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This Should Go Well

January 18, 2013 at 07:27pm by Scott   •  6 Comments »

RIP Horshack
When Ron Turner went to whatever community college he went to a few weeks ago, I thought it was an excellent opportunity for the Bucs to get a quality quarterbacks coach to push Josh Freeman over the hump and get him to that elite level we all hope he has in him somewhere. Instead, they got John McNulty.

Oh, you don’t know who John McNulty is? He was the mastermind behind the stable of thoroughbreds the Cardinals had last year. The quarterbacks that had one of the best receivers in the league and still managed to get their coaching staff fired. Before last year, McNulty was the receivers coach for Arizona, which has some credibility to it. And since the Bucs also have a receivers coach position open, you might think that would be a better fit. “Hey guys, here’s how Larry Fitzgerald does it,” would be a great sentence to say to the Bucs’ receivers in 2013. “Hey Josh, here’s how John Skelton does it,” not so much.

It seems like there would be better candidates out there. What is so special about McNulty that Greg Schiano just had to have him?

McNulty came to Arizona after working five seasons at Rutgers, coaching the last three seasons as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks after originally joining the staff as the wide receivers coach in 2004.

Fucking Rutgers. Look, I get having a comfort level with some guys you worked with and being able to trust them and work with them. But this is almost like nepotism now. How many Rutgers players and coaches have they dressed in pewter and red at this point? Randy Melvin, P.J. Fleck, Brian Angelichio, Bob Fraser, hell, even Jay Butler, the strength coach. I know I’m forgetting someone, too. And then there are the five players from Rutgers on the Bucs’ roster. Five players from one school is a hell of a lot. If they had five players from a powerhouse school, that would be one thing. For example, five former Alabama players would be understandable (not when they speak, of course). But five former Rutgers players?

The guy I wanted, Norv Turner, went to Cleveland as the offensive coordinator, so they weren’t going to get him. But isn’t there someone better than the guy whose greatest accomplishment at quarterback is Kevin Kolb? It’s okay to look beyond Rutgers to build you team. After all, nothing good ever came from New Jersey.

REAR ENTRIES: Treading Water

February 01, 2012 at 11:35am by Scott   •  14 Comments »

Rear Entry 113

BUCS FREE AGENTS: Pat Yasinskas has a list of Bucs who will be free agents next month, and it should go without saying that Connor Barth is the top priority to get re-signed. He was the most consistent and dependable player on the team and the Bucs totally lucked out by being able to sign him after the Mike Nugent debacle.

I’d lay odds that Ronde Barber sticks around for one more year. Greg Schiano is a top recruiter and he can get Ronde excited about the new direction of the team. And Schiano isn’t letting Jeremy Zuttah get away. I think there’s some loyalty there. Even though Earnest Graham is getting older and ended the season on injured reserve, the Bucs should keep him around one more year. It wasn’t a coincidence that the Bucs didn’t win a game after he got hurt. And Corey Lynch should be re-signed if for no other reason than his special teams abilities. All the other unrestricted guys I could take or leave. Any of them could definitely be improved upon.

BUCS REALLY WANT MCNULTY: There was a rumor that the Bucs were trying to get permission to interview John McNulty, currently the Cardinals’ receivers coach, for offensive coordinator. The Cardinals denied the request, but the Bucs haven’t stopped nagging them.

Because it’s such an important hire, the Bucs still are working behind the scenes to acquire McNulty, the Times confirmed. The effort may include an appeal directly to Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell. But it’s hard to imagine the Cardinals reversing course at this point.

McNulty was Schiano’s offensive coordinator at Rutgers for a few years, so that’s why there’s a big push to get him. But I don’t think the Bucs saying “pretty please” is going to make a difference. And you can’t trade draft picks or cash for coaching rights anymore, so I’m not sure what else the Bucs thinks they can do to persuade the Cardinals to let him go. Maybe my buddy Nicky Santoro has an idea.

DEUCE GRUDEN WILL PLAY COLLEGE BALL: Deuce Gruden, Jon Gruden‘s son, kicked off National Signing Day today when he committed to Lafayette College.

“He’s put in a lot of hard work and he’s had a lot of help from his coaches and teammates along the way but this just puts an exclamation point on a great career here at CDS,” Jon Gruden said. “I knew Deuce wanted to (play college football) when he was 5 or 6. He’s had that ambition, that desire for a long time and that’s why this is such a great day.”

Shoulda been a walk-on at Tennessee, Deuce.