s an opportunity to vault over Detroit and make the biggest splash in the draft. St. Louis will ask for a lot and the Bucs need to relax and reach a compromise with the Rams, who could easily slide back to No. 3 and take a quarterback.

Holy shit! Ira Kaufman has an inside source in the Rams’ front office who is telling him what their intentions for the draft are! This is HUGE! Either that or he’s just fucking guessing like the rest of us.

The Rams don’t want their #1 pick? Yeah, neither did the Lions last year and look how successful they were in getting rid of that albatross. No one wants that pick until a rookie wage scale is in place, and that includes the Bucs who aren’t going to be eager to give up a couple valuable picks and, what, an additional $13-million or so guaranteed? to get a player that may or may not be two slots better than their own.

And who knows? Maybe they do want that pick and Steve Spagnuolo, their very defensive-minded coach, wants to stand pat and just take Suh. Maybe Kaufman should just call Spagnuolo and ask him.

The Bucs don’t need additional picks. They have plenty of ammunition to make this a dynamic draft harvest and a deal to secure Suh’s services would be a heck of a start.

Oh, hell no. Who would want additional picks in what Charlie Casserly just called the deepest draft since 1983? Better to throw away three or four of them on one player. You know what else we don’t need? Free blow jobs and cheeseburgers.

Tampa Bay’s fan base needs a reason to believe in the direction of this franchise. Moving back in the first round and choosing a safety won’t have anybody in this town overly excited about the 2010 season.

Oh, yes, Ira. Linemen always get the fan base excited. Everywhere I go, all I hear is about how linemen can’t even go to the grocery store because of the women throwing their panties at them and the little boys demanding autographs. Meanwhile, safeties who make bone-crushing hits across the middle or intercept passes are virtually invisible. Gotcha.

It’s absurd at this point to compare Suh with Warren Sapp, but this kid is special.

Everyone graded at the top of the draft is special. That’s why they’re graded that high. Suh is special, McCoy is special, Berry is special, Sam Bradford is special, Dez Bryant is special, Joe Haden is special. All of them. And at least a couple of them won’t pan out in the NFL regardless of how special they’re graded out right now. That’s why you like to have lots of picks — to hedge against those failures. Ira, if you can’t write something good, just take the next couple weeks off until free agency hits.

And We Have Our Winners

September 23, 2009 at 10:38am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Douchy picture.
The Bucs just signed their two safeties. I was wrong about Kyle Arrington. They went ahead and signed Marcus Hamilton, another corner who was on the team last year before he was waived and claimed by the Bears. Remember when he made that great play against the Bears for the Bucs and then choked for the Bears against Atlanta? It’s all right here if you care.

The unknown guy is safety Corey Lynch, a practice squad player from Cincinnati, possibly the most depressing combination of job titles ever. He was picked in the sixth round by the Bengals in last year’s draft. He’s from Appalachian State, and those guys always work out great, so yeah us! Oh yeah, and he’s John Lynch‘s cousin. That might have helped a little.

Drinking game: Count how many message board assholes will try to break the news with a subject line that reads something similar to “Bucs Sign Lynch As Safety!”

REAR ENTRIES: Fast And Furious

June 04, 2009 at 01:10am by Scott   •  6 Comments »

It’s late and I’m tired and grouchy, but there were actually a few interesting Bucs-related stories today, so I’m basically going to give it to you short and to the point and then leave. Like sex, except you might remember this for a few minutes after I’m done. And I can’t steal money out of your purse this way.

PITTMAN LOOKING FOR WORK: Drew Rosenhaus contacted the Bucs about maybe signing Michael Pittman to help with the fullback depth after Byron Storer got shoved onto IR. Jameel Cook is the backup fullback and a great special teams player, but Pittman is a more versatile player who could also provide a little depth at halfback, which isn’t really a Cook thing. If the Bucs had even nibbled, Rosenhaus would have been crowing about it like the cock he is, so I don’t think anything is going to come of it, but it would be nice to see Pittman, who was an excellent teammate while in Tampa, retire a Buc.

HOVAN GETTING MORE HAIR, WEIGHT: Chris Hovan is bulking up to a target weight of 310 to fit better into Jim Bates‘s scheme. He’s also growing his hair like he did in Minnesota. But the thing about this article that pisses me off most?

“I’m never going to be a guy that carries 330 pounds,” Hovan said Wednesday following the Bucs most recent “voluntary” workout. “But I can hold 305 pounds or 310 pounds and hold it well, and that’s what I’m trying to get to.”

The scarequotes around voluntary. I expect that kind of hack shit from Florio, but even though I almost never agree with Cummings, I never thought he’d resort to passive-aggressive bullshit like that. You wait, Cummings is on his way to being a regular contributor to Deadspin next.

LYNCH TO CALL BUCS GAMES: John Lynch will provide color to the Bucs’ preseason games this year alongside Chris Myers, who will provide play-by-play.

Okay, I’m done. I’ll try to keep something going on here and/or Twitter for the next couple days. And thanks to Joe who wrote the story about Arron Sears even though it was heartless and unfeeling towards one of my beloved Volunteers. The guy’s brain may be tapioca, but he’s worried about who’s going to play left guard. If this site is about anything, it’s compassion and caring. Toward Volunteers. All others can get fucked.

Behind Mahan? Hell, I don’t know, maybe my ex-girlfriend, if she’s lost a few pounds.

If she really needs to drop a size or two, all you have to do is open the stopper on her foot and let a few pounds of pressure out. Was yours named Sally, too? Why are they all named Sally?

Redskins Don’t Have Too Much In The Pants

May 15, 2009 at 10:01am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Sapp tries to make a Moon Pie.
I hate continuing to cater to a media whore, but with OTAs done for the week and a former Buccaneer willing to say whatever fool thing comes to his mind, these entries kind of write themselves, and I’m all about phoning it in. And so we have Warren Sapp‘s latest live chat on

Bill, St Louis
BIG DAWG!!!! You are the man. How does Tampa get back to the big dance? Do you think they are heading in the right direction?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
I like their offense, but you can tell me that an offensive-driven team in Tampa wins a championship. They have a championship caliber offense, now they got to get their defense back on that level.

Mark, Minnesota
Did you really just say that Tampa has a championship caliber offense? Luke McCown? Michael Clayton? Did I miss something?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
Antonio Bryant, Kellen Winslow Jr., Cadillac Williams, Derrick Ward in the backfield. Who just won the Super Bowl? Name one offensive lineman on the Pittsburgh Steelers. It isn’t the names, it’s the cameraderie. Stop being a fan, might want to learn something. I actually went to the facility. I don’t read the newspapers.

Rhodri Jones, Tredegar, Wales
Hi Warren. What do you think is the biggest quality Monte Kiffen has and how do you think he will be as a college coordinator ?. Thanks bud.

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
Happy trails Monte Kiffin, enjoy Rocky Top.

Sapp really doesn’t like Monte, does he?

Joe, San Marcos
Can I get an invite to one those wild pool parties that I saw on your commercial for Fantasy Football?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
The next one is yours my friend. Check my twitter QB Killa. I’ll have a date and a place my man.

I started following Sapp on Twitter, but I expect his interest in it to last about a week. He just doesn’t have the attention span to stick with something like th– hey, look, a penny!

cody, winnipeg.canada
best o-linemen you went up against?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
Randall McDaniel and Larry Allen.

Tad , St. Louis, Missouri
In your opinion, who is the best D-linemen in the league right now?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
From inside, you take Haynesworth. If I’m looking for an end, I love Mario Williams’ game.

ryan, laurel maryland
whats your take on the redskins?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
All flash and ain’t too much in the pants.

Wait, didn’t you just say Haynesworth was the best defensive tackle in the league? That’s all flash?

[… and then Scott realized he was calling out Warren Sapp for not making sense, so he quietly moved on.]

Brendan, Toronto
Who was the most annoying player you ever played with?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
Richie Incognito from the Rams.

There’s a story I want to hear. How do you get under the skin of one of the all-time trash talkers?

I have to put you on the spot. Who is the best coach Tony Dungy or Jon Gruden?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
I wouldn’t mind lining up for either one of them ever again. Did I just wuss out?

Yes, but it was to a guy who calls himself Cool Breeze, so it’s okay.

Allen, Tampa
Who was your favorite teammate to play with?

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
My favorite teammate was John Lynch. Derrick Brooks was the best player I ever played with.

He couldn’t pick a coach, but he picked a favorite teammate?!? Wow, that’s bold. I’ve always heard Lynch was a great teammate, but I wouldn’t have thought Sapp would pick him. It’s not a racial thing — they just seem so different.

Scotty, Tampa
You look like you are in great shape after dancing with the Stars show. Any chance you can come back to Tampa and play? We need a DT!

Warren Sapp, NFL Network
I’m still waiting on that call back from Gruden. Oh, wait, he isn’t the coach anymore, sorry. QB Killa OUT!

At least Dungy always returned his calls. Wherever Gruden is coaching next year, let’s hope he learned that lesson. Players don’t forget shit like that. And it’s not like there’s still heat between them. Gruden and Sapp have been together on many occasions over the last several years and gotten along great. Sapp says he loves Gruden. But there will always be that mark against Gruden for not delivering on promises.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff in there that I skipped, and with it being Friday and you only pretending to work today, it’s a decent diversion for you guys who work behind proxy filters and can’t get porn.

Lynch Retires

November 18, 2008 at 12:41pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

John Lynch in glorious orange
John Lynch gave the retirement speech we all expected from him. It was long and emotional and had a couple good stories. The one about Warren Sapp flipping cards at Lynch’s head was pretty good. You can watch the whole thing here if you have some time to kill and aren’t allergic to schmaltz. There’s also an excellent article with lots of different quotes from various players/coaches/ footbally people that all have nice things to say about Lynch. He’ll dip his toe in the broadcasting pool this weekend when he does color for the Jaguars-Vikings game for Fox.

Of course, despite the fact that Lynch came back to Tampa to retire and apparently has no hard feelings toward the franchise, Martin Fennelly had to use this occasion to blast the current Buccaneer administration.

What the Bucs did to him after the 2003 season was wrong. He should have been a Buc for life. Instead, Lynch made the Pro Bowl each of the four seasons he was a Denver Bronco.

Bucs coach Jon Gruden popped in for Lynch’s announcement, and was briefly praised. Bucs GM Bruce Allen also was present, but was never mentioned by Lynch.

Look at Captain Bringdown here. This is supposed to be a happy time of celebration and reminiscing about good times and the bearded douche has to start in with his shit. Yes, every player we love should remain a Buc for life. Unfortunately, Lynch and his fucked up neck didn’t want to split playing time with Jermaine Phillips, so the Bucs let him go. They let Lynch pick his own team to go to instead of sending him to the highest bidder. Lynch had a couple decent years with the Broncos, but most people will agree that his last couple Pro Bowl selections were more based on reputation than performance. And the safety position, outside of 2006, has been fine without him in Tampa. No disrespect — I love John. But salary caps have to be met and players get old. I didn’t necessarily agree with it at the time, but I understood and have come around. I can’t believe I’m still discussing this four years later. What a sad and lonely and bitter person Fennelly must be. God how I truly hate him.

But (despite my spending a couple paragraphs on it), this isn’t the time for that. Congratulations and good luck to John Lynch.