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Wow, I Guess That Was Good Luck

January 04, 2013 at 12:45am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

This is the only pic of Turner I found where he's not making his Norv Face. Seriously, do a GIS search. You'll see what I mean.
At the end of today’s earlier entry, I basically blamed Ron Turner for Josh Freeman‘s lack of consistency this season. So being the starmaker that I am, FIU offered Turner their head coaching job, leaving the Bucs to hire a quarterbacks coach that can get the most out of Freeman. And even though this will make Freeman’s third quarterbacks coach in four years, I think it’s a good step. Turner didn’t have the resumé to make me comfortable with him teaching Freeman anything, unless you think Curtis Painter is woefully underrated. And if you do think that, please leave this site right now.

By the way, Norv Turner isn’t doing a hell of a lot right now. He’s probably done as a head coach anywhere, and some new head coach might be ready to name Turner as an offensive coordinator. If that doesn’t happen, though, he is a good, proven quarterbacks coach. I know it sounds like the setup for an awful joke, but I’m serious. I’d hire Norv Turner in a second.

Good Luck With That

January 03, 2013 at 10:26am by Scott   •  6 Comments »


At the press conference after the Falcons game, Greg Schiano said he believes Josh Freeman will win Super Bowls. Then he talked about adding competition at quarterback.

“Do I think Josh Freeman is going to win Super Bowls? I do. But … the one thing I do believe in is competition at every spot, including the quarterback.”

Dan Orlovsky is not competition for Freeman, but honestly, this is a terrible year for Schiano to make this statement because it’s pretty empty, even if he doesn’t know it yet. The best quarterback whose contract is ending is Joe Flacco, and there’s no possible way Baltimore lets him leave. Like, none. The #2 pending free agent? Jason Campbell. He has been a starter in the league and has some skills, but Freeman is superior. After that, it just gets sad. Tavaris Jackson, anyone?

The draft is kind of crappy for quarterbacks this year, too. If there was some elite college quarterback that fell to the Bucs at #13, they’d have a decision to make. But that’s not going to happen because there are no Andrew Lucks or Robert Griffins this year. So they’d have to bank on some mid-round prospect being better than advertised. Aaron Murray (Georgia) is probably the best of those prospects and he hasn’t even declared yet. And I’m here to tell you that Tyler Bray (Tennessee) isn’t beating Freeman at anything except possibly a bottle-throwing contest. Bray has raw physical skills that could be developed over time, but he is not competition for Freeman right now. And I know people are going to mention their quarterbacks from their favorite schools (Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib, EJ Manuel, etc.) any of which may be a great developmental prospect. But if Schiano is looking to add real competition for this offseason, you can’t bank on any of those guys. Russell Wilson, a third-rounder who won the starting job out of training camp and has already led his team to the playoffs, is a very rare situation.

The last option is to trade for a quarterback to compete with Freeman, and that may be the way to get the best player. But the target would be a Matt Cassel or Matt Flynn type of player who has demonstrated some competency on a very limited level. Usually teams in desperate need of a quarterback roll the dice on a guy like this to make him their starter. Has it ever worked out that way? I mean, ever? I can’t think of one that has. The Bucs may not think they need a starter, but if they really want competition for Freeman, they need to get one that at least has that potential or you’re just shuffling backups. So, yeah, I’m sure Colt McCoy will be available for a reasonable price. Is that the solution, though?

Freeman had some brilliant games during the winning streak and some abominable games during the losing streak. Every time he overthrew a receiver by a good five feet you wanted to run onto the field and just kick him in the nuts really hard. He wasn’t consistent, but the talent is there. By all accounts, Freeman is a hard worker and eager to learn. So unless he’s just dumb and unteachable, you have to blame his inconsistency on his position coach. Ron Turner‘s greatest success story as a quarterback coach is Kyle Orton. Anyone see an issue here?

Competition be nice, but serious competition isn’t going to happen this season. The other way to make Freeman better is to give him a better teacher. That’s where I’d start.

REAR ENTRIES: Still Hirin’

March 05, 2012 at 10:29am by Scott   •  11 Comments »

Rear Entry 116

YOUR ACTUAL QB COACH: On the last post, I reported the hiring of Ben McDaniels and said hat even though the Bucs weren’t calling him the quarterbacks coach, of course he was going to be. So in an effort to make me look bad, the Bucs went ahead and hired Ron Turner to be the quarterbacks coach. Pretty childish, guys.

Turner’s job last year was QB coach for Indianapolis, so if you’re a Curtis Painter fan, you’re in luck. Of course Turner can only work with what he’s got, so I’m not going to blame Painter’s lack of success on him. Turner probably couldn’t even keep a straight face let alone do any coaching while he had to look at Painter’s ridiculous hair.

Painter discusses his pending copyright infringement suit against Dutch Boy Paint.

Turner has been up and down in terms of being an OC or head coach, but he was able to make Kyle Orton look pretty good. Also back in the day, he probably squeezed more out of Erik Kramer than anyone thought was there, so I’m going to say that Josh Freeman can learn a few things from him. This year proved that Freeman doesn’t know everything yet and maybe Turner can help improve his decision making and consistency. But God help you, Ron Turner, if you mess with Freeman’s Championship Hair.

ZUTTAH ALMOST RE-SIGNED: According to the Times, Jeremy Zuttah is about to sign a contract extension that will keep him from being a free agent.

Zuttah has started 44 games in four seasons for the Bucs and is almost as likely to play center as he is guard. Zuttah started 14 games in 2011, mostly at left guard. But when injury-prone center Jeff Faine has gone down in recent seasons, Zuttah has effortlessly stepped in as the starter and performed well. In fact, center is arguably Zuttah’s best position. At Rutgers, Zuttah often played tackle, too.

Zuttah, 25, gives the Bucs another offensive-line building block as the team looks to build a solid offense around quarterback Josh Freeman. Zuttah’s athleticism and flexibility set him apart from most players at his position, making him invaluable to the Bucs.

That’s a whole lot of praise, and while I admit to being overly hard on Zuttah in the past, I’m not sure he deserves the kind of accolades that are being heaped on him now that his signing is imminent. He’s a good player but has a history of being pushed around sometimes. I hope the Bucs aren’t going with Zuttah just because Greg Schiano is familiar and comfortable with him when there will be better options at guard next week. Maybe they don’t have the versatility that Zuttah has, but would you rather have a guy that plays two positions good or a guy that plays one position great? Now that Drew Brees got the tag, Carl Nicks will be a free agent. Just throwing it out there.

BUCS LOOKING AT ROYAL: Pat Yasinskas has gotten some “vibes” (his word, not mine) that the Bucs could be interested in WR Eddie Royal, who is scheduled to be a free agent out of Denver.

I don’t see Royal as a No. 1 receiver, but I think he could fit as a No. 2 or 3 receiver. He had a big rookie year under former coach Mike Shanahan in 2008 when he caught 91 passes for 980 yards.

It wasn’t just the number of catches Royal made in his rookie year, it was the style. Some of those catches were absolutely nuts. Here’s a decent highlight reel:

Royal also provides a punt return threat as well as good end-around ability. Mike Williams and Arrelious Benn aren’t going anywhere this season, but there is plenty of room in the wide receiver stable now and someone like Royal could definitely take the place of Sammie Stroughter as well as provide competition for the starters. I think grabbing Royal would be a smart move by the Bucs.