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Wow, I Guess That Was Good Luck

January 04, 2013 at 12:45am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

This is the only pic of Turner I found where he's not making his Norv Face. Seriously, do a GIS search. You'll see what I mean.
At the end of today’s earlier entry, I basically blamed Ron Turner for Josh Freeman‘s lack of consistency this season. So being the starmaker that I am, FIU offered Turner their head coaching job, leaving the Bucs to hire a quarterbacks coach that can get the most out of Freeman. And even though this will make Freeman’s third quarterbacks coach in four years, I think it’s a good step. Turner didn’t have the resumé to make me comfortable with him teaching Freeman anything, unless you think Curtis Painter is woefully underrated. And if you do think that, please leave this site right now.

By the way, Norv Turner isn’t doing a hell of a lot right now. He’s probably done as a head coach anywhere, and some new head coach might be ready to name Turner as an offensive coordinator. If that doesn’t happen, though, he is a good, proven quarterbacks coach. I know it sounds like the setup for an awful joke, but I’m serious. I’d hire Norv Turner in a second.

Fisher Probably Won’t Be A Buc

January 05, 2012 at 11:28am by Scott   •  7 Comments »

No, Steve, you make a fist like this then work it in an up and down motion. You want me to come to Miami, right?
According to Adam Schefter, who is usually right about these things, Jeff Fisher is not going to consider the Bucs even though no one has asked him to yet.

Former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is scheduled to meet today with the St. Louis Rams. Fisher will choose between the Rams and Dolphins.

There hasn’t been anything said tying Fisher to the Bucs in any way, so it’s not too much of a surprise that he’s not going to interview in Tampa. I was kind of hoping for him, but figured it was a long shot. I guess when you have a mustache that awesome, you can just pick and choose where you want to go.

Also, Norv Turner will be retained by San Diego, so all you local skin care salesmen will have to continue to pursue your other leads.