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Corey Lynch Accused Of Dirty Hit

November 30, 2010 at 11:43am by Scott   •  15 Comments »

Watson feels Lynch's head for his matrix plug.
According to Ravens cornerback Chris Carr, Corey Lynch cheapshotted him during a punt return.

“I got hit when I wasn’t looking on a punt return when I was blocking,” Carr said. “I was just standing there when some guy came up and wanted to de-cleat me.

“Hopefully, he should get fined on that. That’s unnecessary. There should be a fine. Unbelievable, I haven’t gotten hit like that since college. It was No. 41, and you can write that down. Knocked the wind out of me, I couldn’t breathe. My hip, my side is hurting.”

Carr said he expects to feel the effects of the hit for a while.

“I’m feeling a little better,” he said. “I’m going to be sore for the next couple days. He caught me when I wasn’t looking. It was extremely unnecessary. It’s unfortunate that players want to play like that.”

Oh shut up. If you were coming on a corner blitz to the quarterback’s blind side and he had no idea you were about to sack him, would you stop to introduce yourself first, or would you hit him when he wasn’t looking? Returning punts is dangerous work. Maybe you should, I dunno… pay more attention next time? This is the first I have ever heard Corey Lynch and “dirty” in the same sentence and everything I’ve ever heard about him has been positive, so I’m going to go ahead and say that Carr is being a bitch and should just wash the sand out of his vagina and sit on the bench if he’s getting hit too hard. And, no, I’m not being some tough guy. I’m a bitch, too. But I know it, so I sit behind a desk because I don’t like getting hit. See how that works?

Still Losing To Good Teams

November 29, 2010 at 10:45am by Scott   •  8 Comments »

And the worst part is, you're in Baltimore. That place sucks.
Aaaaand I’m back. I intended to post some more during the holiday, but it didn’t work out quite like I wanted it to. There’s some weirdness going on around the homestead that required my (ultimately fruitless) attention, but that shit is depressing and doesn’t need to interfere with the business of Buccaneer football.

Although we were all hopeful that the Bucs could pull this one off, I don’t think anyone is surprised that they lost. The good news is that they made it a close game at the end and it’s the second time in a row they’ve played a playoff-caliber team where it came down to one score. That’s a hell of a lot better than the blowouts to Pittsburgh and New Orleans earlier in the season. But it’s evident that the Bucs need Josh Freeman to play well against good teams in order for them to win. The defense can’t bail them out just yet, even though the defense played relatively well. In the future, each of them will be able to lean on the other if they’re struggling. But right now, everyone — especially the quarterback — have to bring their best game in order to beat the good teams.

Freeman was off most of the day, and the blame should be shared between himself and the offensive line, who played pretty poorly. Freeman was never sacked, but that’s only because he was able to break tackles and throw the ball away. Freeman took five quarterback “hits”, and it looked like he was on the run most of the day. And when he did have a clean shot, he was overthrowing open receivers. And when he finally did get a great pass off, Micheal Spurlock drops it in the endzone. How many of you broke your remotes when that happened? Freeman looked his best when they went to the hurry-up, but that may have also been because the Ravens were nursing a 14 point lead and were content to give up some short stuff. Still, they scored on that drive and Greg Olson should consider working the hurry-up earlier into the games.

Running back numbers aren’t spectacular, but I thought they did pretty well. Cadillac Williams was the team’s leading receiver with five catches and LeGarrette Blount had a really sweet run where he dragged Dawan Landry behind him like Aunt Edna’s dog Dinky. He probably kept up for a mile or so. The running backs did what they could with what they had, but there just weren’t a lot of holes to run through, and when you’re down 14 points in the fourth quarter, you kind of forget about running the ball. The Ravens defense is known for shutting down the run, and against the Bucs’ offensive line, they really didn’t have a problem.

From what I saw, the Ravens’ defensive line consistently won against the Bucs’ offensive line. Freeman was under pressure all day and the run game never really got going. After Davin Joseph got hurt and Jeremy Zuttah came in for him, I didn’t notice any real change in how the line was performing, which I guess is good that Zuttah didn’t have any real screw-ups, but he didn’t elevate the line play, either. Both Ted Larsen and James Lee allowed pressure on Freeman more than once and Jeff Faine had a bad snap. At least there were no penalties on them, though. Think positive, people!

The most improved group over the last few weeks has to be the defensive line, and Gerald McCoy is the leader in that group. With two sacks for the day, he’ll likely be nominated for Rookie of the Week and will not win because Buccaneers never do. The Bucs got a total of four sacks on Joe Flacco, three of them by the defensive line, as it should be. Ray Rice ran for 85 yards, and a lot of that can be put on the line, but consider how many yards the running backs got in the Bucs’ other losses. Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Ivory and Michael Turner all broke 100 yards, and runners also got big yards in Buc wins — Cedric Benson and Steven Jackson in particular. This defensive line is coming along well. Is it a coincidence that the line improvement began in earnest when Kyle Moore was replaced by Tim Crowder? The answer, of course, is no it isn’t. Moore has no sacks in his career, and he’s been given every opportunity as a starter. Crowder has three sacks just this season in backup and spot duty. Whenever Moore gets healthy, he should be the backup and let Crowder continue to improve and produce in the system.

It would be easy to blame the defensive backs for the long touchdown to Todd Heap, but the tight end is generally the responsibility of the linebackers, and it sure looked like Quincy Black was supposed to be covering Heap. Black disengaged off Heap and took a step forward, maybe looking for a swing pass or screen, and Barrett Ruud couldn’t close in time to make up for that mistake.

Cody Grimm broke his ankle after he got rolled up on a tackle and, although the team hasn’t made the announcement, will almost definitely go on injured reserve. Aqib Talib had a sweet interception that he trapped between his calves to keep it from hitting the ground and still got 25 yards in return yardage before getting tackled. Ronde Barber almost had an interception but the ball bounced right out of his hands. It looked like Barber played one of his most aggressive games of the season yesterday even though he only had three tackles. Sean Jones got beaten by Derrick Mason for a touchdown but did get a sack. Flacco racked up almost 300 yards passing, so while the secondary did have its moments, it wasn’t a good day for them.

So everyone who said that the Bucs weren’t that good because they hadn’t beaten a winning team yet, congratulations, you know how to read a game book and regurgitate stats. Feel good about yourself? It’s not that we the fans didn’t know this, we just chose not to define the Bucs by this. This game was written off by most people as a loss, and still the Bucs brought it to within one touchdown with three minutes to play and two timeouts. One catch by Spurlock, one less overthrow by Freeman, one very shady pass interference not called and this could be a different story. The Bucs may not be beating these teams yet, but they’re getting close. They were close in Atlanta and they were close in Baltimore. So enjoy all your naysaying and negativity while you can. It won’t last forever.

REAR ENTRIES: To Take Your Mind Off Williams

November 19, 2010 at 09:29am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Rear Entries 48
CODY GRIMM FINED: Last year, Dante Wesley from the Panthers ran as fast as he could and launched himself into an unsuspecting Clifton Smith, basically ending his career (did you know he’s with Cleveland now? Of course you didn’t.) Last week, Cody Grimm exacted some revenge on the Panthers, but since Dante Wesley isn’t with the team anymore, any old Dante would do.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Cody Grimm was fined $7,500 for his hit on Carolina tight end Dante Rosario in last Sunday’s 31-16 win over the Panthers.

A $7,500 fine doesn’t sound like much, especially when these other guys are getting nailed for 50-grand all over the place, but when you consider that seventh-round picks are essentially indentured servants, it’s actually pretty significant. For Grimm, that’s almost a thousand fishing lures.

“I think he was trying to duck out of my hit,” Grimm said of Rosario. “And my shoulder caught his head. Literally, it was like a backside dig (route). They said I launched. He started to get down and just dipped right into my shoulder-head combo I guess.

“Whatever. I can’t do anything about it now.”

Nothing screams apology or contrition like “Whatever”. And good. He shouldn’t apologize. There have never been any good Dantes anyway. Except Dante Hicks. He wasn’t even supposed to work today.

PINELLAS COUNTY REPRESENT WHAT WHAT!: Ted Larsen went to school just a few miles from where I grew up, so his ascension to the starting lineup feels like a home boy done good story and I feel obligated to point out this short but interesting history of his football background.

“Yeah, it’s neat,” he said. “Growing up watching the Bucs and then you get an opportunity to play for them. It’s fun.”

There’s an understatement. Undrafted free agents out of Pinellas County aren’t supposed to be starting in the NFL. At best, they’re supposed to give up on their dreams and start writing a blog filled with bitterness and porn. And Larsen is not only starting, he legitimately beat out the guy who has a couple years of experience and got the 30-year old veteran cut. Larsen isn’t there because he’s all the Bucs have at left guard — he’s their best option. Very cool.

RAVENS GAME FLEXED: In case you hadn’t heard, the Bucs @ Ravens game has been flexed to 4:15 next weekend, so now you’ll have a few extra hours to spend cash you don’t have on people you don’t like while trying desperately to avoid being trampled to death and still be able to catch the game.

Fuck The Ravens

July 13, 2010 at 02:30pm by Scott   •  8 Comments »

You watch. It will be like seeing into the future.
This was on its way to being a one-post day, but Ravens Insider, the Baltimore Sun’s own blog about their local work-release football team, had to go and shoot their mouths off about the Bucs when it’s obvious they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. I don’t mind Buccaneer criticism if it’s fair, but these hacks just looked at the Ravens’ schedule and wrote generic with no research or thought.

Biggest additions: The Buccaneers are determined to build through the draft and failed to add any significant veterans (unless you consider wide receiver Reggie Brown or Donovan Raiola significant additions).

Everyone who follows the Bucs knows that they are practically dead in free agency, but Sean Jones or Jon Alston are bigger and better names to bring up than Donovan Raiola if they were really interested in examining the Bucs’ “biggest additions”. They picked Raiola because it’s a funny sounding name that no one knows. Like Digger Bujnoch.

The biggest splash was drafting defensive tackle Gerald McCoy with the third overall pick. He should be the perfect fit for the Tampa-2 defense, which features limited blitzes and requires its undersized but quick defensive linemen to pressure the quarterback.

Please let them keep perpetuating the thing about limiting blitzing. Shhh, no one tell them.

Key loss: WR Antonio Bryant. Tampa Bay allowed its franchise player in 2009 to walk. The Buccaneers are going young at wide receiver, drafting two big possession-type targets (Arrelious Benn and Mike Williams).

Mike Williams is not strictly a possession receiver. He has speed and will be played on the outside.

Question mark: Is Josh Freeman really a franchise QB? The answer seems to be no, but the Buccaneers will try to stick with the 17th overall pick of the 2009 draft.

Fuck off you purple assholes. How would the answer seem to be no when Freeman only has nine starts? If he was a sixth or seventh-round pick, they might give up on him by nine starts, but not a first-rounder, and certainly not after winning two of his last three games, including one against the Saints. “Try to stick with him.” Yeah, I guess they’ll tough it out with Freeman after publicly proclaiming that they’re building the franchise around him. Baltimore fans have the luxury of being smug here because Joe Flacco — their first ever good franchise quarterback — was good right away, but that doesn’t mean no quarterback is a success if he doesn’t go to the championship game in his first year.

The big-armed quarterback has to cut down on his mistakes. He threw 18 interceptions in 291 pass attempts.

Yes, he does. If only they were afforded time in between seasons where they could improve. Maybe invite the whole team along and spend a few weeks immersed in coaching and conditioning and training. The NFL should look into doing something like that.

That’s their big question mark for this team, the franchise quarterback. They could have picked on just about any other position: The disappointing offensive line, the inexperienced receivers, the poor run-defense, the secondary. But no, they picked the one person that the Bucs have the most confidence in. If these fucktasters had gone to even one Buccaneer web site and done five minutes of research, they would have known that.

Projected 2010 finish: 4-12, fourth in the NFC South. A young coach and quarterback instantly worked for the Ravens in 2008. That combination hasn’t delivered the same results in Tampa.

A young coach? John Harbaugh is 47! He was 45 when he was hired and had been in coaching for 24 years with significant coordinating experience. Raheem Morris was 32 when he was hired and had been a coordinator for one year at Kansas State. Sorry, they’re not the same.

Morris and Freeman both seem in over their heads. The Buccaneers better have a backup rebuilding plan.

Morris seemed in over his head last year. I’m not ready to say the same thing for this year until I see some training camp. And no one seems less in over his head than Josh Freeman. He is calm, focused, and practicing his ass off. And with the question marks in the Ravens’ secondary, Freeman will tear their team up come week 12.

This column is more full of shit than a neglected baby’s diaper. The writers, the paper and their awful, awful city can all burn in… wait, they’re already in Baltimore.

Lefty For Hire

September 03, 2008 at 10:06am by Scott   •  No Comments »

The Baltimore Ravens wound up signing Todd Bouman as their insurance policy for Joe Flacco instead of Chris Simms.

Bouman, Chris Simms and Joey Harrington worked out for for the Ravens yesterday in Owings Mills. This morning, Bouman was offered a one-year deal worth $830,000, according to

There’s no word on whether Simms was looking for more money than the minimum or if they just didn’t like him as much as Bouman. More likely, they know Simms has aspirations to be a starter and they didn’t want to bring in another quarterback to threaten the three-way competition they have going there already. Bouman is 36 and he knows his place in the NFL.

But, wow, I thought there would be a few teams that would be bidding for Simms’s services right away. The Packers, Bears, Panthers, Chiefs… they could all use some help at quarterback. But now they’ll all probably wait until Week 2 to do anything so his salary won’t be guaranteed. It could be that the Bucs really fucked Simms by holding onto him for so long. I have to think that he would have found a home by now if he had been released around draft time. Not that I blame them or anything. Jeff Garcia was making noise about holding out and Brian Griese wasn’t looking so good. It was a real possibility that Simms made the roster if Griese hadn’t found his form in the preseason. Now it looks like Simms will be unemployed for a little while longer. How will he ever survive these lean weeks?

Oh, right, all that money the Bucs paid him for not playing.

It seems like every picture I post these days is full of players no longer on the team.

Marques Douglas Was Traded To The Ravens

August 27, 2008 at 12:17pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

The Bucs just traded Marques Douglas to the Ravens for a late 2009 pick, which is more than they would have gotten in a few days when he was going to be released outright. The Bucs could also receive a second pick if Douglas meets certain playing time criteria.

The only reason Douglas would have made the team given his camp and preseason performance is the signing bonus the Bucs had already invested in him. It’s good to see that money is a secondary concern. If Jimmy Wilkerson‘s spot hadn’t been cemented before, it is now.

Back to Baltimore.