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This Is For Fighting, This Is For Fun

December 27, 2012 at 12:20am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Danny Gorrer made the play of the game. There's a happy statement.
I realize Wednesday night is pretty late to get to a game review, but I was busy Monday and the Bucs weren’t going to ruin my Christmas day the same way they ruined my Monday night (when I actually watched the game). And really, there isn’t a lot left to say. Josh Freeman was, again, bad. You can blame some of that on receiver errors and playcalling, but even after allowing for that, he was still inaccurate and erratic most of the time. The defensive line got no sacks while the offensive line gave up five and didn’t create a lot of push for a running game. The only group that really showed any kind of improvement is the secondary, if you can believe that. Danny Gorrer had a great game and Leonard Johnson played well too (he would have been even better if he could have held on to a forced fumble — a play that may have changed the game). Mark Barron had some nice hits in the running game (still weak in pass coverage) and the entire seondary didn’t get totally scorched like in the last few weeks. That one pass to start the second half sucked, but I’ll bet there was a linebacker out of position there and the safety couldn’t recover in time. I deleted the game as soon as I was done watching it, but that sounds like something a smart person would say, so I’ll stick with it.

Is it just me or did Greg Schiano completely squander the end of the first half? Was it totally out of the question to try to drive the team into field goal range and go into the locker room on a high note? He went into halftime with all three of his timeouts still in his pocket. One checkdown to Doug Martin with 32 seconds left and that was it. It showed no balls and after that the offense looked spent. The defense kept up their end of the deal, but the offense didn’t look motivated after that. I don’t want to say they quit on him because I don’t think that’s the case and it’s a huge deal to make that accusation. But it was like they were running at 3/4 speed. I think the decision to limp into the locker room without trying to gain 45 yards in 32 seconds with 3 timeouts to burn sent the message that they weren’t playing to win. Schiano is a hard ass and for a guy who storms the victory formation, the end of the first half had none of the balls we’re used to.

The upcoming game against the Falcons kind of sucks because nothing really good can come from it. If they win, it will probably be against backups and that seems hollow. But if they lose, it’s six losses in a row and the last one was against scrubs and holy shit Greg Schiano will totally go Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on the team. I don’t know if any decisions have been made yet by the Bucs front office, but they have to be lamenting the fact that this upcoming offseason is total shit for quarterbacks, both in the draft and free agency. No one is coming off a contract that is worth a damn except Joe Flacco and Baltimore has zero options better than him so you can bank on them keeping him around at least for another year. And this is just a plain weak QB class. It’s not that I want the Bucs to replace Freeman, but they may need some options. Some real competition. And Schiano has shown that he will not put up with bullshit like turnovers and complete failure in the red zone, so something’s gonna happen. This Falcons game may determine how much of that something is going to happen, though.

Another Day, Another Nail-Biting Last Second Win

October 25, 2010 at 01:03pm by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Kellen Winslow carrying an American flag on Military Appreciation Day? Some jokes just write themselves.
There isn’t a whole lot new to say about Josh Freeman that hasn’t already been said in previous weeks. Everything he does is slowly getting better and he has the ability to turn up the intensity and urgency when the game is on the line. He got away with a couple passes that should have been intercepted, but I guess if we don’t count those with other quarterbacks, it’s not fair to hold them again Josh. He didn’t throw a pick, he scrambled when he had to scramble and made 40 yards out of it, and made the play to win the game with ten seconds left. And you get the feeling when watching him that you’re not seeing some flash in the pan who’s going to have a great few games and then fizzle out, especially knowing his work ethic. I think, as Bucs fans, we’re really going to be happy with this pick for a long time.

Okay, so LeGarrette Blount is the new starting tailback now? Can we all just say yes and move on? Since the start of the season, no one has known who to blame for the poor rushing numbers, the running backs or the offensive line. Then yesterday, with a line that is supposed to be significantly weaker than in weeks past, Blount rushes 11 times for 72 yards (6.5 YPC) and has more than that called back on penalties, including a 46-yarder. Meanwhile, Cadillac Williams rushed 4 times for 12 yards (3.0 YPC) with a long of 10. Blount just runs tougher and harder than Cadillac. Maybe it’s the knees, maybe Blount was just born better, I don’t care. This was a “prove it” type game for Blount and he did. Put Cadillac in on obvious passing situations so he can pass-block and catch balls out of the backfield and make Blount the workhorse back. If Cadillac starts at tailback next week, the Glazers should make Raheem Morris walk home from Arizona.

Cadillac Williams was the leading receiver yesterday with 8 receptions, including the game-winning touchdown where he never stopped working to get open. You’re got to admire that. Mike Williams and Sammie Stroughter each came up big with drive-saving catches. Stroughter’s 18-yard bob-and-weave deal was the most spectacular of the day. Kellen Winslow caught 5 for 44 yards, but had a couple slip through his hands, including one in the endzone which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing because it would have given the Rams more time to tie or win if Winslow had scored earlier.

Yesterday was two separate games for the offensive line. Before the half, Freeman was sacked three times and the Bucs had 37 yards rushing, 29 of which were from Freeman running for his life. Then in the second half, Freeman isn’t sacked at all and the Bucs pour on 87 rushing yards despite being down 11 points at halftime. So good for them for picking up their play after some halftime adjustments. Too bad the penalties didn’t end at the half. It’s no exaggeration to say that if they hadn’t had all those penalties, the Bucs could have won by 10. Here, let me list them:

James Lee, holding
Jeremy Zuttah, holding
Davin Joseph, false start
Donald Penn, holding
Ted Larsen, holding
Davin Joseph, false start
Ted Larsen, false start
Jeremy Trueblood, illegal block (this one was a killer)
James Lee, unnecessary roughness

Add Ronde Barber‘s offsides that gave the Rams a first down when they had already settled for a field goal, and you see my point. I mean, come on, the Bucs had first and goal at the Rams 6 that turned into second and goal at the Rams 35 thanks to two penalties and a sack. The Bucs eventually took a field goal. A question to consider is whether penalties are a coaching problem or a player problem. Obviously the coaches to teach the players to get penalties, but are they doing enough to teach discipline? We won’t discuss it now, but it’s something to think about. START THINKING ABOUT IT!

The defensive line showed some improvement, but still gave up 110 yards to Steven Jackson and only sacked Sam Bradford once. The Bucs didn’t get any tackles for loss and only hit Bradford three times. The good news is that Greg White‘s sack caused a fumble that set up the aforementioned drive that somehow lost 30 yards. It seemed like the gameplan was to stop the run, which they didn’t exactly do, and make Bradford beat them, which he almost did. I know that doesn’t sound like improvement, but keep in mind how terrible they were last week. By the way, Gerald McCoy‘s renewed dedication to recklessness netted him one solo tackle and one assist. It’s not a lot of production, but he made it through the offensive line a few times. He just never got to the runner. But I think he’s coming along.

I kind of poked fun at E.J. Biggers in the offseason because Raheem was praising him as this great talent and he had spent his entire rookie season on injured reserve and hadn’t done anything in the NFL up to that point. Well, I think we all know by now that I have no idea what I’m talking about, so it should come as no surprise that Biggers is having a great year and had an awesome game yesterday. He stayed on Brandon Gibson‘s hip all day and had a beautiful diving pass break up. If this really is Barber’s last season, the Bucs may have found his replacement and are getting him some great experience early on.

Connor Barth is back on track now and will definitely get a nomination for Special Teams Player of the Week. You heard it here first. Those guys love it when a kicker makes 4+ field goals. Robert Malone had another solid outing and the kick returns weren’t bad, either. Micheal Spurlock had a 35-yarder and Preston Parker started the game with a 27-yarder.

Okay, this thing is taking so much longer than I thought it would, so I’m ending it abruptly here so I can get on to other stories and some actual work. We’ll continue the conversation in the comments. Let me just say that you can question the quality of the wins and how the losses were blowouts and make some strong cases as to why the Bucs’ 4-2 record is misleading. But last year’s team, with the same schedule, would have gone 0-6 or 1-5 tops. Everything that is wrong can be corrected. Be proud.

Jenny Jenny Has Got Your Numbers

October 22, 2010 at 11:42am by Scott   •  13 Comments »

I don’t know who Jenny Dell is, but this is one of the worst “preview” segments I’ve ever seen. If Steven Jackson runs for 4.5 YPC, the Rams have a 65% chance of winning? I have a diploma from an actual accredited university stating officially how much I like mathematics, and this shit she’s spouting is too much even for me. Who came up with this?

Freeman has a 41% chance of no interceptions, Bradford, 36% chance. If Bradford has no interceptions, St. Louis is a 57% favorite. But if Tampa Bay forces at least two Bradford interceptions, then the Bucs are the 76% favorite.”

It’s awful. Is it because IBM is the sponsor that ESPN feels they have to make some smart-sounding segment to pair them with? Because I’m sure IBM would have no problem attaching their name to something less quasi-brainy and more, you know, good. And you’d think they’d object to the host of the segment being named “Dell”.

She’s not even that nice to look at. Stacey Dales is ten times hotter and actually enjoy sports as opposed to Dell who would show the same enthusiasm reading traffic reports in Hoboken. A recent anonymous survey of one person showed that men would rather fuck Stacey Dales after she has been dead for an hour than Dell as shown in this segment. I don’t even know why I posted this entry. Probably just to get that Tommy Tutone song stuck in your head for the weekend. You’re welcome.

Rams Trade Away Carriker

April 20, 2010 at 03:31pm by Scott   •  11 Comments »

Just filed: The Rams traded Adam Carriker, their former first-round defensive tackle, to the Redskins. Compensation unknown at this time, but it hardly matters. Now the Rams are in need of both a defensive tackle and a quarterback. So what do you think the Rams will do: Sam Braford in the first and Brian Price (UCLA), Jared Odrick (Penn State) or Tyson Alualu (Cal) in the second OR Suh in the first and Colt McCoy in the second? After a month of thinking the Bucs getting one of the top DTs was a slam dunk, now it’s up in the air. Discuss.

Rams Starting Contract Talks With Bradford

March 25, 2010 at 10:06am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Bradford checks to see if the Heisman is anatomically correct.
All the speculation over the last few weeks had us thinking this may happen. The Rams have begun preliminary talks with Sam Bradford to be the first pick of the draft.

“All the people who are in the discussion (for No. 1 overall), we’ve talked to their agents,” Demoff said. “We’re really just comparing notes. Also, it may take some time, so we figured we’d get a head start.”

Whatever. Most people think it’s a foregone conclusion that Bradford will be the guy, and with a draft deeper in defensive tackles than in quarterbacks, that would make the most sense. That would guarantee the Bucs the opportunity to grab whichever DT the Lions don’t take. I know it has become fashionable to say that the Lions will take OT Russell Okung (Oklahoma) and leave the Bucs with their choice at #3, but I still see Jim Schwartz wanting his disruptor up front on the defense.

I have to say, I’d be a little disappointed if the Bucs took Gerald McCoy. I wouldn’t throw the remote through the TV or anything; I’m sure he’d improve the defensive line considerably. I just don’t like him as well as Suh and have this feeling that he’s not worth the #3 slot. But if he’s the guy who’s left when it’s the Bucs’ turn to pick, they’ll take him without hesitation.

Wilkerson Visiting St. Louis

March 19, 2010 at 09:35am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

This picture is straight out of a 1991 rap video.
According to Pewter Report, Jimmy Wilkerson will be continuing his career-long tour of shitty teams today when he takes a free agent visit to St. Louis. And then next year, on to Detroit!

Although he will spend Friday morning in St. Louis, Wilkerson is a player Tampa Bay remains interested in re-signing.

The Bucs have about 20 open roster spots on the team right now, so it’s not like they have to cut someone in order to sign Wilkerson. And he’s not even all that expensive; I think his last contract was a two-year deal for $3-million, which is a deal for someone who can play pretty much any position on the defensive line. So it’s not a money thing. So are you ready for the conspiracy theory?

St. Louis signed DT Fred Robbins not long ago. If the Bucs allow Wilkerson to go to St. Louis, maybe they think the Rams will have signed enough depth at that position to cement them taking Sam Bradford (Oklahoma) in the draft instead of one of the top defensive tackles, leaving at least one of them to fall to the Bucs. Either that, or they don’t give a shit if Wilkerson leaves or not. I don’t know, I’m not as well-practiced at these conspiracy theories as Florio is.

Rams GM Has Not Had Talks With Bucs

February 22, 2010 at 03:38pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

I’m on my way out here, but this seemed important enough to quickly post. Rams GM Billy Devaney participated in an chat today and said that even the exploratory talks that were rumored to take place with the Bucs are bullshit.

I am being completely honest when I say I have not talked to anyone in Tampa Bay. I’m not saying that won’t happen at some point but to date there is absolutely nothing going on.

Now, maybe one of Devaney’s underlings is having talks with the Bucs or something, but it is significantly more likely that the “sources” that reported that the talks are going on are blowing smoke. Or, if you want to look at it another way, it’s also possible that “completely honest” means “totally lying” and Devaney is the one spreading bullshit. Who knew draft speculation was so similar to raising kids? You just don’t know who to believe.

One Trade-Up Scenario Includes Josh Johnson

February 20, 2010 at 11:58am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Johnson is worth more to the Bucs as trade bait than a backup now anyway.
Hey, this is news. According to Chris Steuber of (how old is that kid, 15?), the Bucs and Rams have already had exploratory talks about a draft day trade. The potential deal would take place if the Rams can’t land one of the Eagles’ quarterbacks, most likely Michael Vick.

If this report is true, and the Rams are unable to workout a deal with the Eagles prior to the draft for Vick, I’ve been told by two sources that the Rams are prepared to turn to option B, and the alternative involves a potential blockbuster trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let us keep in mind that Steuber’s two “sources” are probably with the Rams and that this is the season of deception in the NFL when it comes to trade stories. This information may be nothing more than a ruse to get Philadelphia to play ball. Now, Mr. Steuber, I am going to be a bad blogger and cut-and-paste a whole bunch of your story because it’s easier than re-writing it. Consider that a compliment on your concise writing skills.

In addition to finding a franchise quarterback, the Rams are interested in trading out of the top spot in this year’s draft, moving down a few spots and acquiring additional draft picks and players. I’ve been told that the Rams and Buccaneers have had exploratory discussions on a deal, which would involve the team’s first round selections (No. 1 and 3), possibly one of the Buccaneers second round picks (they have two picks in the second round: No. 35 and 42) or their third round pick (No. 67). Again, these discussions have been exploratory, as the Rams continue to investigate all of their options, but the deal involving the Rams and Bucs first round picks and Tampa Bay’s third round pick, not one of their second-round picks, is where it gets interesting.

A source close to the situation in St. Louis told me that if a deal with the Eagles can’t be consummated prior to the draft, they may take the Bucs third round pick over one of their second round picks, because they’re “very high” on third-year quarterback Josh Johnson, who they would insist being in a potential trade with Tampa Bay. Rams officials compare Johnson favorably to Vick athletically, but they feel that he has a greater upside as a passer.

Okay, did you get all that? For the Bucs, the trade up to the #1 slot would either cost them a second-rounder OR a third-rounder plus Johnson.

The Bucs motivation for such a deal is due to their infatuation with Suh. They feel that Suh’s presence in the trenches is exactly what they need and that he would give them the legitimate playmaker they’ve lacked on the defensive line since the departure of Warren Sapp.

The Bucs have an “infatuation” with Suh? I’m not sure if this is a guess or if he has legitimate sources in every clubhouse or if people are just feeding him a load of shit. Have the guys in the Bucs’ front office hung Suh posters in their offices? Why would the Bucs tip their hand to anyone?

The same sources told me that if the Bucs don’t trade up, and Suh and McCoy, who are ranked No. 1 and 2 respectively on Tampa Bay’s draft chart, are off the board at No. 3, that the Bucs surprisingly favor South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul over Tennessee’s Eric Berry.

Fuck. That. Noise. No, no, no, no. Pierre-Paul does not deserve to be drafted in the top ten, let alone at #3. If those are my only two choices, then package the third-rounder with Johnson and take Suh at #1. Second-rounders are so valuable; I wouldn’t want to see the Bucs give one of their’s up just so they can hold onto Johnson. Granted, the Bucs haven’t been all that good at using their second-round picks lately, but that’s the fault of the scouting department, not because the picks aren’t useful. In the second-round, you can often get first-round talent at a much lower price. With so many holes in the team and such a crappy free agency market, they could use that pick for a wide receiver, a speed running back, or (*sobs*) a safety. Third-rounders should also be contributors right away and starters within a year, but it’s not too high a price to pay to move to the #1 spot. Johnson is almost inconsequential because of Josh Freeman‘s presence, so losing him isn’t a big deal. I’ve heard the Bucs like Rudy Carpenter quite a bit, and allowing Johnson to leave would seem to bear that out.

Again, I am in favor of standing pat and seeing who falls to the Bucs. If McCoy is available, make the choice between him and Berry. Or if they can move down and acquire more picks, that’s great, too. But if Berry is absolutely not in the cards and they’ve made up their mind about it, then making the trade up and taking their “coveted” Suh for the cost of a third-rounder and Josh Johnson makes the most sense if the Rams are willing to make that deal. Pierre-Paul should not even be in the discussion unless they trade down ten slots or something. I wonder how many of these types of stories are going to come out in the next two months.

UPDATED: Bucs Still In #2 Draft Slot

November 30, 2009 at 12:54pm by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Seriously, can you imagine Tanard Jackson + Eric Berry?
Just like the Bucs, Cleveland and St. Louis both put up decent fights but wound up losing yesterday, preserving the three-way 1-10 tie they have going. None of their opponent records were effected enough to change the slotting order so far, so the Bucs would still draft #2 overall if the season ended today.

It should be noted that if New Orleans loses, the Bucs and Cleveland will also be tied in the first tiebreaker, with St. Louis being only one game behind. The next two tiebreakers (division and conference records) don’t matter since the teams aren’t in the same conference. Therefore, a coin flip on draft day would be used to break the tie between Cleveland and Tampa Bay for draft slot — AGAIN. In 2007, the Bucs lost a draft day coin flip to the Browns to determine who would draft third and fourth that year. The Browns selected OT Joe Thomas third, who went to the Pro Bowl as a rookie and is a franchise left tackle. The Bucs took Gaines Adams. You know how that story ends. The moral? This shit might just matter. You all just became Cleveland fans for the rest of the year.

UPDATE: Okay, here’s something I failed to consider. The Bucs played both the Patriots and the Saints this year, so it doesn’t matter who wins tonight. Cleveland and Tampa Bay will be tied for draft slot by this time tomorrow. So root for who you want.

Bucs Currently #2 In Draft Order

November 23, 2009 at 02:14pm by Scott   •  10 Comments »

Expect many pictures like this in the next five months.
I think I’ll make this a weekly entry for the remainder of the season or until I get bored with it, whichever comes first. There are only six more weeks in the Bucs’ season, but I don’t know. I get bored with things pretty quickly. My life is just that exciting. But when you live with 18 house cats, what do you expect?

Anyway, if the season were to end today (and if there is any mercy in the universe, it will) the Bucs would be slotted #2 in the 2010 draft. The remaining one-win teams are Tampa Bay, Cleveland and St. Louis. The first tie-breaker for draft order is strength of schedule, with the team that played the worst teams getting the better slot (i.e., if you lost to a bunch of shitty teams, you must REALLY need the high pick.) Currently, the Browns’ opponent records are 53-47, putting them in the #1 slot. The Bucs are next with 57-43 and the Rams would be slotted at #3 with 59-41 (they played the Saints, the Colts and the Vikings, the poor fuckers.)

After the abortion that had been the Cleveland quarterback position up until yesterday, it was a possibility that the Browns could have chosen a quarterback with the first pick. But Brady Quinn‘s four touchdowns and 300+ yards earned him a 133.1 passer rating and may distract their coaching staff enough (whoever they may be in April) to select a different position at #1, which is bad for the Bucs, who need help everywhere except quarterback.

Right now the top prospect appears to be DT Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska), who I am still not completely sold on. We also have a couple months to wait before the junior declarations start pouring in, and with the possibility of an uncapped NFL season, I would imagine that a lot of junior will take their chances on the cash grab rather than stick it out in college. It’s a shame because most of those juniors will be totally overrated and will bust in the NFL. Stay in school! But there will be a couple that are good enough right now to play at a high level in the NFL, and one of them may even be worth the #2 pick (ahem).