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Golf Classic Cancelled, Poster To Blame?

January 03, 2009 at 01:28am by Scott   •  No Comments »

If they karaoke to Boot Scootin' Boogie, I'm taking out a hit on them.
Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn have cancelled their Brooks & Dunn Inaugural Golf Classic that was to take place during the Super Bowl week. Natalie Boe, executive director for the Warrick Dunn Foundation, is blaming the poor economy.

“We had been fortunate in securing just over $100,000 in sponsorships; however, we were still short of our goal of $200,000,” Boe said. “Their concern was that with only six weeks to go before the event — and two of those weeks being holiday weeks, with a lot of people not having their budgets reevaluated for January — we were afraid we wouldn’t get that commitment for the event.”

Yeah, you can’t tell me that people saw the promotion poster and didn’t have second thoughts. Warrick Dunn in a sleeveless button-down shirt and a cowboy hat? Sponsors got scared that they were going to be forced to line dance.

It’s too bad this didn’t work out, though, because the Super Bowl week is an excellent opportunity to get people with too much money to give some of it to charity. But both guys will be involved in other activities during the week; Dunn will be working with Habitat For Humanity and Brooks will be part of the 2009 Super Bowl Breakfast. At the Habitat event, you can win tickets to the Super Bowl– the more you build, the better your chances. And at the Breakfast, for $20 you can meet Brooks, Tony Dungy, Lee Roy Selmon, Bart Starr, Anthony Munoz, Brett Jones, and other NFL legends. These are both things you can easily be involved in if you live in the Bay area. Bucs fans should seriously consider signing up to one or both of these events. Bonus points if you show up in a sleeveless button-down shirt and get your picture taken with one of the guys.

This Article Has No Reason To Exist

November 14, 2008 at 03:26pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

He's a lefty and he's at the University of Texas.  Oh, there's a Chris Simms joke in there somewhere.
Some broad lawyer, Yolanda Young, somehow got USA Today to run her opinion piece comparing Tony Dungy and Barack Obama. And I honestly can’t think of a newspaper article that is less relevant or has less of a reason to exist than this one. The only reason I’m bringing it up is because I did the spot on John Lynch and John McCain yesterday and thought it was only fair. And because I don’t want to write the same “How will the Bucs defense stop Adrian Peterson?” article you’ve read a hundred other times elsewhere. So, in the spirit of the now defunct Fire Joe Morgan, let’s go through it line by line.

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Glazers Have Orangegasm

October 16, 2008 at 09:33am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

David Lewis and Lee Roy Selmon are as happy as I am about the Ring of Honor and throwback announcement.
After twelve years of being in pewter and refusing to acknowledge Buccaneer history with a ring of honor or at least a throwback game, the Glazers have decided to unveil both in 2009.

The Bucs plan to introduce a Ring of Honor for the franchise next year as part of a 30th anniversary celebration of the 1979 Bucs, who went 10-6 and advanced to within one victory of a Super Bowl berth in only their fourth NFL season.

The organization also intends to play at least one game during the 2009 season wearing Tampa Bay’s throwback orange jerseys, according to an NFL source.

The Ring of Honor is long overdue and I hope they don’t just concentrate on the Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden eras. I realize they were the most successful for the team and that the majority of players selected will (and should) be selected from those periods, but the Bucs had other great players that got stuck playing for shitty teams. James Wilder comes to mind as a guy who would have thrived in a different system. Jimmie Giles, David Logan, Richard Wood… all of them should be locks. And the poor guys who suffered in both uniforms and then retired before the big Super Bowl payoff like Paul Gruber and Tony Mayberry and Hardy Nickerson should also get their consolation prize of having their names in huge letters at Ray Jay. Of course, if Lee Roy Selmon isn’t the first player enshrined, the whole thing is a sham.

But the bigger surprise is the announcement of a (*sniff*… I’m getting choked up…) throwback game next year. The Glazers have been adamant about not participating in the throwback weekends because of the stank stigma that surrounds Bucco Bruce. I understand it to a degree. It’s impossible to separate the team’s new success in the 90s from their new uniforms, even if it’s just a superficial association. But the fans who endured such disappointment in the orange and white for so many years have a sentimental attachment to it. It’s their badge of honor and every now and then they want to wear it on their sleeves literally. “You were in Iraq? Pffft… I was a Buccaneer fan in the 80s.” The rest of the league has at least one throwback game a year — the Bucs were the only team to completely ignore it year after year. But not next year, and I hope they make it an annual tradition. Derrick Brooks is the only player currently on the team to wear the orange, and he has been a supporter of the throwback for years. He may hold off retirement one more year just to be able to play in that game.

I’m just… I’m just so happy.

One Of Those Annoying Round-Up Posts

July 10, 2008 at 10:20am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Hey, give me some credit for not leaning on one of these until this far into the offseason. And because I’m normally such a cocksucker, I’ll even certify this entry as 100% nice. Except for the use of the word “cocksucker”.

Tony Dungy wrote another book, this time a children’s book. It’s about kids dealing with the success of a sibling. He’ll be signing copies of the book at the Barnes & Noble in Carrollwood at 4:00 tomorrow. They’re handing out wristbands for the event at noon.

Trent Dilfer, one of the nicest guys in the NFL (seriously), is retiring. He tore his Achilles’ tendon playing golf (*stifling joke*) and that pretty much cemented the deal. My money is on him landing on the NFL Network.

Josh Johnson hosted a football camp in San Diego. It’s a good article about his goals for the camps.

Matt Bryant visited sick children at Tampa General yesterday.

The lesson here is that nice is usually pretty boring. I’ll go back to jackass from here on out.

Matt Bryant visits 3-year old Alyssa at Tampa General.