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Rear Entry 120

RUUD REVIEW: Now that Barrett Ruud has moved to his third team in three years, Pat Yasinskas is ready to declare that Mark Dominik was right to let him walk away.

But it’s now looking like the Bucs clearly made the right decision on Ruud, who was solid with the Bucs, but never made a lot of big plays. He’ll turn 29 in May and it appears he’s on the downside of his career. Ruud is playing for the veteran minimum in Seattle.

From a dollars and salary cap angle, yes, it seems that Ruud thought he was worth more than anyone was willing to pay for him. But I don’t think anyone can argue that the Bucs were better off with Mason Foster in the middle than Ruud. It wouldn’t have saved the season, but maybe the rushing defense wouldn’t have been so pathetic. And Dominik took that money and gave it to Quincy Black anyway, so it’s not like it was put to good use or anything. They’d have been better off spending a few hundred dollars on ghost masks and trying to scare runners into falling down.

And yes, half the reason I posted this was for Meagan.
CHEERLEADERS ARE SMART: We talked last week about the whole cheerleader situation (and the Bucs evidently removed that video, so everyone be sure to thank them) and how some of our favorites are no longer on the team. Although I wouldn’t consider her a favorite, Sarah Nelson was a hot and bubbly and everything you want in a cheerleader. But she couldn’t commit the time to the team this year because she’s graduating graduate school and getting a job as family nurse practitioner specializing in high-risk pregnancies. Or, I should say, she specializes in treating women with high-risk pregnancies. The other way I said it would be very sad.

Belonging to the International Honor Society of Nurses and Sigma Beta Tau and boasting a 4.0 grade point average, Nelson has defined her life by more than cheerleading. She said her last B came as a freshman at the University of Florida.

And that B was because she refused to smoke weed in class, a requirement of UF freshmen. So good luck to Sarah and her new career. You are already sorely missed by Bucs fans.

HEAD COACH MIKE ALSTOTT: It’s not all that unusual for a former NFL player to take over a high school team as the head coach. A lot of them do it as the first step to a more lucrative career in coaching. But Mike Alstott taking over as head coach of Northside Christian School in St. Pete sounds like a football guy who really misses football and wants to help out some kids.

“I miss the game,” he said Wednesday after being introduced to a wildly enthusiastic crowd that included several hundred students, faculty and staff at the private school in Pinellas County.

The hugely popular former running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers accepted his first head coaching job Tuesday at a school with about 600 total students in grades K-12, including 260 in the high school.

“This just feels right,” he said about taking the position after about 10 days of talks with school officials. “They made me feel at home.”

This is not the football team you coach if you want to get noticed as a coach. This school has gone 14-27 in the last four years and doesn’t produce a bunch of Division 1 scholarships. We always knew Alstott loved the game; we could see it every week. It’s cool he’s able to get back on the field with the game he loves so much, even if he’s got a whistle around his neck this time.

Cheerleaders Still Performing

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So I guess ESPN The Weekend is a thing. Some current and former athletes convene at Disney for a couple days to shake hands with fans, play with kids and collect appearance fees. One guy who isn’t on the list of official guests, which makes me think he showed up out of the goodness of his heart, is Mike Alstott. Why? Because he’s fucking awesome, that’s why.

There is no worse job on earth than big-head costume performer.

I’d take an unretired Alstott over Tiki Barber any day of the week. But that will never happen because Alstott has pride and knows when it’s time to hang them up. Seriously, Tiki, fake a slipped disc before it gets ugly and we can all pretend this never happened.

The Buccaneers Cheerleaders were also in attendance, for some reason being forced to dance to “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. Totally inappropriate, especially the boy band version they were rocking in the above video. Any cheerleader routine that doesn’t include “Girls Girls Girls” by Motley Crue is really missing out.

The good news is that the cheerleaders never unionized, so if football really does come to an end, they will be the only form of entertainment the Glazers have to sell for a while. And they’ll probably start getting desperate for income after a month or so and really push the envelope with them. They’ll probably start slow — maybe having them do the same dance routines, but with a pole in the middle of the stage, just to get them used to it. Then they’ll replace all the clasps and buttons on their uniforms with used Velcro. Oops! Wardrobe malfunction! Next, hand out Super Soakers to the audience. Hell, by the time we run this to its obvious conclusion, the Glazers won’t give a shit if the players come back or not.

Bucs Need To Give Brooks Love

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If you see this face tomorrow, the Bucs are fucked.
I make a lot of fun of Pat Yasinskas, and I will continue to do so because at any given opportunity, but the piece he did about the Buccaneers’ obligation to Derrick Brooks is absolutely spot on.

The Bucs — and I’m talking everyone from ownership to the front office to the public relations department — have to hit this one out of the park. Seriously, it’s that important. A team that needs to sell tickets and win back its fan base needs the best player in franchise history and it needs to keep him for the long term.

The Bucs need to do this, and not just because of the revenue implications. It’s just the right thing to do.

Multiple people close to the situation have told me there was an attempt by Brooks to come into One Buccaneer Place soon after his release that was blocked from very high levels.

That’s almost criminal. If anyone should have a lifetime pass to One Buccaneer Place, it is Brooks.

If that’s true, that’s fucking disgusting. What did they thing he was going to do, go in there and tear up the place? BROOKS? Honestly, there’s no reason why any former player who was with the team for a season or two shouldn’t be allowed in there. It’s not Area 51 — there aren’t any military secrets or captive aliens to keep hidden. At worst, someone would discover Joel Glazer‘s shoe fetish.

When he walks out of One Buccaneer Place on Thursday, Brooks needs to feel like he’s part of the organization. If this thing comes off as some kind of insincere gesture, Brooks, a man of tremendous pride, is going to walk out of that building for the final time and keep his distance from the team.

Yes, yes and yes. It’s not too late to announce a Derrick Brooks Day as the theme to a home game this season. They did it for Mike Alstott, they should do it for Brooks. I’ll even go one step further and say that if they don’t do something of a similar caliber for Brooks that they did for Alstott, people could interpret it as having some kind of racial undertone as the reason. Not to take anything away from Alstott, but Brooks was a better player than Alstott, period. He was with the team longer and more of a team leader. The only difference in Alstott’s favor is that he retired injured instead of being cut like Brooks. That shouldn’t matter.

It took years after Doug Williams’ original departure for the wounds to heal. The team accomplished that when they brought Williams back as a personnel guy. Then, they absolutely blew that bridge up again when they pushed Williams out the door a few months back.

I live in Tampa and I know this for a fact. Williams walked into a Tampa barber shop recently and was giving away the last of his Buccaneers’ golf shirts and saying he’ll never wear them again. That’s a shame and it probably never should have come to that point. But it has and it’s too late to repair the latest Williams fiasco.

Man, Williams must feel like the Buccaneers’ chew toy. Maybe it’s not all their fault. Williams may have thought he deserved a role with more responsibility or maybe he thought more of his own skills as a personnel man than he should have. You can’t placate a person when it comes to making business decisions. But there was probably a way to salvage the relationship for the sake of Williams’s historical importance to the team and still relieve him of his duties if he wasn’t performing well. There had to have been a better answer than whatever went down to make him give away all traces of his time with the Bucs.

With the throwback games and alumni days and the Ring of Honor, the Bucs have done a great job over the last couple years in embracing their past and keeping long-time fans interested. They can’t fuck up their relationship with Brooks. Lee Roy Selmon won’t live forever and then who have they got as a tie to their successful past? Someone like Al Davis can afford to piss off a Hall of Famer like Marcus Allen because the Raiders have so many other former Raiders who are both successful as players and still loyal to the team. Who do the Bucs have? Warren Sapp says he still bleeds red and pewter, but if there’s one guy whose temperament you don’t want to have to bank on, it’s Sapp. Maybe John Lynch, but I haven’t heard a peep from the guy since he did his retirement announcement at One Buc. Anyone seen Paul Gruber lately? The names run out pretty damn fast in Tampa. The Bucs cannot fuck this up. Stroke Brooks’s ego and keep him close to the franchise.

Pip Pip To Paul

October 27, 2009 at 10:21am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Okay, I'm sorry. Paul looks like a fucking leprechaun next to Selmon.
One good thing that came out of the public pantsing that was the London game is that noted Buccaneer scholar Paul Stewart got some well-deserved recognition. Both the Times and the Tribune wrote feature articles on him and his Bucs UK club, he got to announce some plays on the radio in place of Gene Deckerhoff,and perhaps coolest of all, he organized a touch football game including Mike Alstott and Shelton Quarles.

For the record, the Bucs UK won 14-0 in the first game and then after the “club management” headed for lunch and beer, the serious players on the roster took on the UK Patriots full squad and beat them 26-6 with a few Patriots UK fans throwing their toys of out of their prams a little over the result.

Oh, and Lee Roy Selmon was there. And both the Bucs and Patriots mascots. And cheerleaders!

Sahara and some British kid holding his sword.

Yeah, I think that warrants a caption contest. Paul’s whole collection of photos from the event are here if you want to see them all. It’s obvious he had a great time last week and no one is more deserving of some attention from the Bucs. Congratulations to him.


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Erin Verdel - this is closer to what older calendar shots looked like.

FLORIO IS DUMB: Mike Florio, who is growing closer to Fennelly-levels of annoyance every day, makes the argument that the Bucs should trade Josh Johnson to avoid a quarterback controversy.

But even if he’s not the starter in 2010, Johnson is showing enough to make him a viable Plan B if Freeman struggles next year. And Freeman will be more likely to overthink and/or hesitate if he realizes that bad performances could give Johnson another shot.

So the solution is to have a backup quarterback who is completely incompetent in order to make the starter feel more secure? I was going to dignify this even more with a lengthier response, but Florio also made this suggestion to Oakland:

Arguably the best cover corner in the game … Asomugha should have a chance to display his skills for a contending team.

Even if he plays for another decade in Oakland, it’s hard to imagine ever seeing Asomugha display his skills on a platform greater than D-level Sunday afternoon games.

Nnamdi Asomugha is almost literally Oakland’s only really good player. And Florio thinks the Raiders should peddle him to whomever because they feel sorry for him that he’s on such a shitty team? “We know we suck, so fly! Be free!” He says the same thing about Steven Jackson in St. Louis because at 26, he thinks Jackson is about washed up. See, the trick is to trade away players who can’t contribute or who are on the downslide or who don’t fit into your plans for some reason; not good players who are improving or in their prime. I think he’s just encouraging trades so he has something more interesting to write about than camp contact violations and the legalese of the CBA.

WHITE RUNNING BACKS: Bleacher Report is running a story on who the last great white running back was as a lead-in to talk about Peyton Hillis. One of their suggestions was Mike Alstott, kind of.

Alstott, a fullback during Tampa Bay’s heyday, didn’t feel like a definitive answer. Sure he was a spectacular runner in his day and came up big on a regular basis, but was he great?

Alstott never accumulated 1,000 yards in a season and only once did he rack up 10 touchdowns. In fact, halfback Warrick Dunn was a bigger star for the Buccaneers. So if Mike Alstott couldn’t be considered great, then who?

Oh, fuck you. Alstott got over 1,000 yards in 1999 if you include the playoffs and he is far and away the all-time franchise leader in touchdowns. He’s never going to get in the Hall of Fame because of attitudes like this, but for those of us who watched him every week, we know he defined “great” for a good number of years.

In fact, the conversation led us all the way back to John Riggins, Larry Czonka, and Franco Harris.

On what planet is Franco Harris white?

ERRICT RHETT IS PRETTY NICE: I know some Buccaneer fans still have a bad taste in their mouth about Errict Rhett because of the whole Drew Rosenhaus/holdout thing, but it’s time to let the past be the past and realize that he’s really a good guy.

Rhett, I mean. Not Rosenhaus. Fuck that guy.

The owner of a construction company, he builds homes for those in need, something he takes great pride in.

“We give people custom houses in the city and it is unreal,” he beamed. “We don’t just put down a down payment, we do everything.”

That’s pretty cool. He’s giving away houses. I can’t help but think the “we don’t just down a down payment” line is a dig at Warrick Dunn, which would be pretty lame, but I could be wrong. Either way, though, he’s one of the guys who has maintained his charitable foundation long after his retirement from football. It’s a good article if you can get past all the Gator-slobbing.

OUCH: The title of this article kind of stings.

Firing Offensive Coordinators. How Did That Work Out?

Yep, that’s a burn. The article has absolutely no information, and I’m pretty sure that retaining Jeff Jagodzinski wouldn’t have resulted in any wins to this point, but you can’t deny the fact that the three teams that let their offensive coordinators go right before the season are a combined 1-14. But one thing you can deny? The moon landing. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, BUZZ ALDRIN?

REAR ENTRIES: Buccaneer Angles On The Super Bowl

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MATT BRYANT’S PARTY: Matt Bryant started a foundation in the name of his recently-deceased son, Tryson. The Matthew Tryson Bryant Foundation will raise money to assist in SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research, and a lot of money was raised at their Saturday Night Spectacular. Most of the money raised came from auctions of celebrity-related items such as signed movie posters and guitars from people like Al Pacino, Heath Ledger, Bruce Springsteen and U2. Some people who showed up to it were Kevin Costner, Michael Strahan, Wade Boggs and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Some guests speculated that other mega-stars might arrive, such as Madonna, who was reported to have arrived in the Tampa Bay area on Saturday. She didn’t show up, either.

And Bryant breathed a sigh of relief.

Look, kid, just ignore the giant, fuzzy penis coming at you from above your head and play ball!
ALSTOTT LOSES SNOOP BOWL VII: Mike Alstott and his group of players dressed in (ugh) Gator uniforms were defeated 22-6 by Snoop Dogg’s All-Stars in their Southern Cal colors — except instead of the Trojan on their helmets, they had a big, gold SD. For Snoop Dogg. Get it?

Read this story aloud, with your best NFL Films “on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field” voice:

For the seventh time, the glitzy, glamorous team from the City of Angels has crossed this nation’s vastness in search of football foes in far-flung cities.

That’s pretty good. Except the guy has a name: John Facenda. He’s actually very famous. And now out of respect, I think everything I read today, I’m going to read in his voice. Aloud.

Oh, yeah, anyway the game started out close, but Snoop’s kids pulled away in the second half. All the money raised at the event goes to Alstott’s own foundation as well as the Children’s Cancer Center and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Tampa Bay.

MIKE TOMLIN’S SPEECH: Listen to Mike Tomlin answering a couple questions immediately following the Vince Lombardi Trophy presentation. The video is here and Tomlin’s part in it starts at about 3:00. Listen to his voice, especially toward the end when he’s talking about Steeler football being sixty minutes. That rasp is conviction. Hear how he starts talking directly to the players instead of the guy with the microphone? The reason I bring it up is because if this is what “relating” to players accomplishes, then sign me up. Everyone says that Raheem Morris is another Tomlin. Behind Tomlin’s enthusiasm is a cold and logical decision-making process and that’s a great blend of leadership qualities. From Morris’s introductory press conference and some subsequent interviews, I don’t see that yet, but it’s still early.

The speech was short, so I transcribed it quickly in case YouTube is blocked in your office. But it really loses something without the sound of his voice behind it.

[on being the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl]
“Thank you. I’m also the most blessed coach to work with our staff and this group of men right here. I cannot say enough about what these guys are willing to do for one another and for you out there, Steeler Nation.”

[on if he was in over his head when he accepted the job]
“No, I had great belief in the Rooneys, in their decision making. They knew what they were doing. My comfort rested in their decision making. All I wanted to do was prove them right.”

[on Larry Fitzgerald‘s late game touchdown]
“Actually, I was thinking if they were going to score, that’s how you want them to score — quickly. You know, this has been our story all year hasn’t it, men? Steeler football is sixty minutes. It’s never going to be pretty. Throw style points out the window. But these guys will fight to the end. And I take my hat off to you and I congratulate every last one of you.”

Mike Alstott’s Gonna Get Shot

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Every year at the Super Bowl site, Snoop Dogg (see, Greg, people can know you by some fucked up name without actually legally changing it) hosts a youth football game starring some team he brings from Los Angeles and a team coached by a football star from the host city. This year, Mike Alstott will be the Tampa representative.

“This is a great opportunity,” Alstott said in a news release. “This gives us a chance to work with young kids, help develop their skills and show them how much we care for them. Getting to coach against Snoop will be really fun, and in the end we’re going to raise a bunch of money for charity.”

Okay now, just so we’re clear. Here’s Mike.

Nice white guy with a bad neck.

And here’s Snoop.

Former pimp who has been arrested multiple times for gun possession.

And here’s coach Snoop and his football team that he modeled after the Oakland Raiders, the team with the dirtiest reputation in the NFL with fans that have no problems stabbing you for absolutely no reason.

Like the XFL, the youth Raiders can put whatever they want on their jerseys.  Yeah, this will end well.

I love Mike and this is a good cause, but it’s not worth getting capped in the ass (do the kids still say “capped in the ass”?) The kids get money all the same regardless of which team wins, and I’d like to see Alstott alive and unparalyzed when he gets inducted into the Ring of Honor next year, so maybe this is a good time for him to teach his kids how to take a convincing dive. Then at least they’ll have a head start for when their first mobster approaches them in college.

No, Really, The Bucs Got 400+ Yards Of Offense Again

October 20, 2008 at 10:54am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Don't do it, Antonio!  Dono Beebe is right behind you!
Congratulations to Jeff Garcia for an outstanding game, especially the first half. He was decisive, precise and creative with his throws. And congratulations to Jon Gruden for sticking with the running game in the second half even though 14 points isn’t a huge lead and Seattle had committed to stopping the run. The Seahawk defense was completely gassed by the fourth quarter because of this strategy. He’ll probably be passed over for Coach of the Week again, but he’s called some excellent games these last two weeks.

I hate to say this, but Earnest Graham was wide open in the flat on the play where Ike Hilliard got creamed. I guess Hilliard was the first or second read and Graham was the safety valve, but Graham would have easily scored.

That intentional grounding penalty seemed like bullshit to me. Garcia was under a lot of duress when he threw that ball and it’s certainly conceivable that he was trying to get it to Brian Clark.

The Wildcat? Really? That seemed unnecessary. I’d think you’d bust something like that out when you’re behind and need a spark.

Graham started out at fullback and actually looked better than Jameel Cook. Not that Cook was bad; far from it. But Graham seems to take extra pleasure in laying dudes out.

The Buccaneer receivers had an awesome day; even better than the plays that were made. I counted three times when Buccaneer receivers were wide open for what could have been huge gains and potentially touchdowns. For whatever reason, Garcia didn’t see them or decided not to pull the trigger on them. But they ran crisp routes and got separation, something they weren’t doing a few weeks ago.

Antonio Bryant may not have the elite speed that Joey Galloway has, but I think he’s more willing to put his body on the line to catch a ball. It just seems like he tries harder.

Just like that Mormon chick I briefly dated in high school, the offensive line was impenetrable. The only sack came when Garcia dropped the ball. They were excellent all night in pass protection and good enough in run-blocking. The best measure of the play of the offensive line last night is the time of possession: 41:41.

Special note should be made of their blitz protection. Seattle tried several different blitz variations to get to Garcia, but none of them worked.

At this point in the season, I can’t think of a more complete set of tight ends in the league. Jerramy Stevens was a matchup problem down the seam and actually had a good day blocking in the perimeter. Alex Smith continues to come up with tough catches and John Gilmore does it all. I can’t believe some fans actually wanted to trade for Tony Gonzalez.

Gaines Adams got his hands on yet another ball. It’s beyond luck at this point; he just has excellent instincts. What is the record for a defensive end with passes defensed and interceptions?

Here’s the bad news for defense: No sacks and a couple really big runs. Julius Jones and Maurice Morris both made some nice moves, but they could have been brought down for much fewer yards than they got. There were some plays when guys just didn’t look like they wanted to tackle. And this is the third straight game without a sack. They’re getting pressure, but aren’t closing the deal. I guess as long as opposing quarterbacks are forced into bad throws it’s fine, but a good quarterback with time in the pocket will be able to pick apart the Buc secondary if this continues.

Have all of Aqib Talib‘s interceptions come off of deflections now? That speaks well of his speed and his hands. Maybe lining him up at wide receiver once in a while isn’t a bad idea. They talked about it during training camp and then again last week, but nothing came of it. If he can show that he can run a couple routes like they’re drawn up, it would be that much more that opposing defenses would have to plan for.

I never would have guessed that a 47-yard Matt Bryant field goal attempt would fall short. It was absolutely dead center between the uprights, but short. The snap was high, but Josh Bidwell got it down. I’m assuming it was just a fluke.

Have I said fuck Dexter Jackson lately? Sometimes I get busy and forget. Fuck Dexter Jackson with a rain stick. How can you not at least try Michael Bennett for this role? Or Micheal Spurlock… he’s right on the practice squad! At this point, does anyone really think Jackson wouldn’t clear waivers? And would it be such a bad thing if he didn’t?

What’s up with the punt and kick coverage teams? Is Maurice Stovall such a good gunner that the whole unit falls apart when he’s hurt? Justin Forsett and Josh Wilson made them look ridiculous. All ten Seahawk points can be attributed to shitty special teams.

I could swear I saw Jeremiah Trotter on the sidelines. If it was him, I’m hoping he was just there to give Mike Alstott some props and not because he’s being worked out or something. I realize Matt McCoy is gone and they’re down a linebacker, but there have to better and younger and healthier guys out there than Trotter.

Does Cris Collinsworth get some kind of special bonus if Davin Joseph makes the Pro Bowl? Don’t get me wrong; I love the fact that someone with national presence is gushing over the Buccaneer offensive line, but damn, it sounds like Collinsworth is pushing for a job as Joseph’s agent.

The score was certainly not indicative of how well the Bucs performed. The Seahawks had 176 yards of total offense compared to 407 by the Bucs. That’s domination. And Gruden could have been more aggressive in the second half and really rubbed Seattle’s nose in it. But Gruden and Mike Holmgren are friends and the last thing he wants to do is embarrass his mentor in his final year of coaching.

I get notes from time to time after games that I continue to point out flaws even though the Bucs win convincingly. If you remember “five dash two“, you know why. The Bucs are playing well, but they can never let up. This team still has holes: run-blocking, pass-rush, special teams… they can all be exploited by anyone on the schedule. In theory the Bucs have some cupcake games coming up: Kansas City, Detroit and Oakland come to mind right away. But look what the Rams have done in the last couple weeks. Or the Falcons or the Browns. They’re all winning games that they have no business even being competitive in. That’s why I refuse to get comfortable. The biggest compliment I can give is that I no longer view a third and long as a hopeless situation. It’s a great feeling to know that a punt isn’t a foregone conclusion when first down doesn’t work out exactly as planned. But to think that we’ve got the 1967 Packers or the 1985 Bears or some other “Greatest of All-Time” team here with virtually no weaknesses is silly and dangerous. So, Go Bucs! Right back to the film room to start studying up for the Cowboys!

Alstott Getting Some Attention In USA Today

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Unfortunately for Alstott, his line of designer leather wristguards never took off.
I have no idea why USA Today is running a Mike Alstott interview and retrospective now. There are no plugs in there for a new business venture or even a charity thing he’s doing. Apparently the editor just said, “Pick your favorite player and write a piece on him.” So Skip Wood did.

Some of the quotes in there need to put painted onto the walls of locker rooms all over the league. The reason Alstott enjoyed the popularity he did for as long as he did was because of attitudes like this:

“As a fullback, it gave you an appreciation that you’ve got to go stick your nose in the hole and make room for that tailback. You owe it to him, you owe it to your team, and you owe it to yourself.”

“But here’s the thing: If you’re humble, and you come to work every day to help the team, do the dirty work or what have you, especially as a fullback, the fans recognize that.

“And when you see that they recognize what you’re doing for the team, it just reminds you of where the support comes from, and I just always thought it was important to let them know you appreciate that.”

Lorenzo Neal, the guy most people mention when you ask them who the best fullback of the last ten years was, has high praise:

“Believe me, Mike was a true fullback,” he says. “Maybe not in the all-out traditional sense, but he should be in the Hall of Fame one of these days, without a doubt.

The sad thing is that Alstott probably won’t make the Hall. He did lots of things and did them all well, but that diversity also prevented him from accumulating the numbers one would need to make it past the first cut. It’s a shame, too, because selfless lunch-bucket guys are what makes the league great. Ira Kaufman is the local Tampa reporter who votes for the Hall. Email him and let him know he should start the campaign now.

Training Camp Summary: Thursday August 07 – Night

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I got a little busy last night and didn’t get a chance to review the night practice. So here it is today.

  • Warren Sapp and Mike Alstott both attended the practice.
  • Elbert Mack made a very nice interception int he endzone during secondary drills. Mack has been kind of under the radar, but he could see some more action with Sammy Davis nursing a hip problem. That fourth corner spot is kind of up for grabs.
  • More scout team work to prepare for the Dolphins. Josh Johnson and Chris Simms ran the scout team offenses. Luke McCown and Brian Griese ran the offense against the scout team defenses. McCown had a notably better performance and found a nice rhythm with Maurice Stovall.
  • Michael Bennett showed great awareness and ball control when a ball hit Micheal Spurlock in the hands, bounced out, and Bennett caught it and took off up the middle.
  • Three safeties on the field at a time? Sabby Piscitelli joined the starters on the field for a series of plays in a three-deep zone.
  • Eugene Wilson and Donte Nicholson were both going for the same ball and collided at full speed. They both had to take a couple seconds to shake it off.
  • It sure seemed like Chad Lucas got a lot of work during this practice. He has been reliable, but has been the victim of a couple interceptions because Aqib Talib is is simply a better athlete than he is. You get the feeling that the quarterback has to throw a better ball if Lucas is the target.

Warren Sapp is stoned all. the. time.