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Bucs Re-Sign Most Of Their Coaches

January 18, 2011 at 02:34pm by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Stock photography is such a cop out.  I apologize.
I’m surprised this isn’t making more noise today, but according to Pewter Report, the Bucs have re-signed most of their assistant coaches.

Pewter Report has learned that he has kept most of his staff intact by re-signing running backs Steve Logan, linebackers coach Joe Baker, and tight ends coach Alfredo Roberts.

Morris has said that there are two, possibly three, spots left on his staff that he needs to fill, and he is not in a hurry to do so.

What happened to that reputation of the Glazers being so cheap? These guys were free agents and could have gone anywhere, but they stayed in Tampa. The conclusion is clear: The Buccaneers assistant coaches all hate money.

PR also adds an interesting twist to the Todd Wash story.

Pewter Report was told that the Buccaneers wanted to sign Wash to a multi-year contract but he turned the offer down in order to pursue other opportunities.

I believe the report because it makes no sense to say you made an offer to a coach when you really didn’t, but seriously? The defensive line has been the weakness of the defense ever since Wash started with the team despite several personnel shifts, and the Bucs wanted to bring back the only constant in that mess? And to add insult to that, Wash thinks he can do better? Unless he plans on establishing the Opposite Football League where sacks are bad, I don’t see how. There’s an angle here that we’re not hearing about. It could be that Wash fancies himself a defensive coordinator and knows that as long as the head coach is calling the plays, he has no shot in Tampa. And like Rich Bisaccia, he didn’t want to be tied to a team that won’t let him advance if the opportunity arises. Or it could be that Wash’s career choices are as bad as his coaching.

Bucs Still Need A D-Line Coach

January 18, 2011 at 10:05am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Whoever can help Raheem beat Angry Birds is thenext D-line coach.
That speculation from last week that the Bucs could land Vikings D-line coach Karl Dunbar turned out to be wrong since it turns out that the Vikings are keeping him around.

Frazier said there is no truth to rumors that defensive line coach Karl Dunbar and wide receiver coach George Stewart were looking at other jobs.

Frazier said that Dunbar and Stewart were going to remain on the staff.

Pewter Report is saying that the Bucs will not renew Todd Wash to that position, either, so right now the Bucs are without a defensive line coach. Since the Bucs enjoy promoting from within so much, though, we should take a quick look at Assistant Defensive Line coach Chris Mosley. Here is his resume:

Chris Mosley is in his second season with Tampa Bay and first as defensive assistant coach. Last season, he served as assistant offensive line coach with the Buccaneers, working closely with offensive line coach Pete Mangurian.

The 2009 season saw his introduction to professional coaching, working with an offensive line that included G Davin Joseph, a 2009 Pro Bowl selection and 2010 Pro Bowl alternate.

Mosley spent the 2008 season as the tight ends coach at Princeton University after serving as a graduate assistant coach at Boston College in 2007.

So yeah, that’s not happening. One name the Bucs might be looking at is Rory Segrest, the recently deposed Eagles D-line coach. The Eagles ranked #10 in the NFL in sacks this season with 39 and #3 in 2009 with 44, which doesn’t sound too bad except you have to understand that Trent Cole counted for 10 and 12.5 of them respectively. Is Segrest getting the most out of Cole or was he just riding on Cole’s talent? By most measures, the Philadelphia defensive line regressed in 2010, which explains why he’s not there anymore. But Segrest also has experience as a special teams coordinator and with Rich Bisaccia gone, it may be appealing to Raheem Morris to have another set of eyes on special teams as Dwayne Stukes gets acclimated to the position. I have no idea if the Bucs are looking at him or not, I’m just throwing a name out there. Here’s another name I’ll throw out there as well:

At the same time I have felt the pull of the coaching profession once again and I have decided to test the waters to see what opportunities may arise.

Wha wha? Now, I don’t know if Steve White would make a good coach. Just because he can explain defensive line techniques to a dummy like me doesn’t mean he can help defensive linemen improve. But I know players respect coaches who have put in their time on the field, and White earned his NFL stripes with the Bucs in the build-up to the Super Bowl. Maybe D-line coach is too lofty a position for a first-time coach, but it would be easy enough for him to at least get an audience with the Bucs and make his pitch. Stranger things have happened. Hell, this one time I even heard of a team promoting their secondary coach to defensive coordinator then to head coach all in a couple weeks. Man, that team must suck now.

Flying Nunn

January 28, 2010 at 08:52am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Robert Nunn picks Ryan Sims to be on his kickball team.
Robert Nunn, the coach specifically hired to work with defensive tackles in Jim Bates‘s system, was allowed to leave for a job with the Giants. So the guy in charge of the position most people feel is the worst on the team who was hired by a coordinator that was fired midseason and whose expertise is in a system the Bucs no longer use was just allowed to walk out the door. I think that may count for two extra wins next season right there

Mark Dominik addressed Nunn’s departure, but he really could give a shit. He doesn’t even try to hide his apathy.

“But the reason why we did this, and we take it on a case-by-case basis, is over the history of what we’ve done here in the Tampa Two, we’ve always had one d-line coach. So we have Todd Wash, who’s familiar with the system. So that’s why we let Robert Nunn interview for the job and, good for him, he got it.”

“And good for him, he got it.” I can’t tell if it’s patronizing or just flat out sarcastic.

Note that Dominik specifically mentions the Tampa Two. Whenever Raheem Morris discusses his defensive strategy, he’s always coy about it and says that they’ll be doing a lot of different things and mixing up various schemes. Dominik leaves no doubt — they’re a Tampa Two team.

Greg Peterson Is Getting Laaaaaarger

March 25, 2009 at 03:36pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Greg at 280.  Look how fancy he is -- he hits the bags with his pinky out.
Pewter Report is reporting (it’s right in their name!) that Jim Bates has decided to split the defensive line coaching duties between defensive tackles and defensive ends. DTs will be coached by new guy Robert Nunn and DEs by Todd Wash. Greg Peterson, who I guess was the one guy hanging around the weight room, seems to like the idea.

“I’m real excited,” Peterson said. “Coach Nunn has the inside – the defensive tackles – and Coach Wash has the outside – the defensive ends. Even when we’re doing drills, Coach Nunn will come up to you and work with you one-on-one. When we just had Coach Wash here last year, he could only see so much. I think it’s a good thing for us to have two coaches.”

Then Peterson went on to explain how Nunn thought he needed to gain weight for Bates’s scheme, so he has spent this offseason putting on thirty pounds. Try to imagine him gasping for air at every fifth syllable.

“I’m up to 310 pounds,” Peterson said. “Coach Wash wanted me to add the weight for Coach Bates’ system. I feel a little heavy, but I’m getting in the weight room and I’m learning how to run with it and move with it. It’s a lot different from 280, but I’m starting to feel comfortable at 310. I actually think I can get a little bit heavier, but I just don’t want to get too heavy.”

Hey, why not heavier? Nothing feels better in the middle of summer in Tampa than being obese and running a lot, right? Hey, I know even at 310 he’s not the heaviest guy on the team. But Ryan Sims and Davin Joseph didn’t get there in the span of two months, either. Nunn must have him in a veal stall with a trough of Crisco at one end and a weight bench at the other. I know Bates likes those big elephants in the middle collapsing the pocket, and in theory it’s a good plan. But, man, thirty pounds in two months seems a little dangerous. Find something that weighs thirty pounds and attach it to yourself, then walk around for a while. It’s tough, isn’t it? Now do it when it’s 110 on the field and you’re not conditioned for the extra weight and instead of walking, run and hit stuff. “Plugging the middle” doesn’t include laying on the field and clutching your chest.

Bucs D-Line Coaches Can’t Hold Jobs

January 01, 2009 at 01:29pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

In a rare performance, Jovan Haye gives his teammates a look at his O face.
The last three defensive line coaches for the Buccaneers all lost their jobs, virtually simultaneously, this week.

The least surprising and most historic of them was Rod Marinelli‘s blessing-in-disguise canning from Detroit. Oh, sure, he technically got fired. But being employed by the Detroit Lions is more like a Riker’s Island sentence than a job. It’s where careers go to die, and I’m sure Brian Kelly would agree with me. If the 0-16 season was bound to happen, was there any doubt that it would be in Detroit? However, just for the record, the 1976 Buccaneers were still a worse team.

At the same time, the Houston Texans released Jethro Franklin, Marinelli’s successor in Tampa Bay. Even though Mario Williams was selected for the Pro Bowl this year, the Texans ranked 27th in the league in sacks. They were the ranked #27 in scoring defense and 22nd overall. Going from the Bucs to the Texans, it’s not hard to imagine Franklin coaching in college next.

And, finally, last year’s defensive line coach, Larry Coyer, “resigned“.

“I truly have high regard for the team and everybody there,’’ Coyer said. “I’ll miss the team. But I think it’s best that I look for other things at this time.’’

The 2008 season was Coyer’s 44th in the college and pro ranks. He came to the Bucs after he was fired as the defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos.

Coyer spent his first year with the Bucs serving as its defensive line coach but was relieved of those duties before the 2008 season.

Yeah, that sounds like a voluntary resignation.

Current defensive line coach Todd Wash has to be feeling a little unsettled right about now. Despite the talent we’ve all seen by the players, the defensive line continues to be one of the real weaknesses of this team. I’d bet that Raheem Morris is going to bring changes to every aspect of the defense and that he’ll take 2009 to see how Wash does with the line in his version of the Tampa 2. It’s too bad Marinelli still has bitter feelings for the Bucs (or at least some of the coaches/front office) because guys like Simeon Rice, Warren Sapp and Chris Hovan all credit him with their development. The decline in team sacks went down when he left and has never recovered. He’s not going to get a head coaching job again, so some team is going to get an excellent defensive line coach. And a primo bear wrestler!